Friday, May 26, 2017

Journees des Plantes de Chantilly 2017

Every May Domaine de Chantilly celebrates Spring with a 3-day garden party, Journee des Plantes. I went two years ago. Its worth going every year.
Just a short 22-minute train ride from Paris, Chantilly is just as splendid as Versailles.
Next time I'll visit the horse museum. Hunting/la chasse is the theme of the chateau.
Blue skies with intermittent rain drops did not deter guests a bit
From visiting the over 200 garden stands. We both fell hard for this miniature conservatory. Perfect for painting or writing plus a few plantes if you must.
Smashing garden furniture too.
The French are crazy for British brand Barbour jackets. De riguer in the country always.
We both went crazy over these ornamental orange and lemon potted  trees from Oscar Tintori of Pescia, Italy.
Their lemon, bitter orange and bergamote marmalades were irresistable. 3 jars came back to Paris.
A sumptuous show of plants and flowers.
The chateau was open to all garden guests.

Chantilly's art collection is world famous.
A dreamy 2-story library including the rare Book of Hours manuscripts on display.
Serene gardens with large reflecting pools designed by Andre Le Notre seen from inside the chateau.
Chantilly makes for a wonderful day trip from Paris minus the crowds of Versailles. Do consider a visit.Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you'd like to receive Paris breakfast letters and mapin your mailbox, stop by my shop. Bon Week-end!


  1. We plan to visit Chantilly in Sept - can't believe I've missed it all these years & it went on our Day Trip list thanks to you, Carol.

  2. Tout est bien joli!

    Tu t'amuses ces temps!

    Bravo..encore plus que d'habitude..

    Tes aquarelles sont comme toujours♥

    As-tu vu ton Président? M. Macron et notre PM..Justin Trudeau ensemble?:)♥

  3. GwenEllen10:44 AM

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  4. Carolyn I10:59 AM

    WOW!!! Way to go ! It is so beautiful.
    So glad we went together!

  5. Allie in NY11:01 AM

    Love the art. Love the blog.Chantilly looks like a grand place.

  6. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Thanks for sharing Chantilly with us. I was there several years ago, and the Chateau and gardens were lovely! It's a nice way to spend
    a day in the countryside.
    Wendy in Maryland

  7. I've been to Chantilly and your paintings are wonderful.

  8. Thanks for taking me on a trip to Chantilly this weekend. I've never been there, or even knew about it, until now. The garden party looks great, love your paintings too!

    1. Thanks Kirrabelle!
      Definitely worth going to...Chantilly is a well-kept secret

  9. In my fantasies I live in a place like that little conservatory. Never mind that my closet is bigger! I'm sure I could learn to pare down....:-)

    1. I know, but so cosy and light all around!

  10. this is how I would prefer to spend my weekends.

  11. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Le doux printemps revient, et ranime à la fois
    Les oiseaux, les zéphirs, et les fleurs, et ma voix.
    Pour quel sujet nouveau dois-je monter ma lyre ?
    Ah ! lorsque d’un long deuil la terre enfin respire,
    Dans les champs, dans les bois, sur les monts d’alentour,
    Quand tout rit de bonheur, d’espérance et d’amour...
    Les Jardins
    Jacques Delille

    Votre blog est magnifique! Les photos sont sublimes, on rentre complètement dans votre top!

    La Jeune Captive

  12. How very beautiful! And those lemons look to die for! Beautiful paintings, too.


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