Wednesday, March 27, 2013

La Grande Chasse aux Oeufs

Mercredi 27 Mars what's your oeuf du jour?
By popular request Paris oeufs/egg/ Ooouf!
I love these felt Easter baskets with the ladybugs I'm seeing around town.
Did I say hay is Big/In this year in Paris along with fried eggs for Paques. Get your hay out Peeps!
Pierre Marcolini is into transformations this year. The chicken or the egg is too mundane for PM. Rabbits look out or you could end in someone's Easter basket.
Fauchon warns you 'to walk on eggs' this Easter...preferably their eggs.
Reflections through a glass at the Madeleine ?
I'm not getting what Hediard is after digging into pirate's treasure trove...I guess it's super cool..qui sait?
I totally GET Victor et Hugo's painted Easter eggs.
Right up my allee.
Very traditional and very delicious oeufs from A la Mere de famille
A la Mere de Famille et boutique Colette are having a SURPRISE egg hunt TODAY at 3:00!
You have to check in at Colette for the exact location!!
Meet up on Wednesday, March 27 from 3 pm in an as yet undisclosed location (near colette) for a big egg hunt with À La Mère de Famille!
We will reveal the location tomorrow at 2pm at colette and on our social networks (#chasseauxoeufscolette) as well as by email (if you subscribe here).  Get ready and come fill your baskets before Easter!
Open to all, big and small.
What's your Easter oeuf du jour Peeps?


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Carol, check out the eggs at Jacques Genin--I seriously thought they were Murano glass when I first saw them!

  2. Love the painting.. and the palette Easter goodie..can you believe those felt baskets are many places here also? Even Dollarama I think!

  3. Love that window reflection of Paris shot! But for originality, my oeuf-du-jour vote goes to Hugo & Victor's painter's egg - brilliant!

  4. I'm always astonished at the creativity the French display with their Easter treats. In Australia we get eggs and bunnies really, with the occasional easter bilby for those who want to eat chocolate native animals. Those palette eggs are amazing. I really have to make it to Paris for Easter one year....

  5. Love seeing how you put this together, Carol, since I'm about to post an Easter egg display too. You have the artist's eye - I hadn't even noticed someone walking on the eggs at Fauchon! Trop forte.

  6. 'Mon oeuf du jour' is definitely Hugo et Victors painted palette egg. The French seem to do everything with style.Love them, keep them coming !!

  7. Eggstra special, Carol! :-)

    Around here, eggs will need to be wrapped in thick layers of hay so as not too freeze during egg hunts. :-(

    1. Sorry for laying an extra "o" with "to".
      Love, love, love your sketch! :-)

      Cute CAPTCHA, btw. Took me a while to realize they were pictures of American mailboxes.

  8. I am so loving Easter in France! In some ways, though, it doesn't surprise me. I may be off base, but because France is a more Catholic country, Easter is a biggie. And chocolate is a biggie. And so is presentation -- so it's a perfect storm of loveliness!

  9. Anonymous4:02 PM

    This is so beautiful. I enjoy your art work and pictures more than you will imagine. My twin sister and I love your style and the beauty of chocolate. Lynne

  10. Carol, what a stylish approach Paris is taking to Easter chocolate. Many thanks to you for giving us a sample of delicious treats.

    As I near the end of my Lenten chocolate fasting, I have been brave enough to allow some Cadbury Creme Eggs into my apartment. Well, of course, they are not elegant, but they do express a certain tradition. Perhaps by Easter Sunday, I might actually find a stylish choc bunny to grace my "waiting room."


  11. I love that chocolate bathtub one!


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