Saturday, June 25, 2016


What better way to enjoy sun, beach and breeze than with a menth chocolat ice cream.
I learn too late 'Do Not FEED THE GULLS' or they will become pesky and forget to forage.
Perfect day in Etretat on the Alabaster coast of Normandy.
I left overcast rainy skies in Paris 2 hours and a bit this morning.
Thursday night was the annual 'June White Dinner'. I was just an observer.
Back to the beach.
You must eat moules et frits for lunch
At any number of cafes along the beach
Even the 35 minute bus ride from train station Breate to Etretat is entrancing. Full of Normandy cows and green hills.
Eugene Boudin painted these cows like mad.
I came up 2 weeks ago to see the Boudin retrospective in Le Havre. This is his wall of cow studies.
He painted at Etretat, as did Monet many times
So did Matisse and Dufy and Delicroix. Everyone came here to paint n the glorious beach.
Big posters of Monet's paintings are on the beach.
As are old photographs of the 1800s and also occupied Etretat during World War II.
The town is charming
Wonderful classic Normandy summer homes.
You keep returning to the beach at all times of day.
Its irresistable.
End the day at Creperie Le Lann-Bihoué with a smoked salmon crepe.
Etretat is maybe the most beautiful (and relaxing place I've been). That includes the Taj Mahal and Rio).
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  1. What a difference to Paris hustle & bustle. It looked a lovely place to visit, just my type of place to be.
    Loved seeing your pictures.

    1. Oh it is idealic Barbara !!!!
      Heavon on earth

    2. Love it..every scene a painting.

  2. Wonderful! How do you pronounce Etretat?

  3. Kathleen10:20 AM

    Wow...amazing...beautiful! I am going to look it up on the map!

    1. An hour north of La Havre on a slow but pretty bus ride...lots of cows.

  4. You can never compare Etretat with Rio or Taj Mahal. Latter are really not
    relaxing but beautiful

    1. No seagulls or fresh salty air
      Something about the Atlantic ocean is so refreshing.
      And No crepes, caramels, fruit de mer!!

  5. Thank you, dear Carol, for sharing these views of Etretat as the sun rises and sets. That final photograph is such a gem. (Of course, all your pictures have pleased my eyes!)


  6. What a terrific post on Etretat!!!!!!!Everyone is going to want to go there.Even me.

  7. Deb M1:57 PM

    I liked the last photo best because the light is so unusual. To my knowledge there is no Impressionist painting that uses those tones. More Corot-like than Monet. Not enough purple.
    And those mussels!! Were they pumped up on steroids - pun intended.
    You're having such a good time getting out and about. Good for you for dreaming up these excursions.

  8. Diana1:59 PM

    That was wonderful

  9. Lorraine2:17 PM

    If I could only be there myself! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to feel it through your photographs.. Maybe someday, I will take my own:)

  10. Beautiful photos Carol. Thanks for putting together such a great collection. :-)

  11. A wonder photo essay of your journey. I have not visited this coast , now it's on my list. Somewhat beauty to my Fliip winter weekend. Many thanks for your blog. M de L

  12. The night lights on the cliffs are amazing!

  13. Mary in OR8:33 PM

    So glad you got out of the grey and into some sunshine! Merci, encore, pour tes excursions pour nous (!)

  14. Have been there many times. Tons of pictures. Love that place.

  15. Louise4:25 AM

    Gosh that looks stunning and evokes memories of childhood holidays by the sea..has gone straight to the top of my wish list <3

  16. Fabulous photos, Carol - wish I was there :)
    The beach & gulls, the cows and fields, the town and the art exhibit, the vintage all looks delicious.

  17. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Ww tried last October to visit but couldn't park and it took so long we ran out of time. Had to catch a ferry. Plan to go next time.

  18. I would eat the mussels and frites for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Etreat looks charming - how long is the train to Breate?

    1. Just 2 hours. You can visit a lot of places within just 2 hours on the train from Paris. Its incredible! I dont want to miss a thing.

    2. I don't think you are missing anything and thanks for bringing us along.

  19. Anonymous5:53 PM

    The perfect post, Carol. Absolument parfait. Simplement, a la perfection! Thank you so much. I knew, of course, the Boudin beach scenes and Monet's several views of the Cliffs at Etretat. But you just introduced me to Matisse at Etretat; Merci tant, bien sur.

    Diane in Denver

  20. Anonymous4:24 AM

    wow wonderful place the sunset on the beach so romantic perfect for an aperitif

    but You never been in Ravello Amalfi coast the most beautyful place in the world between sky and sea. Gore Vidal lived there in Villa Bianca for so long time ..

  21. Beautiful photos, makes me want to visit Etretat once more, the last time I was there was in the 1990's and I don't think I appreciated it as I should have then. But perhaps now, a little older and hopefully a little wiser I would enjoy the scenes and the history so much more.

  22. Nice to read about your stay in Etretat Carol!! Can't wait to go there tomorrow :-) and I look forward to see the cows fr the bus <3


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