Thursday, March 28, 2013

Le Chocolat - Ducasse

Hier 27 Mars Le Chocolat - Ducasse
If you haven't already heard Alain Ducasse has a brand new chocolate factory on funky#22, rue de la Roquette 75011
Keep an eye out or you could easily miss it.
Once you're in the entry way the whole atmosphere changes dramatically
From funk to high-end utter chicness.
And continues inside. The staff, by the way, could not be kinder or more helpful. Merci M. Ducasse!
In that handsome glass case - gorgeous ganache bonbons.
These chocolate sculptures look to have hopped off a ceramist's spinning wheel - if only a ceramist could make something so unique and deliciously edible. Did I mention this is Paris' first bean-to-bar chocolate factory? Cocoa beans are generously strewn around. If you look on the lower shelves there are some chocolate-covered beans to taste. Miam miam
Everywhere it's a Zen moment for the eye to contemplate. Must find out who the designer is here..
And you can even gaze right into the factory while browsing...
Ducasse has a splendid collection of vintage chocolate molds he's using for his 'fritures'. Note the chockie fish in the watercolor above. These did not hop out of a plastic mold for sure.
*I always try milk/lait chocolate since it's harder to get the balance right than your ever-so-popular noir/dark chocolates. These were absolutely excellent though I wish there was a melange of dark/milk/white on offer...

Up at the cash register sits a knockout Aztec sculpture holding your box-to-be of chocolates. Do mention it's a cadeau/gift and get an additional handsome box. Everything here is designed within an inch of it's life but tastes excellent. Looks count but so does content.
What to wear to Le Chocolat?
Black of course even if you're in your pram chicness counts.
Don't miss out on the samples at the cash register and don't be afraid to ask,'Gratuit?'
It is. Oh and DON'T go on a Monday like I did first time. It's closed.


  1. Buster says HAPPY EASTER and is only sorry he is allergic to chocolate.


    1. Buster is Soooo lucky!
      I would like to be allergic...

  2. Oh, heaven! I look at your pictures and smell the scent of chocolate.

    Black pram? My poor little ones had to drive around in a dark chocolate colored one. The heresy! ;-)

  3. I had seen it on a TV special once..Almost sure as it looks familiar and I have not been.
    You sure are an energizer bunny.:)

  4. Oh wow!! This looks awesome - I must visit :)

  5. Yum--lots of chocolate, Carol! I've missed you a few days--will have to get caught up when I come up for air--hope you are doing well! Sounds like you're having fun! xoxo

  6. Ooh, one of my fave post ever you've done...I LOVE the whole courtyard surprise there...excites me to no one reveal after another if it's done well...and Ducasse is looking like a master to me...

  7. Oh, Carol. This looks like a place I must go! It looks beautiful. I'd decided that there wasn't much interesting on that street. There's a fabric store over near there, too. Do you want to visit Ducasse again?

    1. Of course I'd go back in a second! Mais oui

  8. Chocolate fish? I've never enjoyed fishing, but now I might give it another chance.

  9. Nothing fishy about those babies except their authentic shapes.
    I had the bright idea I could make these but neither Jill or Chef William wanted to play.
    The recipe is super easy too.

  10. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I am in heaven!

  11. I need to visit there Carol :) Happy Easter... xv

  12. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I think Roquette should be spelled without a "c".

  13. Anonymous3:18 PM

    One place I definitely need to include in my next parisian stopover; wish he could open one in Nice or Cannes, much prefer to go there! sounds like fun.

  14. This is definitely on my list for my next visit it looks amazing. Those chocolate sculptures are extraordinary. I wonder if the bell is to commemorate the new bells at Notre Dame?

  15. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Oh, yes! Thank you. Chocolate lovers' hearts beat more fully at the sight of such magnificence! I love the chic pram!!!!!!

    1. More chocolate coming up by special request after my chocolate Context tour this afternoon!
      Read all about it!!

  16. Boy, that looks amazingly good!
    I don't think I've seen chocolate presented so appealingly!

  17. Anonymous4:43 AM

    How I have managed to lose 15 pounds since starting to read your postings is a modern miracle. Chocolate, caramels, candy chicks, cheese, macarons . . . is there no end to the comestible madness of Paris? I am leaving New York tonight on Air France. Bien sur, I must be strong to face the world of temptations that awaits.
    I am looking forward to seeing tons of cute bunnies, though, and I expect them to be all over everywhere!

    1. Bonne chance Jane
      Just keep humming 'Walk on by' theme song
      I would love to lose 15...

  18. Oh wow! You are lucky to visit there! I've already put it into my list of chocolate adventure!

  19. I'm heading back to Paris next month and this is number 1 on my list. Sounds amazing!


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