Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fete du Pain, Fete des Meres

The past week was Fete du Pain all over France.
In Paris a big tent is set up in front of Notre Dame. Very convenient refuge from the pouring rain yesterday. Plus you could stuff your face with goodies fresh out of the oven. When is some smart perfumer going to capture the gorgeous aroma of bread baking in a bottle?
Alsace was the region this year providing all the goodies with regional specialties.
Like kuglehopf. Plenty of sampling going on.
Selfies too with a giant kugelhopf.
Servers wearing dirndls.
I couldn't resist either. Yum
All over town posters announcing today's Fete des Meres (Mother's Day).
Chic mamans.
And kid's hand-written posters.
Lush flower poster from Nom de la Rose
Stunning bouquets in the flower shops for maman.
Plenty of luscious desserts for today
Fruit rouge (red fruits tarte) is the perfect summer solution.
Angelina has 'Rouge Tendress' for maman - biscuit croustillant amande, mousse à la vanille de Madagascar, coeur de compotée de fruits rouge et miel mille fleurs, ganache montée à la vanille, fruits rouges frais. What a mouthful.
Beautiful produce in the shops for maman's dinner today.
A single perfect rose.
Bonne Dimanche!


  1. I would take a bite or two out of that heart right now:)

    I would have been in 7th heaven.
    So much to see..

  2. I can hardly believe it myself, but I'm beginning to want the flowers m ore than the food!

  3. We were there for La Fete du Pain last year and loved seeing the huge variety of breads & tasting a warm croissant as we walked into the tent. The fruits looks so beautifful & the flowere look good enough to eat. Happy Memorial Day.

  4. Sally V1:38 PM

    Mouth watering....thank you.

    1. Paris is hell for those who suffer from immediate gratification.....ahem

  5. Kathy H1:45 PM

    So delicious looking I could almost eat even the flowers at the end - hah!!!

  6. Sharon K1:48 PM

    definitely go to Sarlat ! I very much enjoy reading about your jaunts about France.

    1. There are so many terrific places I haven't visited yet. Can't wait!!

  7. Annabella Bray10:13 PM

    Tres beaux et delicieux! Merci Carole. I love my fleuristes map which came this week, especially as I am living for the first time sans un jardin....:( so my vase of sunflowers and your beautiful artworks give me all the beauty I need :)

  8. I have hip problems enough without a fetes du pain. But I could learn to work with that!

  9. Anonymous2:50 AM

    Giant They look quite different from those we have here in Australia...did you taste it? And I spotted some palm hearts...yum! Splendid day.


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