Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, Tous à la plage!

Yesterday was the preview at Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine of 'Tous à la plage' at Trocadero. More pictures on FLICKR.

When I saw the preview posters around I said, I am not missing this!

And neither should you when you come to Paris. Its on till February 13 2017.

Playing in the sand is part of my DNA. Summers spent in Surf City and Beach Haven, NJ left sand in my shoes forever.

Why ever did I leave behind my sand bucket collection when I moved to Paris. Perfect for holding watercolor brushes too. Why oh why...

The exhibit is historically organized starting with the first cabins des bains often pulled onto the beach by donkeys.

What to change into in your cabins des bains. Stripes.

A whole range of architecture was designed for beach resorts some of it very grand pavilions and palaces.

What to sit on the beach? More marine stripes.

Loads of film snips from cinema and newsreels to watch, though no actual sand anywhere.

Glamorous municipal pools were built right on the beach at Trouville and Dieppe.

Everyone in! The vintage posters are terrific.

The view out my window at hotel Les Embruns in Trouville of that same pool.

One way you could go to the beach.

Or take the train in style.

In the far upper left the Deauville-Trouville train station looks exactly the same today as in this 20s poster
I'm thinking should I take the train down to Brighton next trip to London?

Or Blackpool.

Benidorm, Spain. At first I thought it was Rio de Janeiro.

Remember Club Med? And the beads? Did you go? I went to quite a few. They're still in business on boulevard de l'Opera. Below Florida looks very sane and serene. Altogether a wonderful exhibit full of nostalgia for those sand bucket days. Time to plan for next summer.

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  1. What joy appears in all the vintage posters encouraging everyone to a la plage. Perhaps it's the colors chosen...all bright, jolly and sunshiny. The exhibit looks like lots of fun, perhaps scheduling it at this time of the year was a clever idea to encourage 2017 holiday planning?

    Your own beach watercolors are peachy! Seeing the stripe of the bathing costumes remind me of Bear and, of course, of Sonia Rykiel. xo

  2. Florida is not sane and serene. Maybe in places.
    I would love to go to Brighton someday! They have 365 pubs, one for each night of the year -- woo hoo!

  3. That photo of Florida is at Seaside, Florida in the panhandle. I recognize it as we vacationed there many times. Love it!

  4. Longing for sun and surf! How I love those old posters!

  5. Great posters. BTW, I still go to Beach Haven NJ in the summer! Wouldn't be summer without it.

  6. Joanne G11:30 AM

    Ah, memories of LBI. We were in Loveladies.

    1. LBI - Long Beach Island!
      A dozen cherrystones on the halfshell pls.

  7. Some parts of Fl are exactly as you have shown it..the parts I love:)

    Fun stuff..have always liked the old posters..old bathing your girl in le manteau rose..

    I've sometimes wondered if you have stored some things in the case of an eventual return..

    French Word A Day..that lovely blog..they are thinking about moving to the's been a privilege to read their thoughts..touching..

    1. Nothing in storage in the US. I burnt my bridges. No good reason to go back.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hurray! For those of us in suburbanville Aus or US, we can live a Paris vicariously through you :)I adored la plage en France when I had the good fortune to sun and swim at Port Louis near Lorient in Brittany - the little multi-coloured changing sheds, the striped deck chairs and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean at a perfect temperature in August!

  8. Definitely take the train down to Brighton next time you are in London, go shopping in "the lanes", it is such a fabulous vibrant place that has simply got better and better.

  9. the exhibit at patrimoine looks like a great tribute to french resort architecture--their version of miami beach. but being french, it's all very stylish and tasteful. i've forwarded your post to others i know who would appreciate the 'review' of this show.
    thanks again for turning us on to some wonderful corners of paris---even 'temporarary' corners.

  10. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Carol, I attended and spoke at the 3rd World Congress on Art Deco in Brighton, England. It is the most delightful place with an interesting history. I can't recommend that people visit it more highly. From the Royal Pavilion to Aubrey Beardsley's house. Go to Brighton and have a great time! Cheers, Stephan

  11. if u ever go to brighton, england, go see john nash's 1810s brighton pavilion for george iv. Victoria hated it so much she visited it once & never went back (that should b a recommendation in itsef).

  12. What a fabulous collection of vintage art, posters and photos, Carol.
    Really top notch post!

  13. The October letter arrived on Saturday and Carol you never cease to amaze-LOVE EVERY INCH OF IT! Sometimes I wish we could add to the review I posted at the time of purchase-and love your profile pic-

  14. Hi Carol, thanks for your blog, Parisbreakfast! I haven't been to Brighton but Folkestone on the map is a nearby town where I stayed for 3.5 monthes in 1999. It's a little old harbor town which sightseeing buses come into every day. It's about 1 hour from Boulogne-sur-mer in France by ferry. There is another lovely town, Rye on the way to Brighton from Folkestone, dotting with antique shops. Bisous^^

  15. Loved the cabins des bains--reminded me of Gypsy wagons, vardos. Sand buckets, of course, to hold kitchen implements too. Ooh la la. Love this post. Thank you.


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