Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Meet: Aquarelliste-Reporter Noelle Herrenschmidt

Last week I met brilliant watercolorist/reporter Noelle Herrenschmidt by chance. Find her on Facebook here. And at the French Sénat.
I discovered this morning her wonderful interview on Youtube at the Boston French Cultural Center. Coincidentally I had my first watercolor exhibit there in 2009.
Good things happen when you take the bus in Paris. As #89 rounded the bend at jardin du Luxembourg I couldn't believe my eyes.
I jumped off to see rows and rows of watercolors from the French Senat plus other stunning architectural renderings all from her book, DANS LES COULISSES DE LA LOI.
I love Herrenschmidt's loose, casual sketchie quality. Don't you?
Leaving areas unfinished, unpainted, you feel you are looking over the artist's shoulder. These are painted onsite not from photographs later in the studio, Noelle reveals in the Youtube interview.
"What gets done onsite is the finished artwork." She does not rework later.
So they have a 'fresh' intuitive feel to them - characteristic of the best watercolors IMO.
Here the Palais du luxembourg and the actual building below caught through the grills.
Noelle Herrenschmidt's watercolors are up on the Luxembourg grills till January 14, 2018 Do go look.
I was delighted to see Noelle would be having a book signing Saturday.
I ran over in the pouring rain.
Hollington is a très chic mens clothing store 9, rue Racine 75006. I wish they did women's clothing.
You can pick up Noelle's illustrated catalog there and she has many wonderful books on Amazon US, FR.
I bought her 'In the halls of the Law' (in French only) Over 200 pages of her watercolor illustrations.
Of course I was fascinated by her art materials. Look at her super mini seche cheveau (hairdryer)! A very rare find she said...we talked shop in my broken French.
Her paintbox! Heaven.
While others got lengthy, written messages in their books
I got dabs of fresh color straight from her paintbox. 
Visit Noelle's site and like her on facebook. The French Cultural Center video offers a good French leçon too. I brazenly showed Noelle a few of my watercolors. She approved. 
Merci Noelle pour tous!
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Cheers PBers!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Cheryl T6:47 AM

    What a wonderful thing to have your artwork lining the jardin du Luxembourg.
    And well-deserved too.
    Thanks for another 'Meet' an artist!

  3. Just beautiful watercolors and outstanding style. You can see the joy in her face and expression.

    1. Yes Noelle is full of joy and vitalité 🥂🥂

  4. Oh what fun for you both..and yes love her work now thanks to the dabs!

    She probably feels the same about you.

  5. Beautiful story and post. Serendipity since 2009; you were meant to meet up. I remember well your blog posts from your first exhibit.

    1. You have a better memory than moi Geri 😀❤️

  6. Corinne D9:15 AM

    Wonderful watercolorist
    I'm motivated to see her work au jardin du Luxembourg

  7. Postcards from Philly1:24 PM

    I'm jealous!

    How great that you met this wonderful artist.

    Great post.

  8. Ann K1:26 PM

    Oh Wow!! wonderful

  9. Jane G1:27 PM

    this is so cool! that's what it's like to live in a place like Paris or New York -- you jump off the bus and -- voila! -- make wonderful discoveries.

    1. I think it can happen anywhere Jane.
      One does have to leave the house...😀

  10. GwenEllyn1:29 PM

    What a delightful beginning to my day!


  11. LoisB1:31 PM


  12. How exciting for you &, just like yours, her work is charming (and it appears she is also). so glad you had this experience.

  13. Thank you Carol...loved this post!

  14. Carmen11:06 PM

    Thank you for this post!


    And her face!

  15. Janine11:34 PM

    Just beautiful. Noelle looks "magnifique"

  16. Gwendoline in Australia11:41 PM

    Thankyou. What a clever artist? Are the 2 watercolours on the last 'page' your own? I love them too.

  17. What a fabulous experience for you both, Carol. I love the work you shared and thanks for the links!

  18. How wonderful to have art displayed to the public along the garden fence, I’m very impressed but that and her amazing watercolours. Another book to add to my wish list. I love that she signed your book with paint! Merci toujours Carol!

  19. Ohhh..... I just went and looked at your Boston show post. It looked fabulous! Macarons, champagne and your lovely paintings. I got to visit Boston this year in July and really liked it too, the park is great and it is nice and spacious. I also got to visit New York at the same time which was amazing! (My first trip to the US from Australia).

    1. Please come to PARIS Kirrabelle!
      We will paint the town RED❤️💋

  20. Love her watercolors and yours just as much! I will look for her book, too. You should compile one with all your Paris letters and maps. It would be wonderful.

    1. that's a good idea Janet!!

  21. And of course I loved reading this. Another nice serendipity. I like what you wrote in a comment, meetings and discoveries and connections can happen anywhere: but one does have to leave the house! As winter is on its way to Maine I need to be reminded of that, LOL! (But Maine in summer, great place for painting outdoors, hint, hint...

  22. Eleanor Winters2:53 AM

    We went to see Noelle Herrenschmidt’s work at the Luxembourg Gardens today — thank you so much for the recommendation. The show is so interesting and her work is wonderful.

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