Thursday, April 18, 2019

April Paris Map

When finally I came in Monday night I could still hear the sirens of the pompier. But all the church bells were ringing too. An hommage to Notre Dame.
I was working on a map of Paris cookwareshops and it wasn't Going very well...
Then Deb in Australia emailed me a little drawing of Notre Dame from another map. Why not do a map of all the beautiful Gothic churches near Notre Dame? Et voila!
Tuesday I went to 4 Gothic churches near Notre Dame. End of day my hair smelled like incense.
Saint Etienne-du-Mont in the 5th arr. was formerly the resting place of Saint Genevieve, patron saint of Paris, till her bones were destroyed during the French Revolution and tossed into the Seine.
I made doodles during the service.
EGLISE SAINT-GERMAIN-Des-PRES has been newly, gloriously renovated. A Must-See. I went to see the three gorgeous DELACROIX murals at SAINT-SULPICE. Look at this little still life in the foreground.

I needed a border of course. Every map needs a border. But French manuscripts were not going to work obviously. Obviously it had to be stained glass! That came to me out walking. Yes!👍🏻
A wonderful free guide I picked up by chance in the Paris Tourist office to the 120 churches in Paris!
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xxx💋Carolg et Bear 🐻 in Paris


  1. Unique and really interesting.

  2. Pure perfection -- perfect for the time, perfect for the season. We cook whenever but these churches are a wonderful remembrance and homage as well.

    1. Ah Thank you Jeanie ❤️
      I was a little unsure if it was the right thing to do....
      It was very moving to visit them during Holy Week....

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Beautiful churches! The brilliant blue ceiling in the Eglise St.Germain is wonderful. Do you happen to know if that was that the original color? I'm going over to Etsy in a minute to shop.

    1. I fell in love with it too. Sainte Chapelle has the same. I would imagine they were very accurate in making the renovation. A lot of polychrome in Saint germain des pres in theback too.

  4. I love that map, Carol, and can't wait for mine to arrive. I love all of those churches - Have only visited 17 or 18 of the 150 and St Eustache is my favorite though certainly not the most beautiful.

    1. Saint Eustache is very mystical ❤️
      Definitely a favorite

  5. Jane G9:32 PM

    I love your sketch and the idea of one’s hair smelling like incense

  6. Sally9:44 PM

    Just the perfect map!

  7. CA PBer9:51 PM

    I love the doves of peace you have perched on every church!

    What a much needed symbol during this time.

  8. Paris cookware shops not going well? If I could just draw ONE acceptable duck I would be over the moon! Even that half duck emerging from the shop, bag in hand. xo

  9. Owl's Head9:56 PM

    Brilliant. And a healing balm to those of us who watched with dismay from afar. But also, as a Lenten observer, your choice comes at a good time when everywhere we enter churches and seek silence and time for reflection upon events of two thousand years ago. No matter what one believes, mere profit or Savior, a wise teacher traveled our roads. And to love one another is not a bad message to heed.

  10. Vicki H10:00 PM

    It always astounds me how beautifully you draw and how effortless you make it seem. I am talking about your doodles now. I would love to have just an ounce of your creativity.

    1. That's very kind Vicki ❤️
      Practice makes perfect. I never drew architecture in New York or most of my life. But living in Paris it is essential to figure it out. A lot of practice !!

  11. The renovation of Saint Germain des Pres is glorious. Must return to see it

  12. Cathleen10:12 PM

    so charming to read your letter about visiting churches.
    Growing up in Chicago, it was a tradition to visit churches on Holy Thursday! And there you are making the rounds...
    Loved your photo of Eglise St Germaine de Prés! I will be in Paris in a week or so and I will add to my list.

  13. Perfect map.Perfect time.
    I was astounded to read an IG post when it was happening.That's where I was alerted to it..I guess almost this age of smart phones that capture everything..we were right there in that moment with such sorrow..
    However I could not believe a post that popped up criticizing Paris and it's firemen.
    I tried to find the post again and can't..someone I follow for certain..
    But it goes to show you how we all think differently.
    I found your firemen heroes and sheroes..I was so grateful not more people were hurt or killed.
    I've been there..we would have had to wait the day to enter there were so many peeps..the thought of a worst catastrophe is not hard to imagine.
    Those firemen risked their lives.
    And so many treasures were saved by their courage.Perhaps quite a few angels were involved also.
    Yes thank you for bring Paris ALIVE in all your posts..all your artwork.
    For YEARS:)

  14. Rosemarie1:40 PM

    Thank you for your beautiful drawings and sharing your images of Notre Dame Cathedral. My prayers for you and wonderful Paris be with you

  15. Fabulous work!!!! Always admiring here....

  16. when i come to paris i cross to 'your' ile to have a bertillion sorbet, and go to the bridge to enjoy notredame....i'm sure the grandees of paris, will not let it ever die......but i hope real stainglass masters/ experts are checking the leadwork; heat is the enemy of stainedglass windows.... so glad the bees are ok.....if you ever want to hear notre dame bells in another setting; there is a special film called 'la bal' re american servicemen and others in paris in 1945.....perhaps made in the sixties...
    thank you for all the pleasure your emails give me.....

  17. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Carol, upon studying again the photo taken from (I assume) your balcony, I think I see in the far left of the photo what could be one of the wings of the Nave? of Notre Dame from the back side, but BEFORE the fire. Is that so? How wonderful to live so close to it and how awful to watch it burn. My sympathies to you and the folks of France.


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