Friday, August 19, 2016

Savignac of Trouville and The girl on the beach (not the train)

                             Girl on Trouville beach - watercolor on ETSY
Jill Butler asked me if I had seen any of local graphic artist Savignac posters whilst in Trouville. I saw many and thought I'd share them with you. I often heard about Savignac from a French guy I went out with whose own artwork was influenced by him. Savignac is iconic for France by the way even now years later.

I wanted to make this Savgnac poster into a watercolor but it took me all week.

Why didn't I get better shots of Savignac's posters that line the boardwalk (la planche) now called 'Promenade de Savignac'

Another affiche

The library has its own specially signed Savignac. By the way you can not get away from the gulls in Trouville so don't even think about it.

Savignac did many, many menu designs for Les Vapeurs, an outdoor cafe along the main street.

Here a hotel poster painted on the wall (more gulls note svp).

I imagine they have an annual exhibit of Savignac's posters. The hall to the right of the tourist office (filled with consistently UNhelpful staff. This seems to be often the case in France).

This year's exhibit is food-based.

Savignac is known for his visual wit.

There's always a joke or visual pun lurking

Amidst the terrific design.

Simply fun!

Don't ask me why I didn't buy a Savignac mug Please. I'm kicking myself.

The only picture I could find of Savignac was on the postcard stand! He does look droll.

I am still painting beachy scenes FYI. France has 3000 miles of sea coast.

I intend to visit and paint them all. 
Your suggestions are most welcome if you've been to Biarritz or Dieppe.
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  1. I love his work..had no clue who he was before you though..
    Danr the mug..I get those why didn't I pangs too:)

    Love your beach scenes Carol.

    And just seeing Lu or Tintin is endearing to me.

  2. I am totally enjoying your beachy scenes and visits to the beach.

  3. Allie NYC12:23 PM

    Love the Savignac blog!!!Your beach scene is right up there, too.Congrats.

  4. I love your watercolors of the beach! Perfect.

  5. excuse to go buy a mug or two!!

  6. excuse to go buy a mug or two!!

  7. Carol, thank you for these fresh sea breezes and the homage to brilliant Savignac!

    Your beach painting is a gem.

    Sorry about those pesky gulls. xo

  8. Love the Savignac art but love your watercolors more. All the pictures make me want to take a boardwalk stroll.

  9. I have to say that I really look forward to your postings and all the artwork.
    Just beautiful.

  10. Re UN helpful French tourist staff..ditto for my experience..also some Italian/Rome staff are right up there!

  11. Bonnie in CA4:30 PM

    You will be happy to know that because of YOUR blog, I am returning to Paris and taking a jaunt to Trouville and the surrounding beach areas like Honfleur. And all because of your photo of the seafood lunch!

  12. The library sign is the best.. :)..

    Please visit:

  13. Helps to see your gorgeous paintings and photos
    while stuck here under the smoking skies of California.
    Return to teaching Adult School French on Monday;
    shall be forwarding your blog to the new students

  14. Leslie in Oregon7:21 PM

    For beach suggestions, get in touch with Susan of the "Our French Oasis" blog. She and her family live in the Charente-Maritime and have lived in (and recently visited) the Biarritz area (see,

    1. Thanks Leslie!
      Ile de Ré is in the Charante too..

  15. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Lovely beachy vacation, thank you Carol, lovely as always.

  16. Merci mille fois!! We shall get back eventually to
    la belle France.

  17. I had a chuckle looking at those little tents on the beach.
    They reminded me of cupcakes for some reason.
    Thank you for sharing your great talent with all of us. Always colorful, enjoyable and really brighten my day!

  18. Leanne M10:41 PM

    He does look droll ???


    1. Its true.
      I'm not parfait..
      Can't spell worth a damn :(

    2. Ah ha
      'DROLL' is fine.
      curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.
      "his unique brand of droll self-mockery"
      synonyms: funny, humorous, amusing, comic, comical, mirthful, chucklesome, hilarious, rollicking; More

  19. Thanks for sharing these delightful French beaches and lovely art, both your and Savignac's! Ice ever been to France in summer but will need to one day, it looks very relaxing and fun.

    1. Oh you must Kirrabelle,
      I used to be the same way but France has divine summer resorts..not to be missed.

  20. Cyndy S1:10 AM

    Going on out to-do list!'

  21. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Loved this post! My favorite is the cow with yogurt coming out of her udder. You did a good job on the red bikini watercolor. Now I'm going to google that village on google maps. France has 3000 miles of seacoast? Wow, I did not know that. It's so much fin to travel vicariously through your blog. Mil gracias!

    1. More like a town than a village Caterina B
      Well worth a visit!!

  22. Anonymous6:30 PM

    FUN, sorry.

  23. Really great post, Carol, colorful, and lots of fun.
    The gulls and posters are everywhere :)

  24. I do not know HOW you do this, Carol!!!

    Your posts just out-do themselves from the last one!


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