Friday, June 29, 2018

Showing Up

I was supposed to show up at this last nite !!! Grrrr My landlord had a lute concert in our jardin and I HAD to show up!
I borrowed tHis pic from @Parischezsharon..the BEST person to follow on instagram for what's going on in Paris pastry! I mean it. Join the thousands. Sharon never disappoints.
I thought if i ran up to the new Maison Plisson 2 I'd catch a few shots. No luck..
***IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Paris visitors! FAIT ATTENTION! Look where you are going or as Louise says you MUST scrutinize the sidewalk. Why? Because Paris, unlike New York, is constantly making repairs. Paris has great infrastructure. Any potholes get filled. Bumps in pavement...same thing.  So you can easily fall down. I did  2X, once cos of construction.
Regarde. A common sight on Paris streets. Crutches. You have been warned.
I'm running to get my annual visa papers ready for monday's 10:30 rendezvous (sounds so romantic non?) at the Prefecture de Police. I Must show up or get kicked outta France. C'est comme ça.
Right now I am running to gare st lazare to go to Jane klares sketch walk in Trouville. I have to show up or else.
I hope to get wet.
Eat lots of this!
Yes, I am still way over-excited about the Champagne/patisserie tasting. Some of you have said you will SHOW UP! Hooray! Sunday 8 july for 35 champagnes + 14 Top pastry chefs. Plus me madly painting their pastries to boot. Meanwhile Paris cherries are up on Etsy. Get the BOWL OF French CHERRIES PRINT 🍒 in your 📮mailbox. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed this post please share. Update:I missed the train. 2hrs to correct all spelling errors and chill.🤪 Dyslexicly yours,🍒CG


Jeanie said...

Hi Carol, bummer about missing such a tasty event but lute sounds lovely too and that's a good landlord to have. Love the cherries and sounds like a great day. I confess, I am glad they are fixing walks as come October I'll be in your fair city for a few days and I have enough trouble staying upright as it is! Must do some catch up and some shopping too here!

La Table De Nana said...

I live in a town of poor road conditios and no sidewalks..;)
Have fun in Trouvulle looks like a fun class love the carnet cover.
And I know this time of yr is crazy w/getting your vsa did that once while your leg/foot was in bad shape..I think I remember a boot.
Love the cherries!

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy the lute concert ? Thank you for another lovely post.

Adelle said...

3 years ago I fell on Oberkampf and fractured my foot in two! I still had two weeks in Paris so I donned an aircast and continued with my visit!
I love Paris regardless and returning in October for the month! Au devour!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Delightful. Slept thru it Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
So did my landlord next to me!?

Parisbreakfasts said...

You have a better memory than moi Monique.
Eacg year is so full of adventures living in Paris, its hard to keep up 🇫🇷🥂🍾

sukicart said...

Sorry you had to miss that event and the train (but gives you time to catch your breath) but the most fun big event is coming up. Show the authorities your metro poster & they'll let you stay, no questions asked.

Rob/Bon said...

Diner-en-Blue/a lute concert/Maison Plisson/Salon des Champages/ ARE a whirling dervish!...take time to smell the roses...SAVOR IT deserve it❣️

Anonymous said...

Funny post, Carol. So you do not enjoy lute music? So much to do so little time, non? Better than sitting at home with nothing much happening, I guess. Paris looks like so much fun!! Always food.

Geri said...

Oh my ... I’m dizzy reading this .... sounds positively frantic (and fun). Good luck Monday and ‘mind your head” ☺️

Parisbreakfasts said...

I used to listen to John Dowland ALL THE TIME!
Now its mainly French trash pop ❤️❤️❤️

Ian Sidaway said...

Great poster, it must be terrific sitting on the metro watching your work go by.

Unknown said...

My kids are performing in Paris tomorrow night!

Denise Conaghan-Snakard said...

PLEASSSZZZZ...Sell your canvas metro poster bag on etsy IN TIME FOR HOLIDAYS!!! Such a “refreshing” fashionista statement.