Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Summer in the City

Guess where I am?

Paris Plage! Pretty amazing you have to admit non?

At Hotel de Ville there's a big l'eau de Paris stand (pavillon).

Free fresh, cold water is served as well as bubbly (pétillante) streaming c/o Castalie thank you very much.

The very same elegant bubbly water I drank in my cooking class at BHV  ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse. Pretty cool non? More to come soon.

I love the summer icy Rosé popsicle poster at Nicholas.

Rosé is the summer drink du jour. The range of melon colors - gorgeous.

I tried a diabolo menthe out with Rosemary. Remember the old French movie of the same name?

I'm still coveting her red watch..

If you're going away, isn't this the perfect carry all from Fabriano on 90, rue du Bac.

What They are wearing on rue du Bac.

On the bus They are wearing flowers in their hair. Her pink sash says 'Hen Party'?

In the cafes more flower wreaths.

On the nails lots of color. Today I saw someone wearing French Ultramarine bleu on hands and toes.

Red melons galore in the marché.

The perfect summer cadeau (gift) to take when invited to a French friend's for petit dejeuner called une panaché or melange of fruits rouges (5€).

Everyone asks me when/where I'm going on vacance. I just have to cross the bridge (Pont Sully) to Paris Plage et Voila!


  1. I would covet that watch too. Love the travel wallet too.
    Oh red and the beach too, swoon! How you have captured
    my heart today. And here I am at home cleaning!!! but I
    can take a break to dream.

  2. I just love your posts. You do such a good job of giving us so much that we feel like we are in Paris. Thanks so much ...

    I can't imagine what Paris is like in August when supposedly everyone flees the city. Are many shops/cafés/taxis "hit or miss"? Closed for business. I sense not from your pics.


    Karen in VA

    1. So far I'm seeing some closures. Cafes are definitely open.
      I've been avoiding patisseries for a bit so will have to see what's closed.

  3. Trop estival!
    Jamias trop estival!

    Great shots..!!
    The 1rst and 3rd shots remind me of Cannes..when we were there..

  4. Great photos - it looks like a lot of fun going to the beach in Paris.
    I like the reds that are popping up, too, and your shot of the girl with the flowers in her hair inside the café.
    I love that shot of the advertisement of the girl with the lollipop :)

  5. It looks like so much fun! What a brilliant idea. Who did it first? The previous mayor, I think? Did you like the diablo menthe? Jeff loves them---I love the color.

    1. I think I love the color too..it is very refreshing and cool....

  6. Hi Carol, C'est fantastique! Love the beach right in the city, that's amazing. And, I love the new look of the blog - it's very classy and very Paris. xo

  7. Carol, it's grand to see these views of Paris as July gives way to August. How amusing that folks are asking you about when you will be having a vacation...are you not truly living a life that many of us dream of...right there in Paris?


    1. They have NO idea ! ;))
      August = VACATION

    2. Vacation here is sacred
      you don't spend it in the city
      the Staycation hasn't made it here.
      they start planning in March if not sooner!

  8. cyndi from SD11:37 AM

    I wholeheartedly agree with France's comment.Thanks as always for sharing your life with us.

  9. Barbara12:40 PM

    Une plage a Paris ! who'd have thought :) no need to leave your favorite spot.. Everything all in one place.

  10. Wow, I love the colors.........the pictures......all of it AND I am taking the panache de fruits rouges to my tennis game tomorrow.....oooh la la!!!

  11. You made me smile since you are on vacation.People in CA want to know where you are going on vacation. Other people think I am on vacation.


  12. oh my!!!!

    are they for real????

    summer icy Rosé popsicles????

    how delightful!


    1. I wish they were Tessa.
      Though people put ice cubes in their Rose here..
      What a cool idea!

  13. What glorious colors! Such gorgeous fruit!
    And! I agree with Tessa about the Rose popsicles!
    Carol,you have totally wrapped us in Summer!
    You most definitely ARE on vacation!
    (Surprised to see O P I nail polish!They have those at my beauty parlor here!)

  14. Every scene made me smile & I'm of the opinion that you are on vacation 24/7 as long as you're in Paris.

  15. Anonymous10:29 PM

    That photo on the bus stop cracked me up big time! In New Mexico the
    slang derogatory word for a loose woman is "chupa"! Can't imagine
    "Barbie Doll" associated with that! Ha Ha Ha.

  16. Your posts always offer a delightful look at Parisian life. I'll be there in September. Can't wait!
    ~ Sarah

  17. We caught the first two days of Paris Plages last year- I loved it, such fun. But now it's hard to remember the heat, the summer fun from our cold, blustery Australian winter day

  18. Regardine what THEY are wearing on the street....I definitely see myself in those red slacks and gray sweater! :-)


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