Saturday, September 13, 2014

Le Royal Monceau Noel

Dear PBers, another petit taste of Paris for you. This time Christmas preview tasting at Hotel Royal Monceau - Raffles Avenue Hoche 75008 More Xmas in September. Who knew?

I feel quite comfortable at the Royal Monceau. There was a design brunch for bloggers on Tuesday. The atmosphere is relaxed luxury with loads of artistic designer details. Art where ever you look.

While the hotel is cool and cutting edge it's not intimidating. Or too, too blindingly glitzy like some new kids on the block. PBers ask which is my fav hotel. It's easy to to say this one.

Evidently I'm not alone loving the Royal Monceau...ahem.

Beyonce and Jay-Z were in town for their ON THE RUN sold-out concert at le Stade de France. They fav this the Monceau too.
Here making a very private entrance.

I didn't wait to catch a glimpse of B/J-Z. I did see a few of their entourage inside. Brüche de Noëls were calling my name.

Pierre Hermé creates a special collection of desserts for the hotel. Bùche Chloe - an intense combination of chocolat Manjari, mousse au chocolat a la framboise (raspberries ).

Bûche Infiniment Vanille. I'm crazy for anything vanilla since I moved to Paris.

The buche were sitting on an aromatic bed of criss-crossed vanilla beans. Where can I buy this perfume?

Bûche de Noël can be savory too.

Executive chef Laurent André created the Ruby for the Monceau's Christmas dinner. A graphic combination of foie gras, pistachio, raspberries sitting on a crust of pain d'epice.

Light and lovely.

To go with the bûche, a perfectly aged Port chosen by MOF sommelier Peyronder. I don't usually drink but there are times one must make an exception no? Fabulous is the vertict.

In fact I'm thinking of taking up drinking so I can visit all the terrific hotel bars in Paris like the Raffles bar. A 'Shirley Temple' is not going to cut it.

I did down a glass of 'red fruits' juice. So pretty...

More of the Christmas menu starting in November 29th at the hotel.

And continuing after New Years. Chef Rispoli from Il Carpaccio
makes individual pasta for us.

The hotel has an in house epicerie with a collection of yummy gourmet gifts.

I'm in love with this tea cup. At the preview gifts from the art book store in the lobby, La Librairie des Arts.

La Librairie des Arts has fabulous mix of art books and artworks to browse and inspire.

How about art classes for guest kiddies in the Atelier Jeff Koons pour les enfants? They can paint miniature 'Nanas'! A big Niki de St. Phalle exhibit is opening next week at Grand Palais. don't worry you'll see it on PB soon.

I learned a hard leçon yesterday. 
Eat dessert first. 
After tasting the savory choices on the Monceau's Christmas menu, Pierre Hermé's Bûche Mandarine was gone gone gone. 
Course if you want to fit into your lavender tights and tutu like the Frenchy in my entryway yesterday, maybe it's a good thing to pass up a dessert or two or ten.
If you'd like a petit taste of Paris in your very own mailbox do look at my Sketch Letters on Etsy
And don't miss out on Christmas din at The Royal Monceau if you happen to be in town for the hols. Simply divine dear PBers.
Now I'm ON THE RUN to the Loire to taste like 600 tomatoes at La Fete de La Tomate at chateau Bourdaisiere.
Stay tuned.


  1. Louisa3:10 AM

    LOVE all the deep Raspberry REDS that run through this tasting and post.
    Really in the spirit of Christmas!!

  2. This is too GORGEOUS for words!!
    wish I was there

  3. Foodwalker3:14 AM

    Hitting the Big Time with J-Z and Be

  4. All beautiful stuff but I just can't get my brain round Christmas so early though I know manufacturers and distributors need to get a heads up on the season!
    Of course I'm madly jealous!

  5. Not waiting to see Beyonce and Jay-Z. Hehhhhh... Wise choice...


  6. Love the tutu girl on the bike!The mandarine details so fresh!

  7. All this deliciousness...

    And the tiny tutu wearer...

    Doesn't it seem a bit odd, that Parisian women "must" stay svelte, in a city which features such an abundance of gastronomic delights?

    It rather boils down to.... A fashion decree, that to be "in", women must be constantly denying themselves. Constantly on alert, to never allow themselves to relax, around food...

    This fact, takes the edge off the Paris Mystique, somewhat. For me, that is.

    Just saying...


    1. The mystery of the Sphinx is easier to solve....
      How French women stay pencil thin.
      I see them eating cakes right and left.

  8. Well, I'm for Christmas any time of year and my, my! This holiday DOES look tasty!

    1. I'm with you Jeanie.
      Once a month would be nice ;))

  9. I love all this Christmas! Puts me in the holiday mood. I'm especially attracted to the Vanilla buche---of course, you are not surprised at that, are you? As for the perfume, why not Shalimar? Its very vanilla top note is classic.

    1. I do have Ode de vanille from Guerlain...a gift..but not as vanilla as a whiff of those beans sur le table. No way.

    2. Maybe I should just rub the beans on my wrist?

  10. Thank heaven you were not disgraced by B/J-Z! I admire your dedication and sacrifice!

  11. Bûches de Noël in September! Fun!!!!! Wonderful post... Congratulations ! But, be careful... Cakes + Porto + Tomatoes+ pasta...... =hours swimming!!!��big bisous

  12. my husband works there! But I've never gotten to check it all out!

    1. This IS tragic Kim.
      You must do something about it !!!
      A divine yet low-key place. Not stuffy or fussy like some of them.
      Or bling bling...

  13. cyndi from sd1:21 PM

    Another régal pour l'oeil.
    As with yesterday's post,I would be happy to just wander like a kid in a candy store amongst the buches,absorbing the beauty and creativity of the event.But,if I was forced to eat a few bites,that would certainly add to the experience.

  14. Vicki N1:40 PM

    I just read that vanilla can be an effective anti-bug spray. Who knew? So perhaps there's a vanilla essence, after all.

  15. Good grief, you are so busy! But you don't give short shrift to anything. Amazing work you do, Mme.Carol!

  16. Great letter!!!!! I love all of the extras we get to read, Thanks again

  17. Sally1:24 AM

    I LOVE Niki de St.Phalle. Looking forward to your post. SLV

  18. Susan J12:47 PM

    What a life you have my dear xx

  19. Sandra B12:49 PM

    I want to go to that book/gift store
    I love that fish tea cup :)

  20. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Wow, Carol, I am simply in love with your blog.. The moment I see your new posts, I stop everything to read them..! Pls continue the good work for a long long time!

  21. Bûche Infiniment Vanille? Be still my heart!

  22. Great hotel interior shots and, of course, the pastries!
    I'm hungry, so maybe that's why the pastry looks so fabulous :)

  23. Christiana11:58 PM

    I absolutley adore vanilla too and if you want to smell like the real thing, fill a 100ml bottle with sweet almond or grapeseed oil, cut up 2-3 vanilla pods into 1cm pieces and let it infuse in the oil for a minimum of 2 weeks to get an amazing scent and a wonderfully natural body oil.

    1. I AM DOING THIS! thank you Christiana!!

  24. We PB'rs appreciate all teh sacrifices you make to eat your way thru Paris one dessert (or four) at a time. Shocked to see a day without dessert ...


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