Friday, August 12, 2016

Les Halles aux Poissons, Trouville-sur-mer

A bit more on Trouville and the wonderful seafood. Non-seafood eaters may want to leave now. I didn't go into the Casino. Don't know why, but it was right outside my window. Renovated in 1937. You don't have to win at the Casino to eat lobster in Trouville btw.
Maybe Monet would have loved the light changing on the Casino me thinks...
Les halles des poissons is quite a large building. I discovered it by chance and curiosity.
Typically Normandy-style split timbers (faux).
They open at 8am and go to 8 pm in the evening, but if you want to eat sur place get there by 6. I missed out on the famous 'Jeanette's soupe de poisson' sadly.
Its another kind of promenade like the boardwalk at the beach (la planche).
Everyone is doing it.
The choices are delectable.
If you want the other local specialty, moules et frites, you must go elsewhere to a restaurant or cafe. They don't cook to order at les Halles.
The metal basket the waiter is holding will contain your choice of seafood.
After the weigh-in it comes back to you like this heaped on a bed of ice.
My last lunch in Trouville (about 18€). You won't find melted butter for your lobster etc. here, but the most divine seasoned mayonnaise. Miam!
Bringing your own bib is not a bad idea. Or wear old clothes. Bring your own baguette too. Everyone does. Bread is not served FYI.
Time to tuck in. All hands on deck! Making a mess is de rigeur.
Trouville's lovely harbor. Note les Halles in the background. You can't miss it.
I hope you're tempted to take a short trip outside Paris. I can't wait to go back!
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  1. I think I love Trouville.
    Everywhere in Paris that we spotted fresh fish seafood places..the displays were works of art as you show here..Such pride in displaymanship.I know prob.not a word..the nageuse looks so happy in her polka dots.
    Your casino is great..I have so much trouble with depths..

    1. My firstt building watercolor since starting the perspective class with Stephanie at Craftsy.
      You had piqued my curiosity.

  2. Please, please always give us a close up pic of those menu boards so we can read, imagine and drool over the menu offerings. It's how I keep up with prices in France....

  3. Dear Carol, your temptation featuring Trouville has been delightful.
    I do love seafood, and don't eat it often enough.
    Now, I have a destination that provides both visual and gastronomical treats!

    I am going to scroll back to some of your vintage posts about autumn in Paris, and I try to actually plan some travels. Like so many other folks, I am so thankful for your generous posts. xo

  4. Kathrine MA2:36 PM


  5. Great watercolors and photos, Carol.
    I'm getting very fond of Normandy! The heaps of seafood look delicious.
    I like that vintage poster at the end, too :)

    1. I'm getting very fond of Normandy too.
      Sea, fresh air, beaches, and

  6. So beautiful! I will be on river cruise in October, so not likely we can wander over to Trouville. But there is always "next time", right?

  7. I feel quite in spirit today; had shrimp in poblano sauce at a sidewalk cafe and then drove by the marina (okay, all this was in Seattle but still...). Otherwise I'd be downright envious of your food-centered posts Yum.

  8. Bonnie in CA12:09 AM

    I love love love your recommendations!

    The photo of your lunch on ice was fabulous.

    I am learning so much from you. Wow.

  9. I'm in Maine about to go to Cabbage Island for homard a l'Americaine. Next year maybe Trouville!

  10. You are as awesome as ever Vivian!!

  11. So enjoyed your tour! I'm hungry looking at the fabulous seafood!


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