Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014 Paris

A petite taste of 2014 Vogue Fashion Night Out and my first time attending.

I wish 2015 VFNO was just around the corner now that I've got the hang of it.

There are tons of 'limited editions' for this special night like this T-shirt. The deal is you buy September Vogue (5€). Pay an extra 10€ for the T-shirt IF the new stand has any left, which most of them didn't by the time I got there. Lucky for me I found one at the news relay at Gare Montparnasse on the way to the Loire. Unlucky for me I do not look quite like this young thing in it. C'est la ve.

Fauchon had a limited edition éclair for last night's event along with their other 36 flavors out this week.

These girls snagged one and were eating it OUT IN THE STREET! What?<

Loads of fashion houses stayed open from 6 to 10 for the night. Champagne flowed like water.

Deluxe mustard maison Maille was pouring Champers too.

Plus their head chef Didier Heyl was happy to mix up a personalized jar of mustard for you on the spot. Heaven no? I went home with caramelized onion mustard. Yum

Maille has a new winter collection based on old 17th century recipes from the house. How about verjus/grape with a touch of honey. Or champignon mustard. Or cocoa with framboise (raspberry). I must go back and make a great study of all their many flavors. Could mustard displace vanilla in my life ?

White orchids everywhere along with Champagne on VFNO.

Inside Dior on rue Royal white orchids spill out of tall glass vases.

Balloons too. You got signature balloons to carry around at breauty house Carita and everywhere else.11 rue du Faubourg St.Honoré

Picture taking was rampant.

A major player  Frédérique Verley, rédactrice en chef beauté de Vogue poses with Carita's artistic director, Tom Marcireau. Love the green tie and watch...
Lovedthe stairway at Carita, but I didn't get on line to get my makeup done. Too many places to visit.

The streets were buzzing last night.


A fashion show took place in the middle of rue St. Honoré. No indication of the name of the designer.

More picture taking with the essential balloon floating overhead.

Girls getting their picture taken while holding other pictures they'd had taken. Does the one with the most pictures win?

At Polo you could wait on line for for a red carpet free photo holding a Champagne glass bien sur.

Love the stairway at Polo. Paris has some terrific stairways.

Colette has changed their picture taking policy. You can take all you want! There's even a sign on the door. Will the rest of Paris shops follow suit? Wouldn't that be nice.

The 3 authors of hot  book, How To Be A Parisian were the main attraction at Colette and signing like crazy.

Popcorn, believe it or not, has become the NEW hot snack food in Paris especially in weird flavors I've found so far to be terrible. Popcorn was all over last week's Maison et Objet. Last night it was served in signature cups bearing the name of fashion houses. Go figure. Get out your poppers everyone.

Pierre Marcolini has a divine chocolate shop on rue St. Honoré.

Charming and gracious beau mec Pierre himself was out front greeting and inviting in each guest inside.

For luscious tastes of his chocolate-covered orange peel. Such hospitalité!

I was invited for an 'It' cocktail at Hotel Mandarin Oriental's Bar 8, but when I got there I was told it was completely booked, shown the closed door inside (why ever bother?) and then told it was all young people anyway. Hmmm. Not nice. Never mind. The rest of the evening was loads of fun and everyone else could not have been nicer. Nice to come home to my bridge too. 


  1. I love Pierre Marcolini..He is one of the hosts of my fave show:)
    How lucky for you to get your hands on le tshirt!
    I bet it looks fabulous on you..
    So many pretty faces on this post..
    I cannot even imagine liking having photos taken of me..
    Everything has it's time I guess..:)
    Fab eclair too!

    1. I had a picture taken not by's in the 'circular file' as they call it..
      We live in the era of the SELFIE!!

  2. Great photo essay! I love all of those night shots and the "beautiful people."

  3. your drole delivery is
    very engaging! it holds one's attention....
    keep that tongue in your cheek!

  4. Louisa2:32 AM

    Looks like glorious fun and Very glam!

  5. Anabella2:33 AM

    Love the colored mustards and the exotic flavors - very 'fashionable'!!

  6. Too much Champagne. A problem I would love to have.

  7. Francesca4:36 AM

    Clearly HATS are now a must in Paris even on a warm Fall nite!

  8. What a truly astonishing event- I've never heard of it before. It looks such fun. Champagne flowing like water is never a bad thing. I hope I see some flavoured popcorn next visit, how lovely.

  9. Carol, I was there in the afternoon but did not stay for Fashion Night Out. The eclairs are magnificent! Thanks for sharing the fun. What an experience! Did you see the Moschino shop? Wild and fun pop art designs. They allowed me to photograph a few things that I hope to share on my blog. ;-) Most likely once I return home. No time to blog while in Paris. '-)
    I sent an email earlier. Later………Sarah

  10. Oh, that champagne!

  11. Bugsy9:43 AM

    Fabulous! The perfect outing. Soooo French

  12. Carol, you're an excellent reporter! It looks as if lots of folks did dress up for the nigit out and that things didn't get rowdy as they did during the NYC versions in years past.

    I'm a fan of Maille mustard and will keep an eye out over here for some of those exotic twists. The one that you chose seems an excellent choice.

    Any chance of a photo of you in the T shirt? The graphic design is a good one.


  13. Maureen11:11 AM

    Maille mustard was the mustard du jour at Yves’ house in Lyon. Love the last one about the Mandarian – the snooty Paris we all love and know!

    1. HaHa that's a good way to look at it Maureen.
      The Mandarine was completement vide except for those allowed behind the Bar 8 door. What was all the fuss about?
      I thought it would be buzzing with fashionistas.

  14. I feel as if I was there!!!
    What a rude bummer about the last place!! It hurt my feelings to hear what they said to you.
    Loved the pictures and places and the drawings at the beginning.

    1. A Surprising lack of the famous French politesse and from the PR person too.
      I won't be going back there anytime soon or recommending it to anyone not a teenager.
      C'est comme ca

  15. Interesting. NY is no longer doing the Fashion Night out as it became an excuse for too many young people to drink too much free beer and booze. Don't they understand that OLD people behave better?

    1. Only champagne was served. No beer. No booze.
      I did not see any bad behavior...

  16. I love all of your adventures but never comment!!! I love this recount. Could you do a VFNO in Paris Postcards? If so I think I would love a subscription.

    1. ? ? ?
      Paris postcards? not me.

    2. Sorry, Carol, I meant Paris Sketch Letters - I'm am off to check it out from your side bar. Xx

  17. Jane NYC4:21 PM

    did I see young women wearing (gasp) sneakers?? I guess if one is young , thin, and wearing all black, one can get away with it. zut alors!

    1. I saw white hightops! So cute on a french girl ha ha

  18. Now that is an event I would most definitely want to attend. Next year? Thanks so much for you posts. It is an honour to experience Paris through you and your shoes.

  19. Very cool - you are absolutely fearless! Hmmm....i do love Maille...that is about as close as I'll get to VFNO.

  20. I remember making tons of customized eclairs for special events while working at Fauchon...good to see them here at Vogue Fashion Night Out :) My ex-colleagues told me that they made and sold a total of 13000 eclairs during this past eclair week!

    1. Ha ha
      Not a single eclair served tp press
      A waste of time

  21. LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!! Such great memories from the night!

    I wrote a recap of the night as well! You can check out for my own recap of this amazing night.

    Also, I live in Paris as well! We should totally link up sometime. Love the blog!


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