Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Menton and the Riviera bleues

Someone's been missing in action. Someone's been taking a blogcation. Someone has the Riviera bleues.

I met Adrian Leeds for dinner last week. She did such a nice story on my adventures. Did you see it? All we did was reminisce about Nice, the colors, the flavors, which town did I love the best, the SUN.

On to Menton. There's a tiny Outdoor marché near the train station. Local freshly deep-fried zucchini flowers - a must eat in this part of the world!

Heading into the old town of Menton. Its mostly pedestrian walk ways.

The colors!

Corals, sand, pinks, avocado greens.

Was this the town hall? I forget.

Just glorious.

Yes Adrian, Paris is GREY.

The promenade along the beachis lined with cafes.

I was too late for Menton's renown indoor marché. Get there before 1:30 svp.

I did get to the big lemon store, Au Pays du Citron on 24 rue Saint Michel. Everything lemon under the sun to eat, drink, beauty lotions, jams you name it.

I had this citron mojito. Very refreshing. It was HOT.

Nearby in the musee Cocteau

An exhibit of Raul Dufy's prints, 


And drawings.

Dufy did wonderfully joyous fabric design.

His view of the city of Menton.

Dufy worked closely with couture designer Paul Poiret creating custom fabrics. The exhibit is on till October.

Why didn't I eat here overlooking the beach.

So many umbrellas on Menton's pebble beach.

Little did I know I would be trying again and again to recapture that moment.
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I don't want Summer to end. 
Shall we all go down to the Riviera PBers? 


  1. I love your Dufy examples, but your own aquarelles are beautiful, too.

    1. Ah..thanks!
      The Dufy were such an inspiration..maybe he was drawing in his sleep?

  2. Oh the colour! It is so beautiful. I love fried zucchini flowers in Italy... they are never the same in Scotland.

    1. Haha 'Never the same in Scotland'
      You need French farine, huile, water, and altitude!!

  3. Allie in NYC4:28 AM

    Nice art. I especially. adore the palm trees. It gives me a cool breeze.

  4. Love your aquarelles the most:)Dipped my toes in those beautiful waters..petites roches sous les pieds:)

    1. Oh lucky you! I was always running to catch trains..

  5. PS Nice post re Adrian:)

  6. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Wish I could adequately describe the pleasure each time I see an email from you.....reading them truly makes my day!

  7. Kathy H10:28 AM

    tres jolie all...if I could teletransport myself I would!!!!

  8. This is one of your very best and lush and creative posts of late, seems to me.

    Wonderful color, whimsical marks that say "people, elegant spontaneous design of the shapes.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE that final painting!

    Way to go.

  10. Lovely post. I've always adored the joy in Dufy!

  11. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Love the city of Menton~! A true charmer on the Riviera. We are headed to the Cote d'Azur in October. Cannot wait. Lovely post, Carol! All best to you and dear Bear. Patricia and Eric, Minneapolis

    1. Lucky you!!
      Bear wants to come along 🐻

  12. Clarity Artists3:38 PM

    All of it is delicious today.

  13. Lynne C3:45 PM

    I would love a lemon store here. Great pictures and what a charming town.

    1. I would like a lemon store in Paris!!

  14. Sharon T1:54 AM

    I savor/treasure each and every Paris Breakfast
    I'm having mine in Seattle, Washington. Merci Beaucoup!!!!

  15. Mira S1:57 AM

    Great watercolors. Great photos.
    I so enjoy looking at your work.

  16. Ooh la la, you have captured my favorite vacation spot on the Riviera! So glad we were able to correspond about Menton and its pastel colors and lovely old town.

  17. When technology finally grants me my fondest wish, I will be transported to that lemon shop! I'm already drooling.
    As for your temporary absence, everyone deserves a vacation :-)

  18. Love the colours, food, sunshine and vibe of it all! Thanks for sharing and no problem about having a holiday. Merci comme toujours Carol :)

  19. Amazing! You captured Menton beautifully. And here's why you didn't eat at that cafe on the beach: The food at those places isn't very good. It's best for a drinkie-poo, then heading on.

    Bravo--and thanks for the revisit to Menton. I'm missing it greatly.

    1. Thanks Chez Bonne Femme for the tip!
      I'm not sure I would have gone without your tempting post. I hope I can go back for a longer stay. A divine place!


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