Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Remembering Coco Jobard

I've talked about my extraordinary friend, COCO JOBARD many times on Parisbreakfast. Sadly and very suddenly last weekend we lost Coco. A tribute in French is here: Coco Jobard - La prêtresse de stylisme culinaire s'est éteinte ce week-end.
The last time we met up she'd invited me to a feast at Benoit Castel's new boulangerie in the 20th. It was always a feast when Coco was around.
We met October 2013 when I drooled over her fabulous necklaces at a Petrossian caviar tasting (no less). I valiantly tried to make a copy with penny candies for the opening of the Salon du Chocolat a few weeks later. I wanted to look like Coco.
Shortly after Coco invited me to one of many Sunday feasts.
I took pictures of everything in sight. All of Coco's treasures. Her necklaces hanging on the wall. Her spice collection.
Bear naturally was invited.
Both Coco and Willis loved Bear.
Coco was a brilliant tastemaker. Her approach to food styling was completely unique.
She did so many books with Pierre Hermé, not just perfecting all the recipes but setting up the still lifes in one tiny corner of her appartment.
Really she was a magician in so many ways.
I remember how she said they broke 200 of Pierre Hermé macarons to get the right look for his cover. In total Coco styled, tested and wrote over 80 cookbooks. And she had another she was hoping to do she said when we last met.
Coco loved pointing out overlooked details of Parisian beauty.
She loved showing me 'le vrai France' like a visit to LE VIEUX BELLEVILLE where we had to sing old French songs for our supper.
Another adventure to a sausage-making dinner, tasting the treasures of her home region, Franche-Comté.

When I had a fractured ankle Coco showed up with loads of my favorite almond ice cream (hers too).
Coco loved showing me around her neighborhood known as 'la compagne à Paris' in the 20th
Her generosity was boundless.
I always loved her shoes. There was much talk with my recent walking obsession about having the right shoes when we last met.
She wrote me,"YOUPI, I found the right shoes at Le Vieux Campeur!" 
I responded I couldn't find this brand called YOUPI! 
Coco laughed. She always wanted me to speak French. 
"YOUPI means Hooray in French!"
Here are some past posts on dear Coco. Do visit her superb blog to see her work. Link above.


  1. Thank you very much for sharing this tribute of a wonderful woman. I am sad that I never had the opportunity to meet her. She was blessed to have you as a friend..

  2. She looked like a wonderful character who lived life, sorry for your loss,

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    What a beautiful post and tribute. Our sympathies to you, and to Bear, on the loss of your dear and beautiful friend. Patricia and Eric, Minneapolis

  4. How wonderful you had the luxury of spending time with this unique, creative woman. I enjoyed seeing her flat, her necklaces, everything - what style! Condolences on the loss of your friend, Carol.

  5. Please accept my sympathy on the passing of your dear friend. God bless you both...!

  6. What a beautiful woman. She will be missed, I am sure of it.

  7. Oh Carol, I'm so deeply sorry for the loss of Coco in your life. Anyone who has lost a friend knows that sometimes it feels deeper and more intense than even the loss of some family members. She sounds like an extraordinary woman who grabbed life by the shoulders, shook it up and lived it impeccably. You were lucky to have her in your life and your tribute is profoundly touching. I'm so sorry.

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous Carol!!!!!
    Thank you for such a lovely tribute.

  9. Love it, thanks for sharing. Gives you faith you can be an elder with style!

  10. Frances12:03 PM

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. She looks like she had a great zest for life. My condolences.

  11. Kathryn12:07 PM

    Carol, Coco was clearly a light in your life, and one I am sure who will continue to shine. Thank you for reminding us of her and sharing your memorable times together. What a beautiful woman and person! I'm sending love and hugs as you grieve the loss of such a wonderful friend. Love, Kathryn

  12. Suzanne12:16 PM

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your dear friend Coco. I loved all your posts with her. She was such a lovely, stylish, and beautiful soul.
    Thank you for sharing her with us via Paris Breakfasts.

  13. Sally V12:20 PM

    I love your friend, her clothes, her shoes, her work, her spirit. Thank you.

  14. Carol, I am so sorry for your loss but your tribute was beautiful & I'm sure Coco is smiling reading it from her new home. You paint her as a person we would all love to call our friend. May she Rest in Peace.

  15. What a stunning tribute! Your photos are beautiful!

  16. Sorry to hear about Coco, I remember your previous posts about her and they were always so interesting and inspiring. So great to have a French friend who tried to make you more French (with the songs and French words, and I assume French food!). Take care of yourself too, it’s hard losing a friend.

  17. About three years ago I was visiting Paris and we had lunch in a little cafe in the First arr. and you brought Bear. I am writing to offer my condolences about your friend Coco Jobard. You had mentioned her, and so afterwards I read some of her writings--the short things so it was less of a struggle translating! She seemed so clever and sure of herself. I am sure that you will miss her.

  18. Bhrook3:28 PM

    So very sorry for the loss of your Beautiful Friend Coco.
    Thank you for sharing so much of Paris with us. Hugs.

  19. Blaise3:32 PM

    What a beautiful and moving post.
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. Vicki3:34 PM

    Coco has been a role model for joie de vivre deliciously combined with perfection ever since you first introduced her to us through stories and photos. Her own blog entries following her explorations in Southern California became a road map for many who have lived there for years. Please accept my condolences and love on this huge loss of a spectacular artist and woman.

  21. I remember reading your posts around her and seeing the "YOUPI!" comment. She sounds like an amazing woman who lived her life to the fullest. It is a real loss to her friends and all of France.

  22. Your posts with her always felt good!
    You could tell she was so happy to receive you in her home..I remember a light fixture too..will go look at the posts.
    Indelible mark she made through you for me.
    Her necklaces..yes!
    Then all her culinaria associations..that I read about.What a wonderful woman..again..I am so sorry for you loss.

  23. PS Love that your art of her was used in the article..It's so beautiful Carol.

  24. Sara W8:38 PM

    I’m so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend Coco. She sounds like someone I would love to know, and would love to emulate. Sending you hugs and prayers to you and her family.

  25. Ella B8:44 PM

    My dear Carol, I’m so sorry for your loss. You were very lucky to have her as a friend I think good mentors and teachers are hard to find. I enjoyed all your adventures with her, thank you for documenting her wonderful life and style. Best wishes

  26. Libby8:47 PM

    just wonderful.coco is the best so very enjoyable. thank you.

  27. She was herself a Parisian Beauty! So sorry for the loss of your friend.

  28. Very sorry to hear about Coco. I really felt interested in her life and good styling and followed her blog, I am shocked. Please receive my condolences. The loss of a friend is really sad.

  29. Alicia9:48 PM

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of her life with us. She seemed like a really interesting and lovely woman.
    I love receiving your posts. ��

    Hugs from El Salvador.

  30. Karin7:58 AM

    Dear Caroll, I am very sorry that you lost your dear friend Coco. She was very special !Thank you for all your lovely e mails,

  31. What an inspirational woman. You are fortunate to have known her.

  32. Saddest condolences on the death of your dear friend. What a beautiful and loving good bye and tribute. Please know your photos of her liveliness inspires me to actually wear the back felt hat I bought 2 years ago! I am 63 and just beginning to allow my hat loving self to shine. xx

  33. LoveItaly1:44 PM

    She looked very sweet. Think of the beautiful impact she has had on you and on us all because you shared her with us...xo

  34. A lovely tribute. My condolences on the loss of your dear friend.


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