Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Paper, dessins d'Israel Sylvestre, Paris map, Jour du macaron, Spring?

Bear is happily back home, king of the Manor, guarding that French watercolor paper you're curious about.
It seems to still exist at Arches (in Arches). Perhaps you'll have better luck procuring some than I did. Contact information is below. I bought my supply 5 years ago at NY Central (closed now) when they stopped distributing it to the US.
It has been sitting in Louise's closet. Time to bring it home.
Plus a chance for a couple of missed Nathan's hotdogs. Food has such a nostalgic pull.
Still I prefer the view coming up out of the Paris Metro than the NY subway even if skies are grey.
And I discovered something worthy at Picard's Hello America promotion - very good stuff.
Last week an exhibit of drawings by 17th century artist, Israel Sylvestre opened at the Louvre.
He's renown for his splendid perspective views of Versailles and vaux le Vicomte.
I especially  love his tiny figures of everyday life. French families relaxing and at play just as they do every weekend along the Seine.
I thought I'd adopt those playful figures for the March macaron map
But after sleeping on it, less figures and more shops looked better to me. Paris maps went in to the mail today!
Colorful March macarons are such a cheerful harbinger of Spring
I couldn't resist the macaron hunt today, first at Pierre Hermé at 72 rue Bonaparte.
Then over to patisserie Arnaud Lahrer on 93 rue de Seine.
I hope macarons never go away. The colors, the flavors are too joyous.
Yesterday we had inches of snow in Paris. And today pink flowers are in the garden!
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Hello Spring!


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I always thought Monsieur Silvestre was the one who made several illustrations of the Trianon de Porcelaine, Louis XIV's and Madame de Montespan's love nest.

    As always, Ms. Carol, your posts are delightful! Loved to see Bear's photos again.
    Thank you so much!
    Maria O. Russell

    1. Parisbreakfast4:35 AM

      You're correct Maria. He documented the great palaces of his day, following in the footsteps of Le Notre, Charles Lebrun and Louis le Vaux.

  2. welcome back to city you call home-we are having more snow here (east coast) if you can believe it-I cannot wait to see what you create on that SUPER SPECIAL PAPER! whatever it will be I WILL BE WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Carolyn4:25 AM

    How many macarons did you eat today???

    1. Parisbreakfast4:31 AM

      Yesterday I ate 5 macarons ��
      And I just found another I missed. I shall try to save it for the future...
      I've been pastry-free since returning from NYC. Not sure how long that can last in the capitol of Chantilly and feuilleté. Its an uphill battle.

  4. That's a lot of paper! Happy you retriebed it..:) Must make you happy to see it.Love the cute people you add....I may as well just say..everything:)

    1. Thank you Monique.
      Lots of watercolor paper, pencil sharpeners, pink erasers -all make me very happy ❤️

  5. Having just returned from NYC as well, we, too, are already missing Nathan’s hotdogs. Somehow they are always better directly from a street vendor!!

  6. I wanted to tell you how much I love your I'lle Saint-Louis map! I have it framed, but before I framed it I put in a star to mark the apartment we'll be staying in when we come later this year - 78 rue Saint Louis en I'lle. And hope to see you then!

    1. Wonderful to hear Kaye!
      Please let me know when yr here 😄

  7. Anonymous10:51 AM

    So glad that you got back to Paris before our most recent "snow event".
    Love the drawings by Sylvestre!
    Wendy-in snowy Maryland

    1. Ah another Sylvestre fan. The Louvre drawing department is full of treasures.
      I'm happy I missed the snow too 🥂

  8. I'm with you on the macs, Arches paper, peanut butter, really everything but the hot dog. :-)

    1. That's because you can have hot dogs everyday. Real ones.
      If only Nathan's knew...

  9. Dennis2:19 AM

    Much as I love going to NYC,
    exiting a Metro station in Paris is beautiful and to be preferred over New York. Thank you for including Bear in your pics. I've developed a connection with him, and he just adds personality and perspective.

    1. If only Bear's handwriting and spelling would improve he would be perfect...
      Maybe I'm asking too much...

  10. Sally2:23 AM

    Have you found/eaten macarons in NYC?
    Several inches of snow here and the birdbath looks like a macaron.

  11. Sharon P2:32 AM

    I thought you had found a store in NYC that currently sold this paper. So sad that New York Central is no more. I feel a real loss without them.
    Even Sennelier paper which I prefer is difficult to find anymore.

  12. Allie in NYC2:44 AM

    CHARMING blog!!!!!!!

  13. Carol, what does the word "relais" actually mean as in desserts relais seen at the bottom of the Jour de Macaron poster? I googled it and found "relay," which doesn't fit at all. I see the word often in reading and just don't get it! Could it mean a competition? I am usually pretty good at interpreting for myself French words and since I love foreign languages and I love words I need to know. Love your blog, of course! You have a REAL Paris view from your apartment.

    1. Good question Caterina. The best I could come up with is:
      The French word relais comes from the Old French relais (relaxation, discontinuance) and relaissier (to abandon, release). It is also associated with the Italian word rilascio (release, relief, relay).

    2. Parisbreakfast3:55 AM

      Basically it refers to an Inn or waystation.

  14. He looks proud and happy, Teddy Bear Max !
    Thanks for the exhibition in Louvre, I'll go
    and I like your figures - you put them in a next card, I hope ;-))


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