Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Europain Intersuc Paris 2016

The Weeknd before last, the huge annual professional trade show, Europain Intersuc 2016 (Le Salon Mondial de la Boulangerie, Patisserie, Glacerie, Chocolaterie) took place out at Villepinte Exposition Parc
It was like being back at Maison Objet held in the same big multi-plex convention center
All my eyes see were shapes
Colors (popsicles here).
And patterns.
When am I going to get a hand blender much less an industrial mixer?
Want to tie your scarf the 'French' way? Here's how to tie a French bow for that chocolate box. Next best thing.
Of all the senses, your nose is overwhelmed with rich aromas of baking bread. Inhale!
Competitions and demos are taking place fore and aft. Where to plant yourself? I ran all over as usual.
The bread! You have never seen such air holes. Magnifique! Ah the smell of it.
Eat your heart out
Where can I find these crusty, brown grainy breads?
Taste your way through this wall of bread. They were here in 2014. Still amazing.
There's chocolate too. Europain is International. US chocolate companies showed up like Guittard.
More inhaling. Mesmerizing chocolate candy coating machines.
Chocolates of every shape and flavor.
There's ice cream too but by the time I got there in the afternoon the servers were wandering the show, so no tastes. Bonjour tristesse.
Could I paint boulangerie windows in Paris? I painted department store Xmas windows back in grade school. Next transformation please.
Not just chefs are minding the ovens. Chocolate chickens from Deco-Relief were cookin' up a storm.
A good sign the Agriculture show is coming end of the month and Easter is around the corner.
If you come across a pistachio palmier in Paris let me know. Heaven.


  1. Not a bad way to spend the day! Drooling over the palmiers, would love to make them at home. Looks like they were made with pistachio paste, as opposed to ground pistachio nuts. Hope you don't mind that I posted the photo on Facebook, with attribution and shout-out to you, with your blog's web address, and asked if anyone has a recipe.

    1. Thank you Adele!
      Most kind.
      And I love your HELLO!

  2. Look at all that beau and bon pain..
    I would have tasted each and every one..I prefer bread to desserts:)

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Thank you so much for sharing this fun event. It looks fabulous.I love the chicken in aprons. & I love your painting of the man making bread. I hope there is something this cool taking place ,open to public, when I get to come to Paris in April.(yay!!!) Your cool Paris maps have helped me map out where to go to eat fun things-Thank you very much!!! Cheers! Fan from rural Oregon

    1. Thank you fan from Oregon.
      Just get to as many boulangeries as possible when in Paris even just to browse and you'll get a good taste of Europain. So nice to hear you love the Paris maps!!

    2. Anonymous11:06 AM

      I will take that advice and also all refer to the other bits from notes I have taken while reading your wonderful blog! You are really an inspiration for the tummy as well as the cultural aspects of Paris.

  4. I looked at going to this event but it said it was for pros or press only so that excluded me. I just want to sample everything! Thanks for taking us there!

    1. I wonder about this cos I see whole families on the weeknd...
      Hmmm...there should be a way to attend. I will investicgate further

  5. There are so many fabulous culinary events -- it kills me to be here just BEFORE the Salon de l'Agriculture, hands down the best. But this one looks pretty great, too, even better than the Salon du Chocolat. Putting in a special request for some chicken pictures from she SdAg...Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful adventures!

    1. what a shame! The dates are pretty much the same year to year and always online. I'll def focus on the chickens Chanterelle :)
      Some chicks here on PB:

    2. Europain is B to B.
      Salon du chocolat is for the public to scarf up chockies for Xmas.

    3. Oh, I knew the dates -- had to think long and hard about taking the gig that conflicts. Not *quite* as alluring, but less caloric.
      I remember a particularly gorgeous black-and-white guinea hen.
      And the producteurs are SO friendly...maybe next year.
      Gah, now I'm ravenous! Tonight merits a Delmontel baguette.

  6. Totally - you should be transforming Parisian bakery windows with your art too, Carol. Go for it!

    1. Painting on glass is unforgiving!
      Bad enough with paper!!

  7. Ruth S9:38 AM

    Miam, miam! You make me want to get back to Paris right now! I think I put on 5 pounds just looking at the pics!

  8. Ann K9:39 AM


  9. cyndi from SD10:22 AM

    Always amazing and beautiful pics.
    The pistachio palmier is on my SEARCH FOR list when I get there in March. YAY.

  10. Painted store windows in grade school!!!! I guess your talents were exposed at a very young age! I need to run out for a U.S version of a Palmier

    1. Oh it was a competition with all the grade schools participating. And forHalloween in fact. No biggie

  11. Oh Carol, this show looks like heaven on earth. I would probably skip quickly past the equipment demos and just concentrate on admiring the finished product. (But I am very glad that you took time to show us all the phases of the show.)
    Those chocolate cooking hens are adorable!

  12. Meryle E5:55 PM

    Europain piece brought back good memories; but I did not see the chickens when I was there,
    sorry I missed them.

    1. Chickens from Deco-Relief...they have a shop at 6 rue Montmartre

  13. Wendy4:34 AM

    Thank you for your beautiful posts!

    I love looking at your photos and learning from you!

  14. OMG- that palmier looks like heaven - they are my very favorite for breakfast (tho I know they're supposed to be for tea) & I have never seen a pistachio one. If you discover which boulangerie makes them, please let us know.

  15. Boy, that was a feast for the eyes :)
    Beautiful shots of the pastries, Carol.

  16. I shouldn't be looking at all these things! Makes me want to do something deliciously evil!

    Miss not getting your email updates from feedburner. Tried to resubscribe but can't figure out how.


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