Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June Fruits Rouges Paris Sketch Letter

I'm late cluing you in on what to eat in June (juin). Quatres fruits rouges (4 red fruits) may be a strictly French thing. Correct me if I'm wrong. I remember first time I ordered a mysterious dessert called '4 red fruits'. I've been addicted ever since.

On a visit to Le Bonbon au Palais I spotted this little advert card for pates de fruits. Instant love. I begged Georges if I could borrow it. Then I raced to the copy shop. Picasso said "Good artists copy; great artists steal". I would have happily stolen Georges' little card. What does that make me?

My first doodle sketch..

You may wonder exactly which red fruits are included. Guess what? Any summer red fruit will do. No apples please. Plus fruits bleu Arte allowed.
Fraise, framboise, cerises, cassis, myrtille, mure, groseille to name a few.

Off to the marché

For some very much in season June red fruits.

FYI these sweet little boats filled with fruit are called 'barquettes'.

Early days on my Paris jaunts I would race through marches intimidated and clueless.

Thanks to Marjorie William's informative MARKETS OF PARIS all that's changed. Marchęs are an integral part of daily Parisian life. DO NOT MISS OUT please. How else to know what's in season and what to order when you eat out? Plus the colors, aromas and friendly sellers insisting you taste a bite is instantly cheering. When I first moved here I lived at Metro Duplex 75015. I had to walk through marché Grenelle 2 times a week. It was a better spirit-lifter than any shrink.

You could take your red fruits back to your apartment and easily put together a tarte au fruits. Just bake a giant sable cookie base. Throw on some crème patisserie for glue so your fruits don't roll onto the floor.

Check out Jill Colonna's recipe for sablé on Mad About Macarons.

If you're like me, you can't be trusted around raw dough. Then go to the nearest patisserie. Two sizes on offer - family size and 'individual' for that afternoon peche mignon.

More guilty pleasures (peche mignon) to admire.

An exquisite slice of sablé topped with strawbs from haute couture patisseries Hugo and Victor. I lay the blame at your feet dear PB readers for teaching me to enjoy fab crust. In the old days I'd just eat the fruit. Tisk tisk

Yesterday was the first time I spotted fruits rouges ice cream at Maison Gosselin near the Orsay. I will have to return to taste.

Of course there is tons of red fruits jam in France and even red fruits teas. But red fruits biere! Who knew?
à table everyone and eat your red fruits with or without a cookie base.
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  1. It's lovely:)

    How cute..I have never found Bonne maman Cassis jam here but did in Paris and wea ate a whole ar there.I should look into growing it:)
    Or maybe I can find some at te market.
    I saw my first ever Asperges Des Bois in Paris..miniature asparagus..sold in bunches..
    Apart from Cure Gourmande..I saw a store w/ very pretty tin boxes that had great designs..have a pic somewhere..

    1. Errr...I have to say please don't buy 'industrial' brands in france or in Canada.
      Surely someone is making wonderful home-made jams near you that are so much better M.

  2. Miranda11:00 AM

    LOVE all the secret 'tips' you tell

  3. Thanks for a little tour of all things delicious. I used to eat lunch at a little restaurant that served the best sandwiches and they always added a sherbet glass of red fruit salad at the end. Yum.

  4. Red is certainly your color...loved this post!

  5. Love your pics of the miniatures (I am a sucker for them) and what's not to love about red fruits. I've been writing my own guide book to Paris (for my & my friends use) compiled from info & reviews in all the blogs and articles I read and your blog has me adding a tidbit every single time. Plus you make the wait between trips more bearable and you always make me smile .

  6. Red fruit makes my heart sing! I wish I could find Bonne Matin lemon but I have a deep relationship with all their reds! The art, the berries, everything -- yum!

    1. Reds do add sparkle in the .summertime..
      A lot of bleu-blanc et rouges is showing up of late for Bastille day I guess.

  7. The reds are so intense....
    The girl walking with her back to the camera is a beautiful shot.

    1. Thank you Paul.
      occasionally one is lucky and catches 'The decisive moment'


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