Saturday, October 29, 2016

Salon du Chocolat 2016 and French Halloween

Whoever said the French are not into Halloween needs to get out more. The high-end chocolatiers (like Patrick Roger here) adore messing with very scary concepts. More photos here. I visited the Salon du chocolat yesterday but first a little local Parisian Halloween review:
Fred at elegant Meert demonstrates to me and Jill Butler how-to carve open an all-chocolat citronelle.
Gilles Marechal makes sable bat cookies for Biscuiterie de Montmartre.
Inside the salon Halloween candy apples come in passion fruit flavor.
Yesterday was the first day of Salon du chocolat at Porte de Versailles convention center (line 12). Last day is 1st of November so get a move on!
Please do enthrall yourself.
Towers of chocolate power.
A chocolate dress I could go for - Christolphe Adam's eclair and dark chocolate disk gown.
My raison d'etre for visiting SDC is to stock up on top chocolatier, Bernachon of Lyon's fabulous cacao. Hot chocolate is my breakfast drink of choice and these are going for a mere 6,60€ for 250 gms. (I bought 4 packets - a years supply). You can't find it in Paris except at 3X the price.
Orangettes all over the Salon but these were a steal from Italian Piccolo Pasticceria. Just 3€ a pack of 6 candied chocolate-dipped orange peels. Yum
The Japanese are ever-present and loaded with delish chocolates of matche green tea.
Loved the clever metro tile design of this new chocolate bar.
Classic 1930s Foucher chocolate boxes - perfect eye candy inside and out.
A newcomer to the Salon, Menakao from Madagascar with interesting tribal faces on their tablet designs.
Chapon does chocolate Smiley faces for Xmas.
Always a plethora of chocolate sculptures, I thought this one was fab from MOF Maison Georges Larnicol.
Jean-Charles Rochoux is Paris' maitre of life-like chocolate sculptures.
Has the Salon ever been without a giant all-chocolate King Kong? I don't think so. Near closing time a purple cow wanders the aisles browsing chocolate like the rest of us.
Who doesn't feel like a four-year old when it comes to chocolate? Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast! If you like this post and want to support it, buy Paris letters and watercolors or forward to someone who might enjoy it. Cheers!


  1. Miranda2:54 AM

    That lapin is so realistic it looks like its abt to jump out of the post.
    Love it all
    Mille merci!

  2. In the US this sort of trade show is usually only open to the trade. Are these awesome exhibitions you go to open to the general public?

    1. This annual chocolate show is for the public totally! Everyone is selling Xmas goodies and whatnot and it's a big school break so lots of families with kiddies.
      Really fun experience :))

  3. Nothing like chocolate to warm the soul this horrid pre-election season!
    Lovely to see you Paris views.
    Miss you
    are you ever coming back to the US - even just to visit?

    1. Ahhh...Tanks Elizabeth!
      I can't think of a good reason to return.
      I LOVE Paris!!!

  4. Lots of beautiful piece..I quite like the bats too..hmmmm

  5. Debbie J.12:42 PM

    As always I love getting your posts. I've kept many for reference as I arrive next Thursday from Canada . I'm looking forward to exploring, eating and visiting yr galleries and museums. The Herge TinTin exhibit at the Grand Palais is on my list.
    Maybe I'll spot you and bear somewhere! !!!!!

  6. Anonymous12:50 PM

    How do the French ever stay slim? I think I would die of chocolate poisoning in the first visit!

    1. Figuring out the Sphinxis easier!!
      I am clueless after 4 years.
      They do not snack mindlessly for sure. I've stopped, but I miss it. Such fun.
      They eat at meal time only.
      And smoke in between?

  7. Anonymous3:36 PM

    OMG!!! Or as the French might say, OMD!!!!

  8. Looks like chocolate heaven - would love to go some time. I'm sure it smells divine and I envy you the cocoa - I'll look for it next year when I'm there even at the high price. The candy apples look really interesting, especially the purple ones.

    1. Or you could take the train to Lyon and go to Bernachon?
      Yes you just need to enhale. No need to eat :))

  9. Kathy R10:23 PM

    thanks to this. that was insane. An hour and 1/2 at the end of today after reading your email, my last adventure in Paris as i head back to LA after spending the month here.
    insane and such chocolate overkill, it was awesome

  10. I am in countdown mode waiting for 9 pm Halloween night. That's when I can safely say the trick-or-treaters are finished and it's my turn to hit the bag of candy! Or perhaps take a really good shot at that all-too-convincing, dare I say Hare-raising rabbit of Jean-Charles?

  11. I am in countdown mode waiting for 9 pm Halloween night. That's when I can safely say the trick-or-treaters are finished and it's my turn to hit the bag of candy! Or perhaps take a really good shot at that all-too-convincing, dare I say Hare-raising rabbit of Jean-Charles?

  12. Wow! So much amazing chocolate, I bet it's all high quality tasty stuff too. I like your cocoa supply, how do you make yours? Just put it in hot milk? Tips appreciated!

    1. 2 squares of dark choc with nibs(from Carrefour)
      A sprinkle of grated vanilla bean (gizmo feom Vienna - Dr Oetker - like a pepper mill)
      1teaspoon of good cocoa (Bernachon)
      2 heaping teaspoons of Monop or Carrefour Boisson Cacaoree (basically hot chocolate powder)
      Fill cup 4/5s with boiling water.
      Top up with milk
      Stir and voila.
      If I want to get fancy I heat up all milk and same ingredients plus a cinammon stick but it always boils over and makes a mess. Still very tasty.

    2. Merci beaucoup!!!! I need to make myself some of that, well....the Australian version.

  13. Wow! Now that I am retired (my second retirement) from the job in Egypt, perhaps I'll manage to be in Paris for this next year! Miam miam! 🍫🍫🍫

    1. Please DO COME! Paris needs you.
      And everyone to come visit!!

  14. Beverly C.10:53 AM

    Thank you! One almost feels they are right there with you and can almost see and taste everything! Almost!!

  15. This could be my favorite event of all of the things that you cover!!

  16. Un salon terriblement tentant. J'aurais bien voulu y aller mais j'habite trop loin. Attention à la crise de foie tout de même :) :) :)


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