Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Chanel Spring Summer 2020

Its a bi-annual event. The last day of Paris Fashion Week/PFW falls on a Tuesday with CHANEL closing out a week of catwalk extravaganzas.  
Elsa, a fashion show dresser, told us the invitation is a key. This year's theme was Paris rooftops.
Something I know pretty well by glancing out my window.
An interior shot of the set from The Guardian. La Mode used to tell where designers held their shows.
No more sadly. You have to know someone (or be someone).
CHANEL SS20 is always reliably at Grand Palais 10:30am putting 'the cherry on the top' of the week.
Great for gawkers who wanna show up and shoot. Thank you PBer CM for reminding me to show up.
I slacked off for a bit, but its such an upper to see everyone (men too) in their obsessive Chanel outfits.
Do they start planning their outfits a year in advance like department store Christmas windows? I used to think if you had the classic quilted Chanel bag (rented) you were good to go. No way.
A beetle bag, an owl, a perfume bottle is great. Unless your quilty is patinated gold forgetaboutit. Uninteresting. Notice no French scarves. The better to show off your Chanel pearls or gold chains.
Occasional spots of solid primary color livened up the endless classic checked tweed jackets. This was designer Victoria Viard's first collection on her own, though she worked side-by-side with Lagerfeld for years. It will be interesting to see what attendees wear next show. Will it be as outrageous?
out LOUIS VUITTON was showing at the Louvre Tuesday night at 7:30. The Louvre's a big place so where? There's a lotta stress being a gawker. More to come PBers 👍🏻 Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. Please share with a friend. You can get Paris letters 💌 in your mailbox 📮. Take look on ETSY . XXX Carolg and 🐻 in Paris. And yes that woman with her 2 pups was inside the show. She said she loved the pink Chanels. Oh really?


  1. I'd love to be a gawker at one of those shows - fascinating people watching.

  2. Bonnie4:17 AM

    Oh my goodness, some of those people look utterly ridiculous in head-to-toe Chanel! A classic tweed jacket and a quilted bag works for me. I envy you being there, Carol, seeing all the action!

    1. What would we do without some ridiculousness in this world?
      It would be a terrible place IMHO.
      I myself, specialize in it in fact ;))

  3. The gate-crasher at the Chanel show made the news here. Apparently she was clad in a Chanel suit and joined the models on the catwalk. Model/celebrity Gigi Hadid escorted her out. Security must be pretty lax. Would you attempt gate crashing, Carol??

    1. Security at CHANEL is the toughest of all the shows!
      They kept pushing us gawpers us a hard time. But people have to get in and walk the walk. Unavoidable
      yeah the gatecrasher was all over the news *wearing her mother's Chanel*
      She crashed at Etam too. She has a comedy show on at the moment..was it PR?
      She must have had a news on that yet. They check off EVERY NAME?

  4. I woudn't buy anything lol..even if I could.
    Only charm here..your aquarelles:)

    1. Au contraire, I would jump at the opp to wear anything I could get my paws on.
      But morally I think its pretty corrupt to spend $$$$ that way.

  5. Pamela2:36 PM

    I love your artwork! It reminds me of Charles Cobelle. You of course, very much have your own style.

  6. Charles Cobelle Is an offshoot of Dufy...
    Both are wonderful. I wish I could paint like that!

  7. Last year we were in Paris around Fashion week. Good memories (even though I have no style!). Wouldn't be buying the clothes but I love your paintings!

    1. I tend to show the most extreme stuff...plenty of good classic looks but not as much fun

  8. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Superb post, Carol! I love everything I see: your paintings, your photos! Paris...sign...
    Thank you so much,

  9. Allie/NYC2:29 AM

    Great blog!!
    Love your fashion demoiselles

  10. Your PB post on the Chanel show is brilliant!
    Such fun to experience the show with you there!


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