Monday, July 25, 2016

Sorollas lost and found hat and Paris Plages

First do please take a look at French marché queen, Marjorie William's story on Paris Breakfast. Check out Paris Plage for beachy details. And def play DJ Teddy J's essential background beach music while you're reading.
I couldn't help noticing how Sorolla loved his summer straw hats.
He mostly lived and painted in Valencia, 30 minutes from the beach.
He uses hats (mostly straw FYI) to focus on his subject's face by losing the edges like here. Try squinting and the hat disappears. Other times he contrasts the hat's edges(known as 'found' in painter's lingo).
I tried my hand at it after a sunny visit to Paris Plages along the Seine yesterday. I need to do a few hundred more before I get even close. Fortunately I've got August to work on them.
You had to squint it was so bright yesterday yet the temperatures were perfect, in the 80s.
A whole variety of seating arrangements and sun umbrellas
These girls were in a book-lending area provided by publisher Flammarion, except they were reading email..
Free sparkling and flat water provided. BYO bottles svp.
Back in a Sorolla sketch beach people werewell-covered up.
Unlike Parisians yesterday
Note Sorolla in this photo is wearing a lost-and-found straw hat
Another 'lost' hat makes the red dress 'pop'. Squint and you'll see it.
If only one could take a dip. They say by 2020 the Seine will be cleaned-up enough. Hmm
Of couse one must have the obligatory ice cream mustn't one, here prvided by Pozetto.
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Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

What??!?The Seine is polluted? I had no idea!
Merci beaucoup for all the lovely Sorolla pics! He makes it look so easy! As do you, with your lovey swishy washes!

Lynn Sorolla said...

Love this on a hot summer day.
The water is so polluted here that no one goes in. It's a mess....from Big Sugar and Lake O

Parisbreakfasts said...

U R loved!

Jill Butler said...

Lovely to see these paintings again, and your painting efforts….which I so respect. You’re braver that I am!

sukicart said...

If I were capable of painting even slightly as well as you, I'd be thrilled.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Next time you come over bring yr pIntbox. I'll give you a lesson. Actually this summer I'm taking an online drawing class from drawingtutorialsOnline and from Craftsy, a perspective drawing class from Stephanie Bowers.

More to come soon on my summer school classses

Merisi in Vienna said...

Beautiful summer impressions! Love the strip of grass, my kind of green "beach", no sand everywhere.

Louvregirl said...

Fabulous as usual! ;-)

Nikon said...

Amazing paintings, Carol - and so many to look at.
Your watercolors are just perfect, too, as are the photos.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the suggestion of the Sorolla show . I ordered the Book and it is fabulous!I love it.xo Cheers!Fan From rural Oregon