Monday, August 14, 2017

Cannes, Thank you Adrian

Thank you Adrian Leeds! If I didn't get your newsletters, Parler Paris and Parler Nice, I wonder if I would have gone to Nice and the Riviera?
On my last day I took the little regional train to Antibes and last minute decided to stay on onboard for Cannes..just a 30 minute ride from Nice. It was 10 am so the public beaches were not crowded.
The private beaches were empty.
You keep thinking'Roaring 20s' when you're in Cannes
People still wear the stripped jerseys..
Though bare shoulders are IN this summer too.
I'm sure they ate the same big tuna sandwiches back then.
Cream-filled tarte Tropezienne pastry may be a recent invention.
I was surprised how much I liked Cannes. Graceful palm trees line the promenades by the beach.
Big, grand hotels sprawl along the Croissett
Charming art deco sculptures in the parks dividing the beach and hotels.
The hotel ground floors are filled with luxury chains like Celine, Gucci, Dior. Like popcorn stores lined up one after the other. Does anyone shop there?
More fun to lounge in the park and watch the parade of beach people.
You can pick up a suit in Galeries Lafayette if you didn't bring one. Subscribe to Adrian Leeds letters and maybe you'll be going to the Riviera on impulse like I did. If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters, maps and watercolors in your mailbox, take a look in my Etsy shop.
Happy August PBers!


  1. Love scenes in aquarelle! We enjoyed Cannes too:)

    1. And a lot of people turn up their noses at Cannes...

    2. Hélène lives in you know I follow her..her fashion shots are out of this world too..I love the countryside..but we breezed through Cannes last time..too fast.

  2. Enjoying folowing you on your Riviera adventures and that you mentioned Adrian!!

  3. Kathy H10:45 AM

    Beautiful watercolors and love the photos!

  4. Love your work--a pleasure everytime I view one of your posts.

  5. Lois Bender12:21 PM

    Love your mini-vacannes!!!!

  6. Judi H12:25 PM

    Love it all Carol ��❤️

  7. Allie1:41 PM

    Your watercolors capturing the spirit of the place__lively and non-decadent.

  8. Perfect!!!
    Next time you're in Paris or Nice, let me know!

  9. Clarity Artists10:06 PM

    Loving your water colors!

  10. I do not know Carol. You may have found your new home. Love your photos but especially love the watercolors. You feel like you are there. Love the colors against the sea.

  11. It looks lovely! Fabulous painting Carol.

  12. I like the Deco look.

  13. Thank you for sharing these adventures. A gorgeous depiction of the beach scene!

  14. You said it - I was also surprised by how much I liked Cannes! So enjoying your Riviera jaunt!


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