Monday, August 25, 2014

Mamie Gateaux Tea

When you see a tarte au citron at PB (ParisBreakfast) you know it's Afternoon tea time.

And now for something completely different.
This is not your gloriously deluxe hotel tea salon.
Quite the contrary.

Mamie Gateaux (grannies cake) is a darling place in the 6th that reeks of les French grandes meres at 66, rue du Cherche-Midi 75006
With the best of home-baked (fait maison) goodies. Lemon meringue pie! Wooee.
Le cheesecake. How Parisians love this.
Le British crumble is a standard items on Paris menus. No cupcakes, whoopie pies or macarons in sight.

Our darling waitress.
Did I say PBer Sue of Portland, Oregon invited me to tea? We both thought our adorable waitress
Stepped right out of Vermeer's Girl with a pearl earring.  She was tickled pink.
All the staff at Mamie Gateaux are attractive and attentive.

And whirling dervishes most of the time to keep everyone happy. This place is buzzing on a Saturday afternoon.
The prices won't break your bank account.
Sue had a 'tea Gourmand' - a variety of bite-sized delicious desserts. And my lemon pie. Course I was not planning on eating dessert and announced it soon as we sat down. So much for best-laid plans ho hum.
Mamie Gateaux pastry chef loves the witty touch like a cookie fork. Sue's chocolate mouuse had a cookie spoon.
The shop is part-brocante as well as salon de the and sells the old style crockery and vintage books.
All the kids back-to-school books are a hoot.
I contained my drooling since a French vintage ABC was waiting for me at home. The next time I visit (soon I hope) I'll bring along my own stash of fresh mint to put in my glass of Perrier. Otherwise this is an adorable place for a rendezvous and not to be missed.


  1. Carol, this looks delicious -- we'll stop in when we're in Paris this fall. Thanks for sharing this; the fancy hotel teas you've done recently look amazing, but aren't in our budget.

  2. Cute cute cute..
    Hey hey hey..what a great new Header too..and the aquarelle?:)
    I am quite charmed by this fuss..wouldn't even worry about what to wear..

  3. Louisa3:09 PM

    Adorable! Would love to go there...preferably right now.

  4. I would love visiting here too. Sue from Portland (Oregon or Maine?). If Oregon I think I should meet her and have tea in Portland, Oregon. The lemon pie looks delicious.

  5. Anabel3:36 PM

    You Have to paint the lemon pie at le loir dans la theiere
    To die for gorgeous!

  6. A fab spot! love it love it!

  7. Carol! I'm inviting you right now---this place looks charming. Much less fussy---I think I'll stick to cocktails at the ritzy hotels. I walked by here last year and ALMOST stopped in. Now I really wish I had.

    1. I walked by here SO many times. I even went in and looked around. Why didn't I stop. They have newly renovated it...much less dark and more space now.
      It's a date!

  8. Allie in NYC4:42 AM

    charming pastry shop with its authentic appeal.lov it!

  9. You had me at lemon. I have to pin for my bucket-list.


  10. Oh, non, the secret is out! This spot is charming, unassuming, and lovely on a sunny afternoon!

  11. This place looks right up my alley--couldn't eat any of that anymore, but I'd love it! Charming.

  12. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I love those French schoolbooks. I love ANY vintage schoolbooks, actually. I would have to buy one or two. That little restaurant looks perfect. I will put it on my list.
    Recently I watched a blurb on TV about how the government in France is trying to teach its citizens how to be nicer to tourists. I wonder if it's working? It would be disappointing to finally be able to visit Paris and be treated rudely. Perhaps it has a lot to do with just being weary of all the tourists or maybe it's a matter of tourists who do not make much effort to speak French whenever they can? I used to live in a ski resort and was always pleasant and helpful to tourists but I can remember sometimes wanting to tell some of them off.
    Have you experienced this sort of rudeness, Carol? I do remember in the ski resort the locals referred (secretly) to the French as "French Frogs." Yikes!

  13. Carol, this is one of my favorite little spots and have been many times. I find it charming! I discovered it when we stayed in a hotel down the way on Cherche-Midi. I've made a list of all the tea rooms you've shared of late for my up coming trip to Paris in September. Tea every afternoon is on my agenda. Will you join me one afternoon? ~ Sarah

  14. Loved, loved, loved this! Is there any way to buy those luscious to die for latte bowls?

  15. Finally - the comment box is back! Forget about the lack of macs....I am a completely Equal Opportunity kind of person, especially when it comes to dessert.

  16. Oh,Carol,Le Livre de la Joie?
    This post has walked away with m heart.

  17. Very cute shop, & I LOVE cheesecake :)
    I'd be very happy there!

  18. On the Rue de Whitmore I presume?
    I shall seek no further; this is chez bonhuer for me
    and if I misspelled, you know what I mean!xx

  19. This place looks wonderful. I'll have to see if I can convince any of my pals to join me there! Thanks for sharing.

  20. I must go there and buy children's books. Oh, and have a citron tarte or two! Big sigh. Is there a better flavor than lemon? Even chocolate pales for moi!


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