Friday, December 23, 2016

Paris Lights

L'heure blue on my bridge this evening...all the lights you'll ever want.
On my many trees in the windows.
Christmas marché at Place Saint Germain.
Place Vendome
Rue Royale
Would you believe these elegant trees belong to MacDonald's?
French trees are stuck in logs so they don't fall over, but you can't water them either.
A marzipan tree in Storher's window.
Elegant chandeliers light up rue Saint Honoré.
On the l'Ile Saint-Louis
Rue Guisarde in the 6th
All the cafes have the prettiest lights in my opinion.
You Must eat oysters during the holidays! Big merci Lane for taking me to l'Ecailler du bistrot, 20 rue Paul Bert.
These sheep are life-size and animated in a fruit shop window on rue de Grenelle.
2 sheep a waiting to be walked.
I've lost count of the bears a sleeping.
6 geese a laying.
2 Parisiennes a shopping at Colette.
And a free hot chocolate at Pierre Marcolini.


joanna said...

Happy Holidays! You are truly blessed to have the good fortune to be part o two great cities in your lifetime, New York city now Paris.. your pics are enchanting, postcard ready.

g said...

This is such a lovely post-you know I love your evening/night shots and these did not disappoint!! What a wonderful addition to the 12 days of Christmas you have made the sheep and bears.....this post made me feel "your" Paris on this night before Christmas Eve-Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you Carol here is to dreams coming true in 2017 and all those things kept in the quiet of your everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Marie B said...

Kisses to Bear and thank you for all the joy I get from your blog and artwork. I don’t get to Paris every year so you keep me going in between trips!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thank you G!
This is just how Paris is. I try not to ever leave the house without my ipad mini. Paris stops you in your tracks all the time. You have to be ready like a Boy Scout :))
I just wish I could do the same with my year's resolution!!!

La Table De Nana said...

The more lights the merrier.t g wrote:"and all the things that keep you quiet in your heart" me finally that's the perfect phras eas a true wish.
You have shown and continue to show us how magical Paris can be..kiss to Bear..and again..Maerry Bonne Année 2017.
Carol..I love wha

Patricia said...

Paris looks elegant at Christmas time ... thanks for sharing.

g said...

oh Carol the artist never sees their work as the viewer on the other side of the completed piece does-I stop in my tracks at your watercolors-in your Etsy shop click look zoom and do the same again and again and well those that I am fortunate to own cause me pause each time I look(pass) one- some bring a smile Trouville cabanas-- others thoughts about your perspective at the moment brush meets paper-but I cheer you on in your endeavor-but believe me they cause pause and gosh do not even get me started on the letter subscriptions-the best purchases ever! Once again from Philly the very best of everything this holiday season and the coming New Year!!

Frances said...

Merci Cherie, for sharing the beautiful lights and sights of Paris with us. Your love for Paris is inspiring throughout the year and so I wish to send you many wishes for a joyeux noel along with hopes that the New Year will bring us all much peace and happiness. Our world is to be cherished. xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your posts. The Mickie Ds trees are incredible!

Our French Oasis said...

Stunning photos. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

sukicart said...

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & hugs to you & Bear. I love lights and Paris does it right. My first visit to Paris was two weeks before Christmas in 1968 & the lights were nothing like they are now but I truly fell in love. Thank you, Carol, for making Paris a part of my life every week.

Ann K said...

The sheep are right across the street from me!
Remember them from last Christmas

Parisbreakfasts said...

This was the 1st time I've seen them!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Remember..the big thing used to be painted windows with snowflakes etc.
So long more.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Lovely message dear Frances, comme toi

Beverly said...

What a lovely post filled with lights on these dark days. Your Paris letters and emails give me so much joy. It makes me feel like I must look at my city and countryside the way you look at Paris.
Thank you for making my days so beautiful with your pictures and paintings!!!!

Kim said...

Love how you capture the everyday Paris, always feel as if I’m actually there.

Brenda said...

You made my Christmas Eve this year as I was able to look at all the beautiful sights in Paris. SO SO BEAUTIFUL!

NJ said...

Loving every one of these awesome photos..... I can feel myself there..... thanks for sharing and have a Very Merry Christmas, Carol and an amazing

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you g !!!

Mary in OR said...

Thank you for your artistic photos, comments and most of all your stunning artwork! I so look forward to opening your posts!

tica said...

Merry Christmas!

Nikon said...

Love the photos of your bridge and twilight sweeping trough the neighborhoods, Carol. Excellent night shots of the streets & shops.
Beautiful sheep & stuffed animals and a nice night all around :)

Kathryn said...

Joyeux Noel! Thank you for the tour of lights. A sign of hope in dark times. I'll take it

Unknown said...

A pleasure to see this little gift through your lens! Merry Christmas!

R's Rue said...

Thank you