Friday, December 16, 2016

Salon Proust, Tea at the Ritz, TWG Tea

I've been painting watercolor remembrances since Tuesday, when Bear and I were invited to the divine Salon Proust at the Paris Ritz to celebrate the launch of special TWG teas.

The Ritz was recently renovated at 15 Place Vendome 75001

A definite must-visit if you're in Paris.

Salon Proust is a serene homage to it's namesake serving Thé à la Francaise with traditional old-fashioned pastries.

Le cake marbré, marron glacé, pain d'epice, speculas...

Starting with the ubiquitous 'madeleine de Proust' served with warm milk.

Pastry chef François Perret explained all to us.

Proust's madeleine adorns even the sugar bowls and teacups.

Bear studied the TWG tea menu assiduously...

First we tried Ritzy Earl Grey, a blend of black teas with bergamot, French blue cornflowers and rare Yin Zhen white tea. Trés delicate.

Then Jardin Vendome, a blend of green tea with wildflowers and a touch of Chamomile - trés raffinement et refraichissante.

Last but never least, chocolate madeleines made from feves de cacao, infinitively chocolate.

As a gift we received a tin of excellent Ritzy Earl Grey and a giant cake-size madeleine (which Bear ate when I wasn't looking). Do consider dropping in for tea at Salon Proust at the Ritz For an exquisite experience.

Isn't Paris glorious for the holidays? Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you like this post and want to support it, buy Paris letters and watercolors or forward to a friend.


  1. I would love to go here for afternoon tea!!!! Hopefully I get to one day, thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a Lovely experience. Thank you for sharing with all of us! Wishing you a merry Christmas

  3. Carol, ma chère amie, you and Bear lead charmed lives. I am working on my wall of Paris maps. I am framing all the maps I have received this year. I promise a photo when I finished. Joyeux Noël!

    1. I Love the sound of your 'wall of Paris maps'!!!
      Thanks I'm still working on December's map this minute.
      Tick tock, tick tock..

  4. Positive Downton Abbeyish..Ooh lala..
    I feel like a slouch..I have a wall..but never framed them..I look like a stalker;)

  5. Looks quite perfect, I love Paris for a couple of days at Christmas and then the country, that to me is the perfect combination!

  6. I do miss miss Paris this time of year! Holidays are magical and my year was no less! Activities with you are some of the fondest!
    Joyous Noel!

  7. Jeanette M10:46 AM

    Lovely French teas and Proust, which I'm reading for the 1st time -- REMEMBRANCES OF THINGS PAST.

  8. Wow~ you have just put all my tea party experiences
    into the shade. This was absolutely lovely ! Please
    give Bear a hug from me.

  9. Truly wonderful, c'est bon. :-)

  10. Fred A1:48 PM

    Is tea at the Ritz or more like:
    "Puttin on the Ritz"
    Fun edition of Paris Breakfast!

  11. So glad Bear got to enjoy tea with you as it looks really "over the top". You're making it very hard for me to choose where to have tea when I'm next in Paris. The December map will be a delightful Christmas gift.

    1. Also consider trying Il Gelato del Marchese - a Venetian tea salon in the 6eme.
      Like being back at Cafe Florian in Venice!!

  12. Love your photo looking through the doors!!! In September I just hung around outside the Ritz, maybe next year I will try tea there! Beautiful warmth in that Christmas tree!!

  13. The Ritz tea watercolors are beautiful-especially the dark background one


  14. My first trip to Paris was before Christmas, a tour billed as a Christmas shopping trip. I didn't buy much but was love with Paris. I have been back in all seasons since then. Thanks so much for letting me visit from my own home.

    1. You're welcome Janet.
      Paris is at its best during the holidays.
      And the weather is not bad either..40s,50s.
      Do come back!!


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