Saturday, September 21, 2019

Festival de Loire d'Orleans

On Thursday morning, a day after I got back from Maine, I was at Gare de l'Est on the train to Orleans.
For the FESTIVAL DE LOIRE. The trip took just 1 hour.
We passed through Place JEAN D'ARC .
Walking through town down to the Loire river. 
And stopped inside the beautiful gothic Cathedrale Sainte Croix d'Orleans. 
Arriving at the 5-day delight of boaty and watery events for the whole family. Sea chanties, rope knots, fireworks, boat races, antique boats, Dutch making smoked herring, English jacket potatoes, Cancal oysters.
You can  spot guest mariners wearing their red neckerchiefs and black pirate hats.
Of course there were plenty of scenic rides on the boats. The French call this a 'Balades en bateaux' meaning a ride, tour, promenade (not to be confused with a romantic song in English).

A few years ago I took a 'balade' to see the famous cliffs of Étrétat, imagining it to be a gentle romantic boat ride. Instead it was a bouncing, rocking boat with no getting off till the end of the tour. Not to worry.
These are very gentle boat rides along the Loire. I wouldn't say I'm very boaty much as I love seafood and clams, but this was all around a lovely experience.
And I loved all the little flags and banners waving in the wind. Great fun to paint. Sunday the 22nd is the last day until 2020. Definitely worth a day trip if you're in Paris. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed please share with a friend. *Get monthly subscription Paris letters, maps and watercolors in your mailbox at ETSY xxx💋Carolg and Bear 🐻in Paris🇫🇷


  1. Seafarers Dream:) And water ..and art..:) FUN.

  2. bonjour Carol
    It is Jeanne d’Arc feminine spelling of “Joan”
    not Jean which is masculine form of John!

  3. Jennifer2:04 PM

    It looks Fabulous!
    We will plan for next year to be in Paris in September.
    Mille merci

  4. Shelton2:48 PM

    Beautiful as always.
    Question: How did you get to Étretat from Orléans by boat?
    Looks like a very long boat ride.

    1. If you hit the blue link for Étrétat Shelton,
      you'll see it was a few years ago.
      There really is no connection between the two places. Sorry, I must not have been clear.

    2. Oh dear, yes Very confusing.
      I added 'A few years ago' in there
      Sorry 😳

  5. Jane Gabon2:54 PM

    Nice! (not the same thing as Nice)
    I really need to see more of France . .

    1. There is so much of France to see Jane!
      I've lived here 6 years and I've seen so little.
      Very frustrating. If I could think 'French style' I would have next year's monthly vacation days all planned out. One of the drawbacks of being American..

  6. Blaine11:02 PM

    Carol may I ask about the graft paper you use. I love graft paper and wonder how you use it!! Thanks

    1. Hi Blaine,
      I use Claire Fontaine notebooks to sketch in...nothing fancy
      They are for school kids

    2. PS You can find Claire Fontaine in the US but much more $$$ I think...

  7. This looks like great fun. I'm just wild about the sails on those boats!

    1. The sails were lovely. I'm a fan too + banners.❤️

  8. Owl's Head3:43 AM

    Love it! Must book my visit for next September so I can attend! Love the paintings, of course!


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