Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Les Marches Flottants du Sud-Ouest, quai de Montebello

Have you been to Tarn et Garonne? Anyone know where it is? I don't except that its in the Sud-Ouest of France. If you're a gourmand or gastronomique you'll have already visited in pursuit of foie gras and other divine local specialties. 
Never mind. It doesn't matter. As long as you're in Paris 3rd week in September you can partake of all the regional goodies at LES MARCHE FLOTTANTS along the Seine by Notre Dame at Quai de Montebello. 
You get a paper bag upon entre. Then get on line to collect free samples of local apples, heads of garlic, pears, Chasselas grapes.
It puts you in a happy frame of mind to go buy foie gras, Cassoulet etc. Last Friday I guided two California PBers THE FESTIVAL. They'd visited the year before but just looked.
This time they jumped in (with a tiny nudge from 🐻) and tasted, tasted, tasted. Strawberries, melon, poire-william, the same one sitting in that bottle of eau de vie, duck breast, fresh chevre..the list goes on and on.  
Local prunes from Agen, a highlight, are always at the fete.
Most producteurs have a variety of products and they would love you to taste as many as possible. A very generous affair. There are tasting plates of cheese and charcuterie but after many petite gouté/little bites you'll be full.
Two young girls behind us came equiped with a traveling set of everything you need at a foodie festival.
Oh la la, The Jam Man. Taste away!I went home loaded with pears, a melon, sparkling pear juice, prune preserves, mi-cuit prunes.
I returned the last day at the final hour for a grilled duck breast sandwich and more. Thanks for reading and sharing Parisbreakfast. Subscribe to Paris letters 💌, maps and watercolors🎨 sent from Paris to your mailbox📮. It is not the same as subscribing to the blog posts darlings. Xxx 💋from Paris🐻


  1. Replies
    1. Merci Monique
      I'm going back to do more plums/pruneau..too many objets

  2. Jane Gabon10:06 AM

    Clever travel eating kit!

    1. I showed them my mini fork amd spoon but I felt quite outdone 😳

  3. Beautiful painting! And the event looks terrific!

    1. Thanks Jeanie,
      Its one of my favorite Paris events...very relaxed.

  4. Bonnie6:59 PM

    Another day in Paris, another food fête! A duck breast sandwich?! You do lead a charmed life, Carol.

    1. Honestly Paris is like that.
      It really is.
      I did not go to SELECTION GOURMAND on Monday at Porte de Versailles cos who can take this daily grazing of fab food?
      Although I was sorry to miss the Brit jacket potatoes at the Loire fete :((
      We ate a very nice press lunch and had things lined up so I missed out.
      Sadly Jacket potatoes are something the French simply do not get.
      They prefer purée (mashed) or petit potaoes...sigh

  5. Florence3:52 AM

    I read Paris Breakfasts all the time and feel like I am vacationing every time I do.
    Did you ever consider giving tours officially to your readers?
    I am always looking for an interesting way to see local action..

  6. Taking visitors to Paris fastivals is something I might consider. Its one of my favorite things and I know them well. Plus your not walking mi,es and miles...though you could at the SALON DU CHOCOLAT or SALON D'AGRICULTURE... I'm going to give it some serious thought
    Bonne idee!

  7. Helen4:03 PM

    Loved your painting of the Pont Marie. I am currently loving a book on the Paris bridges currently. Have you ever considered a Paris Map of some of the bridges in central Paris?


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