Monday, January 26, 2015

Maison Objet 2015

After Solli and I ate ourselves silly at the Fete de la Coquille a Montmartre on Saturday, on Sunday we met up to 'do' Maison Objet 2015. Here's some of what we saw.

All the insane picture-taking. 

This dame drew lots of shots.

Clever home décor Spanish Guardarte went pink flamingo-flamenco for MO.

Spanish Desigual offered us solace 'from the maddening crowds' with Sparkling Cava, Manchego cheese, Clemintines

And harp playing to 'soothe our ruffled' souls.

Brand new 'cool' Greek epicerie KILI KIO, gave us olives and showed off their take-out lunch at their new Republique boutique.  34 rue ND de Nazareth 75003

A fab Spanish VMW on display.

Loved this handsome spice vials from Le Monde 100% Epices en tube.

Like the millions of candles on display.

How candles are made. Who knew?

I was ready for a chocolate egg by the time we got to Monbano. No chance. You have to wait for Pacques/Easter.

Stacked Glass cubes embossed on the inside.

The best stacks of all at MO - new seating arrangements. Just flop down anywhere and relax.

Colorful balls/bowls on the wall from BIBOL made of thin bamboo in Vietnam.

We both flipped for new ceramic pots from Belgian GREEN PAN

Sooo much better than Teflon and so much healthier. And you can fry a square egg!

I loved this heating blender that also cooks! your soup.

From Scott with recipes designed by top Lyonaise chef Georges Blanc.

Mad about this mat Japanese-style casserole. Sometimes a pot just rings your bell doesn't it?

These all rang my bell in fact from new mark Terre Etoilee in collaboration with Habitat (but formerly the renown Staub in Alsace.

Raphael was explaining that Pierre Herme's factory is just 10 meters from theirs in Soufflenheim.
I said we would be visiting Very soon!

Just what we all need now since we're perpetually glued to our iphones, ipads, tablets, what have you.
Just make an announcement with this china.


  1. My kind of exposition..
    I would have been tempted left right and centre.
    I seem to only use my 1 green pan now..and have left the rest aside.

  2. My eyes feasted on your photos!

  3. Love the green pan. Square eggs. Sounds like an old Donald Duck comic book.

  4. I think I could really get into trouble there. Love your pictures. You had a great weekend. Showed my husband your pictures from Saturday. One of these days I know he is going to say I want to go.

  5. Love this post. Thanks for all the good info on new products, like the blender that also cooks. I have one piece with a ceramic non-stick finish (Madeleine pan from Williams Sonoma, but wasn't aware of the availability of these other pieces. Merci.) Where was the event held?

  6. Carol,
    You should get a commission from your posts. I am buying some of the Belgian Green Pans I saw on your blog.

  7. Deborah1:19 PM

    Love that pink sofa. Gorgeous color. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I love the photos. I love the commentary . Life is good in America, but life is beautiful in France!

  9. Normajean4:33 PM

    love the Desigual Fashions w the brilliant colors!!:)

  10. Well Carol, I think that this Maison Objet would be such a delight to visit. Yes, it seems very busy, and here and there a bit over the top, but...Fun.

    I'm guessing that you are aware that we are now in the midst of a snow blizzard over here in New York. As I type at 7 pm, the blizzard seems to be taking a supper break, but forecasts call for this to be a really big overnight show, continuing well into tomorrow. City/State warnings and preparations are akin to those called out for Hurricane Sandy. The subways are to be Shut Down later tonight. Of course, it's cold now, so this is not good news for homeless folks seeking shelter.

    Carol...I think that I am not getting any emails that you might be sending me, but am glad that my comments hereabouts do seem to register.


    1. Oh I'm following it closely on the NYTimes Frances.
      I meant to say something and then forgot
      Stay safe East Coasters !!!

    2. You are having TOO much fun !
      No worries about the snow, it missed our New Yorkers
      and most of Connecticut. Some "meteorologists" have
      a few crumbs on their faces~ but better than not knowing
      about a storm that turns out to be a blizzard.

  11. I also love the green square pan - maybe something for me to bring back from Paris on my upcoming visit.

    1. Their website says Amazon, Macys, Target carries it.

  12. I am drooling over the pink settee and the pink velvet wing back chairs! Great post.

  13. so much to see and do in paris....merci for the "WINDOW''

    1. Thanks it's true Jacquelyn,
      Very hard to keep up with it all!!
      Still loving it like crazy!

  14. I loooove Green Pans too! I dream of having a whole set!

    Post more M&O pictures! So much fun to see!

  15. I love all of the mad picture taking in the opening shots. Looks like fun.
    I don't know if I could go for harp playing as background music :)
    I like the cookware and utensils with the writing on them - the last shot.
    Have fun with Solli.....

  16. Now I want to make square eggs over easy in the worst way.

  17. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

  18. Same about the Easter eggs....I love them and I don't care who brings them!


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