Friday, August 04, 2017

L'Isle sur la Sorgue, anchovies

1sday at ARTS IN PROVENCE begins with shopping (to get  put of our systems) at the big Saturday combo flea-food marché in L'Isle sur la Sorge is a must-do in Provence.
For me shopping begins (and snacking) at les Delices du Luberon just on the edge of the marché.
You can help yourself to endless tastes. I fell hard for the anchovy paste, anchoiade. Are you a fan too?
I bought 5 containers and a free one thrown in.
Plus a big jar of the little fishies. They come from Colliure, anchovy HG. I will Have to go there.
We arrived around 9 am when the town was quiet.
An hour later the throngs of shoppers arrived.
Along with the street flea there are warehouses full of antiques.
Hot Provençal colors.
Every kind of berry in the marché.
Delicious melons from nearby Cavaillon.
I parked myself in a cafe and ringside seat to watch the action.
Look for typical Provence fashions. The raw linen look.
Its still the hippie 60s so bring along your long dresses and straw hats to Provence.
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Bon week-end.


g said...

carol your sketch ring side at the café reminded me of LUCHEON of the BOATING PARTY - so wonderful and the finished one opposite in your book had my eyes popping-LOVE!

Allie said...

I remember all that loosely woven linen stuff in the marché. I thought it wouldn't survive a single washing, but I. Like the super cool and casual.look.

Parisbreakfasts said...

There was such a different feel to it in summertime. And very nice not to need a wooly hat like when we were there in May!

Paulita said...

What a lovely trip through L'Isle Sur La Sorgue and I loved the glimpse of your sketchbook. Your drawings are delightful.

La Table De Nana said...

Love this thatplace..I remember linen everywhere in Provence even in September..white exists in Provence in sept:)
Love your book!!
Linen has become my clothing of choice.I just love it to bits.

La Table De Nana said...

And the first aquarelle♥♥

Louise E said...

As a beginning watercolourist you inspire me. Bucket list includes Provence.. love the casual linen. Thanks for a lovely blog. I've started one and will share. Thanks for lovely images#startedmydaywell

Jane G said...

I love raw linen, olives, and hot colors!
These pictures make me want to GO BACK!

Parisbreakfasts said...

I've been wearing linen all summer too.very comfortable when its light weight.

Clarity Artists said...

Love that image where you parked yourself and sketched. Delicious picture. :-)

Barbara S. said...

Did I tell you how lucky you are!!!!
You created a beautiful life that I envy! Provence is wonderful!

Sally V said...

Nothing better than a good olive.

sukicart said...

Oh my, love the blue & yellow aquarelle, Provencele colors, anchovies, olives, Cavaillon melons, old Pastis bottles, linen, French markets & cafes. A delightful post to start my weekend and remind me (as if I needed it) that one month from today I'll be on my way to Paris.

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Love your little baguette carrying lady in the painting above!

Kirrabelle said...

Oh! Olives and berries look delicious (sorry not a fan of anchovies, but enjoy). Provence seems like the perfect summer place to be, it's wind and rain in the Southern Hemisphere at the moment. I also love the glimpse at you sketchbook from the cafe. Bon weekend!

Karen @ Pas Grand-Chose said...

Ah so jealous! Love your glimpses into Provence food and fashion - and yes, those hippy clothes just work so well there in summer! xx

Anonymous said...

You always show us what wonderful ways people live in France! I want to buy my fresh vegetables, fruits, and other deliciousness in the village markets. I want my food to come from right next door and I want to WALK (imagine that!) to buy it, not drive. Why isn't the unimaginative US more like that? It is so much better for one's health AND the environment. Sigh.