Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Paris Map Fair

Last Saturday I ran to the PARIS MAP FAIR. Its always held the first Saturday in November. I've been meaning to go since the last time I went in 2008!
Always held at Hotel Ambassade on boulevarde Haussman. Stacks of portfolios waiting for you to go through them.
Dealers come in from the Netherlands, UK, US, Belgium and Paris locals. Even with the mixup of dealers silence reigns
As visitors studiously leaf through the portfolios.
I'm in love with the illustrated cartouches most of all.
And the old script handwriting. Mostly these are hand colored
I found a bargain portfolio (everything 15€). My obsession with tiny figures drew me to this mirror optics  print. Fountains, formal gardens, small dogs. What's not to love. This may be your next Paris letter. Who knows where inspiration will spring from?
As well as maps there are old books and cartography instruments.
The atmosphere is so relaxed dogs are allowed as long as they don't drool on anything of note. Evidently this dutch dog found the Metro unnerving, poor dear.
I would like to add an elaborate cartouche or two in the Paris maps
This calico hankerchief/map of Paris was going for a mere 6,500€ Maps can be quite pricy.
My maps have not yet reached that level...ahem Lucky you! We are having temps back up in the 60s in Paris. Do drop in. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. 
If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast watercolors, letters, and mapin your mailbox 📮, look in my Etsy shop. 
Bonne (or bon for those who are fussy) Mardi PBers!


  1. How interesting..
    And one day your maps may sell for that:) and more..much more.I love yours.I have a wall to prove it.
    Qui sait?
    How many artists works sell for gazillions now..when of their "vivant" perhaps only one sold?

    1. A Dutch dealer told me an American dealer bought up 1/2 a million dollars worth of maps to sell in the US. Maps are HOT! Some of them anyway 😄

  2. I'm taking in a series of lectures about the scientific results of Napolean's invasion of Egypt. He took many engineers, artists, mineralogists, architects etc. just to document their finds and to map Egypt. The maps were published in giant books - about 2 feet by 3 feet - and we saw the original books today. The maps were exquisitely detailed! one of the major finds on this trip was the Rosetta Stone, though it too something like 22 years to decipher.

    1. So much good antique stuff is in the US.
      How thrilling to see the originals!

  3. Oh Carol, this is just fabulous! I love the ones with the drawings. We spent some time in a map shop in Bath -- he claimed they were all old and priced them as such but so beautiful. Sounds like a terrific show and inspiring. So, your Paris maps will one day be part of this, right?

  4. What a great exhibition of maps! Sounds like you got a good deal with your 15 euro portfolio.


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