Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paris Signs of Automne

Do you think a hotdog is a Fall food? The way the French make it, loaded with Emmanthal cheese it could very well be. Since I came to France I've hankered for these cholesterol queens. Called 'La Hotdog Parisienne' according to Jill of Mad about Macarons. She said I must only eat them where is says 'Fait Maison' (made in house). By the way I don't think I quite captured the French hotdog here..

I was passing boulangerie Secco yesterday and noticed a sign, 'Everything made in house'. Ah ha. Then I noticed they have la Hotdog Parisienne. Time to indulge. Let's face it. When isn't it time to indulge in Paris?

Secco's tarte au pomme is one of the best in the city if not the whole planet, so how bad could their hotdog be? Their tarte took top honors in 750 grs Magazine by the way.

Eric Kayser has his Fall fruit tarts out - the unpronounceable quetches et poire.

La Grand Epicerie is big on figs. The sales woman actually wiggled her finger in front of my lense but she wasn't fast enough. Who does that anymore? Gimmeabreak.

Figs are big in the marché right now. That's how you know it's Fall.

Sunday morning I put on my bathing suit with big plans to hit the pool. It's been a long time.

Instead I turned towards the Bastille and walked 10 minutes to the marché. It's been too long. Yet it's always refreshing, like a shot in the arm (whatever that is?).

The Fall moules from Mont St. Michel are back. I got a kilo (4,50) and they threw in a bunch of parsley gratis. The market wine guy from Burgundy sold and opened a bottle of blanc sec (3,50) for me. All I needed was some onions and garlic for my Sunday lunch. Oh and an olive baguette. Pas mal.
Naturally I've been thinking about what to do for the November sketch letter. I'm developing the PB Sounding Board. If you want to put in your 2 cents let me know.

Perfect complimentary colors orange and blue. Those market venders could probably paint.

French Girl suggested I paint potiron and pumpkins for a Thanksgiving theme but bells were not going off for me.

Don't these leaves look like they came straight from Vermont? Nothing like em in Paris.

Then French Girl suggested I paint chestnuts (marrons) instead.

My guy showed me how to cut and roast them. All the venders seem like they are my guys in the market.

Of course chestnuts or marrons are also used to make a Mont Blanc. Research materials this weekend for sketching. Hint hint
You can still get a jar of pear(poire) jam watercolor if you subscribe to the Paris Sketch letters before the November letter comes out. i do not plan to be late this time..ahem.


  1. But you didn't tell us how was the hot dog?? I've never eaten one in Paris either, but the Secco apple tarte is the best!

    1. GOOD! They even use mustard on it. Like one of Our hot dogs..perhaps an excess of melted cheese? And too much bread. It's inside a baguette

  2. Chien chaud - ouf! I was in Carrefour yesterday and they were selling hot dog kits to the French for Christmas... Mon Dieu. Love that you're painting chestnuts. So would Angelina, I'm sure! Your Paris Sketch Letters look amazing - the Autumn colours on that jam jar and pair are so cheerful, Carol. Not to be missed!

  3. I have always loved your jam pots!
    And fruits etc..
    Love chestnuts..figs etc..:)

    Looks lovely there also..

  4. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Is there a park with an Autumn breeze blowing leaves across a path and a pretty French Mommy complete with Those adorably dressed French children and a darling little dog. I would buy a print of that-Oh and don't forget those French street lights.

    1. There's nice photo here at the bottom of the post A.


  5. Ahhh, figs. I can't get enough of them when I'm in Paris. Raw in the hand (yes, sometimes I can't resist eating on the street), baked and accompanying ice cream, in tarts and in sandwiches. The window of opportunity for figs in Vermont is about 2 days, at which time I put them on pizza. Then I pine for them the rest of the year. Merci, Carol!

  6. Mmmm. Hot dogs, moules and more. Yes, I'll have one of each from each photo, please!

  7. Lovely, lovely post as always.
    Have you done a post on the exhibit at the Marmottan?

  8. who posted recently about literally having to empty their SD card in front of the photo police at the Grande Epicerie? goodness why are they so nasty there?? you'd think they'd realize blog/Instagram love is free publicity!!


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