Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dans l'Atelier - Petit Palais

As soon as the DANS L'ATELIER exhibit opened at Petit Palais back in April I was there.
You have till 18 July to see it. Its surprisingly big and goes back to the 1800s.
I think this is Jeff Koons studio - very orderly. But then he probably has dozens of assistents to tidy up. Wannabe my assistant?
I'm not sure anyone could get in the door at Francis Bacon's famously hellish, messy studio. Even the door had wet paint on it. It's all preserved, every last scrap too. I am definitely in his camp though not equal to. Maybe a 5 where Bacon is a 10++ on the 1-10 messy scale.
Petit Palais even has miniature model ateliers, in case you're clueless what goes where.
In the old days, the 'Oriental' or near East style was in. Think turkish rugs, drapes, two-story high skylights.
Oodles of space. These were not garrets. As I said before my father predicted I would 'end up in a garret with a bunch of cats’ 🐈‍⬛ if I became an artist. Please send cats somebody. I got the rest right.
Picasso's hound quite at home in his atelier.
Back in New York, Bear ran the show. I think I had 4 work areas, all piled high with stuff. I am not a believer in clear space.
In the Chelsea Arts Club a desk is always provided. Every member is an artist so they have to.
My watercolor teacher, David Dewey always said,
'When you travel, the best light is in the bathroom'.
In Maine I got to set up in the bathroom with water and hairdryer closeby. Very convenient.
My hotel bathroom on rue de Seine...terrific light for still life subjects.
My latest Hotel Sphinx bathroom in Montelimar was huge with great light 24 hours but no work table.
Instead the table was secured to the wall. Not the best of situations but you learn to improvise. Note the pillow on the too low chair. Once you get going it all begins to flow and you don't notice the small stuff..
In Aix the setup was perfect. Long table beside a window. Room to spread out and good light.
I did some furniture moving in my Etretat hotel room at La Residence. But I didn't really get painting until the last morning and checkout was at 11 am as it is universally. Tant pi.
This last trip I dove in fast and painted a stack. Someone said I bet you're going to have a watercolor sale soon? Stop reading my mind :) Still some editing to do. Then we'll see.
Back in Paris I've been immersed in les bonbons d'autre fois (old fashion French candy stores). I'm happy to report the JULY Paris confiserie map is mailed out. Hurrah!
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  1. I remember some of your temp.ateliers..I love good light..a certain kind of light:)
    Looks like a great outing..the map :)
    I should prop my laptop up..I used much better for posture..the head weighs a ton..

  2. Dear Carol, showing these ateliers makes a marvelous theme for a post!

    Do you remember when the Met had a Francis Bacon show that included a facsimile of his studio. The recreation in Ireland is based on very detailed photographs taken by Linda McCartney way back when. I also tend towards his scale of neatness!

    I loved seeing the photos of studio spaces you have used so very well. Bravo.

    Thank you also for your reply to my last comment. Truly, I will get to France...and I hope it's this year. Still a few post-retirement loose financial ends to tie up.


  3. I think this is one of my favorites Blogs of yours.

  4. Do I spy a re-purposed ice cream container for your water?

    1. Hahaha
      Your amazing sharp eyes Madame!
      The one and only.
      Yes Picard's faux gelato almost daily brew provides many travel water containers.
      Why do I even bother to bring em home?

  5. Can't wait for my map to arrive - it looks delicious.

  6. Lynn S1:51 PM

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. In Naples FL the Von Lieberg Museum carries a beautiful book titled
    Obviously, these painters are very rich.

    1. Hahaha I didnt show the poor ones..but you have a point Lynn

  7. John S3:11 PM

    So interesting and never boring. When do you write your advice on living out of a suitcase?

    1. OK packing info coming soon.
      No suitcases for me.
      Big cabas(French shopping bags)only and buy another if needed

  8. oh please have a water color sale....please!

    1. Its gonna happen...just a few more trips svp.

  9. Good evening Carol, I forgot to ask you in my earlier comment if you'd seen the article about Chuck Close in today's NY Times. I could email it to you. xo

  10. Owls Head10:32 PM

    And I thought I was your only bathroom studio! Ha! The jealous host!

  11. Some fabulous photos of the ateliers, Carol. Interesting idea for a museum show.
    Picasso's hound is a cute shot, & bear and the kitty doing their bit :)
    The July map - watercolor - looks first-rate!

  12. Leslie in Oregon4:13 AM

    Did you once live at the Chelsea Arts Club? If so, have you written about what it was like? Fascinating post...thank you!

  13. This is one of your best blogs. Lots of insights into Carolg. And such an interesting idea to check the light in the bathrooms although so many bathrooms do not have windows. Perhaps in the older hotel/building they do. Do I see l'orange et rosé guimauves in that last photo?

  14. Great opening photo, Carol.

  15. How did my cat get to France?


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