Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Paris is still Paris

Thank you dear PBers for your many kind wishes and thoughts. I am keeping very safe on my little island in the Seine. Yesterday I took a break from tusseling with the December letter art to run up to rue Saint HonorΓ© and pay an annual visit to ASTIER DE VILLETTE to see their fabulous tree ornaments.
If you are in Paris now this is a MUST do SVP!
I took a quick look around. People are still shopping like crazy bien sur.
Parisians are still wishing there was snow and dressed up like Inuits...ahem
So much delightful color in the shops

In Fragonard's window...a fabulous animal crown for the tree? For a mere 45€ I'd wear it around my neck instead.
Paris still loves bears. Me too.
Last Wednesday night I took a look at the windows on boulevard Haussmann
PRINTEMPS has outdone themselves this year IMHO
Full of much needed fantasie..
Parisians still adore the ever present macaron. Me too
More bears...eatible in this case.
Angelina's window
A BIG MERCI to PBers Kathleen and Mariah who took me out for a work break lunch to divine BOUILLON RACINE on 3 rue Racine. The perfect atmosphere after viewing the MUCHA show at musee Luxembourg. The duck (magret de canard)was excellent by the way.
For dessert we went to ALSACE FETES DE NOEL Christmas marchΓ© at Gare de l'Est for Alsacian cinnamon-ginger cookies.
Notre Dame is still as glorious as ever. There are still lines.
Intrepit cats roam the quiet streets of my Ile Saint Louis...
The Guarde Republicain exercise their horses here, leaving souvenirs that no one fines them for...ahem
Skies are intermittenly grey and drizzly and sometimes gloriously sunny in Paris. Layer up please.
As for my opinion of the weekly Saturday chaos...my French simply isn't good enough to make a statement. I'm certainly not happy about it.
My head is very much in the 18th century these days as I make my Rococo doodles.
I thought it would be a good idea to make the December Paris map show all the fun things you can do here during NoΓ«l. As my guy at the copyshop said, "Where are the gilets jeunes(the yellow jackets)?" There are plenty of wonderful things to do in Paris safely right now. Unfortunately Saturdays are on lock down. I hope the situation is resolved soonπŸ™πŸ»πŸ€žπŸΌ. In the meantime during the week day and night PARIS IS STILL PARIS IMHO πŸ₯☕️πŸ₯‚. 
Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters, watercolors and mapin your mailbox, look in my Etsy shop blah blah blah


  1. It’s difficult days around the world. Our political disasters here in the USA are not confined to Saturdays, but lasting week in, week out. It’s cheering to the soul to see your bright reminders of light, joy, hope.

  2. I think tourists need to hear things are the same because the news is bleak.
    I agree looking at my computer and seeing posts like these are much more joyous ..distraction is such great great medicine.
    Take care..keep doing what you do to color the world♥

    1. THANK YOU Monique !
      I'm doing my best to keep wearing the rose-colored glasses.
      Paris is too beautiful to get down IMHO πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ₯‚

  3. Thank you for reaffirming that "Paris (is indeed) always a good idea!" I've been in Paris during riots. It is not pleasant and very sad, but Paris is a big city. There remain wonderful safe places in which to take delight. I'm happy that you are safe and are out and about enjoying your beautiful city. Take care, be safe, and continue to spread your special joy and love. Merri, Merri!

    1. Thank you Sarah ❤️
      I have never regretted moving to Paris.
      Ever. Even without Nathan's hotdogs...

  4. Loved the post, love all your posts. Be safe hope the violence is over soon.

    1. Thanks Riki
      The violence is quite limited to a few select areas on Saturday
      Then the 'casseurs' go home like the rest of us.

  5. Thank you for this post; I enjoyed it immensely.

  6. Very happy to hear Sue ❤️πŸ’‹

  7. Cathleen12:01 PM

    I love your site and look forward to reading it! Can you tell me where I may purchase the Fragonard animal crown for the tree. I would love to purchase this but can't seem to find it on their link - would so appreciate your help. Merci

    1. It was in their rue st honore shop.
      Try calling
      Bonne chance!

  8. Sally V12:02 PM

    Too beautiful...thanks.

  9. Laura C12:04 PM

    SO happy to see people are still shopping...I would love to go to Paris for Christmas...see all the shops..do they have a Christmas market there in Paris? I know in Strausburg there is a famous one. Thanks for sharing...Love your drawings.

    1. There are Many christmas markets all over the cityin Paris
      You have to check www.evous.fr

  10. Lynn S12:07 PM

    I have read through this blog several times this morning and enjoyed each and every moment. Thanks for sharing your wonderful city.

  11. Jeff C12:09 PM

    Stay warm and safe, and happy holidays to you. There are times when the world needs to cherish Paris despite France.

  12. Anne T12:11 PM

    Thank you, thank you! A lovely post.

  13. Carol, it's grand to see this post that lets us know that Paris is beautiful this December. I so hope that the Saturday disruptions may soon be calmed by some sorts of sensible dialogues.
    Cheers! xo

  14. Jeannie12:14 PM

    Loving your posts (as usual,) Carol!

    Hoping the best for you and the other Paris dwellers in this time of unrest!

    Really enjoyed this picture and wished I could find a jacket and scarf just like it! We have plenty of snow and temps in the teens.

    Thanks for all your inspiration! You are the next best thing to going to Paris! Maybe better cause you know where things are!

    1. Long white scarves are aplenty in Paris.
      This is scarf city!!

  15. Marilyn S12:22 PM

    Your December map is perfect right now. There is so much to enjoy. Glad to see tree in front of Notre Dame. Your watercolors help get through the negatives. You look at them and you smile.

  16. Bonnie12:29 PM

    What a wonderful map, Carol, so festive! We’re going to try to follow your map faithfully during our two week Christmas visit. Beautiful!

  17. Thanks for sharing your great blog on the Christmas season. it's wonderful that you can promote some kind of optimism for people over here about the situation in Paris. The news coverage is pretty horrific. Stay warm and healthy and enjoy all the goodies of the season.

  18. Judith12:45 PM

    I was in Paris this past April for a few days. I stayed in
    Hotel Lutece on your island, charming and very nice
    hotel staff.
    I took pictures of several cats on this street, in fact,
    in front of that door in your picture!

    1. That must be Cat Street...there were others there...so funny

    2. Bonnie in CA1:37 PM

      This. Blog. Is. Heavenly.
      Wow, Carol! You have captured Paris at Christmas soooo beautifully.
      What a glorious way to start this day.
      Thank you and thank you.
      Merry Christmas, ������

  19. Thank you, Carol, for continuing to bring us the beauty of Paris - I love seeing it through your eyes. As a Christmas ornament collector, I would go completely crazy (and spend way too much money) at Astier de Villette so I shouldn't come at Christmas.

    1. You should come Suki
      Its beautiful everywhere

  20. Kim K9:03 PM

    I am happy to see Paris is full of such color, light and hope during this Christmas season, despite the troubles your country is now confronting. I hope you get snow soon!

  21. Thank you for the beautiful post. Merry Christmas. P.S. I want snow too.

    1. No thank you on the snow.
      On the other hand...
      the snow would be an excellent deterrent for the casseurs.
      Yes please bring it on πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ₯‚

  22. Janine3:15 AM

    Enjoy the beautiful splendor of the S E A S O N !
    Joyeux Noel et meilleurs voeux pour 2019.

    Reading PB brings me joy. Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

    You have the most terrific staff.

    1. "You have the most terrific staff"

      Huh? What staff pray tell...very curious.
      Oh do you mean the non-existent elves who do all the artwork and subscription envelopes in the night?

    2. Janine10:52 PM

      You and your non-existent elves are fabulous, bringing a lot of joy!
      Merci beaucoup Carol.

  23. Someday I need to hit England and Paris at Christmas. I long to see those lights!

  24. Thank you for your post Carol, good to hear Paris is still going strong. There was a lot of snow here in Salzburg where I am at the moment, lots of fun as the novelty hasn’t worn off for this Australian! Not too cold yet either….Joyeux NoΓ«l.

  25. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Wonderful post, Carol! I love those beautiful gift boxes with tropical birds. I see the word "bougie" in the far right of the photo. So...they are boxes with candles inside? I bet you could easily paint the same kind of illustration!


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