Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I ate at Le Royal Monceau Noel

A tiny break today from yellow dahlias...
For infiniment citron yellow buche de Noel
Or a chocolate Büche with cassis berries inside and flourless so perfect for the gluten-free crowd
Also perfect for the rest of us - out of this world intensely chocolatey and designed by no less than Pierre Hermé. Did I say this is an advanced tasting/gouter for the press at Hotel Royal Monceau? I went with Paris Bee.
An amazing savoury/salee Büche de Noel, Perle Noire, filled with foie gras, cacoa, speculoos and black truffles. What can one say? Speechless with awe.
This Büche is called Omelette Norwegian
But I call it 'Baked Alaska', full of ice cream (framboise, rose Ispahan) and toasted meringue on the outside. What do you say? Granted I never had a Baked Alaska that tasted like this!
Dessert first and then the mini starters.
Carpaccio of scallops with Yuzu and langoustine tails and claws. I forgot to shoot the lobster with hit me.
Artichauts with slivers of truffles. One must have ones veggies non?
The truffled risotto table...
Made on the spot.
I drank fresh mango juice and green apple as a chaser.
Cocktails minus the alcohol were being mixed into iced rare teas.
What to wear to such a tasting? If you're 3 - 10 these Bonpoint ballerines would be parfait.
As would this darling logo Bonpoint T-shirt. They have a shop inside Hotel Royal Monceau
You get your own Hotel Monceau doudou when you visit to keep forever in the hotel's signature grey.
If you're a bit older wear a LITTLE BLACK DRESS for gawds sake and a Big tan bag. Dramatic jewelry helps.
Hair? In an upsweep SVP.
Isn't this a fun teacup?
The smile is reflected off the saucer onto the cup.
Admit this was fun.
I dare you to suggest otherwise ;))


  1. Bonsoir,

    Ouvrir la page de cette dernière publication est un péché de gourmandise !! Tant pis! je suis trop gourmande pour résister !
    Au diable les kilos... Des minutes de plaisir et des mois sur les hanches !...
    Merci pour ces magnifiques photos alléchantes !

    Gros bisous

    1. Des minutes de plaisir et des mois sur les hanches !...
      I love it!
      Who knew the French have he same expression or did we get it from the French like most good things...

  2. I've been following your blog for some time!
    What fun you have with words!!! I LOVE IT!
    Your artwork is magnificent and very HIGH in calories! BUT - I can't stop reading and wanting more. Merci beaucoup, Carol.

  3. They make food just look gorgeous.
    Love the bag, please send my way (smiling)!
    And a tea cocktail would please my palate, I am sure.

  4. Shelley1:47 PM

    "infiniment citron" What a beautiful phrase. Looks like your French is progressing by leaps and bounds!

  5. Oh the places that you see:)
    The views are pretty gorgeous outside too..
    Very fun indeed..I'm having risotto tonight does that count?

  6. I am inspired by the omelette Nordique....I will make an omelette de Sud:
    a bowl full of melted ice cream with a meringue partly submerged like an iceberg!
    On second thought, just give me one of each of the above! And don't be stingy with the lemon buche slice.

  7. So jelly! Wish I could've been there. All of them sound so good! I especially want to try the fig and foie gras one.

  8. I don't know how it all tasted, but it sure looks fabulous!

    1. It tasted out of this world wonderful

  9. Oh wow! What an event. My first thought was that I wanted to eat all of it too (well maybe not the foie gras- but it does look magnifique, non?). Actually it all looks magnifique, surely it can't be nearly time for Christmas? Do they really start with the buche de Noel in September? The French are certainly mad for yuzu. The infiniment citron does look infiniment my favourite.

  10. What a fantastic time you are having. Hope you managed to taste a little of everything ? I can certainly vouch for the figs filled with foie gras, delicious. forget about the minute on the lips , a month on the hips.

  11. I've been meaning to eat there for AGES - it was just around the corner from my work and I never got around to it! So happy to be able to check it out through you though. :) Hope you are happy and well.



  12. The scallop carpaccio and langoustine tails look/sound absolutely divine! And the Buche de Noel, Perle Noir with truffles and specaloos...what a wild combination! I love it! Can I go with you next year? :) xx Katie

    1. I hope I recover faster next time (next thursday) ;((
      All Büche de Noels next Thursday same place same time
      Restraint is required!

  13. That was definitely a fun post, Carol. I forgive you this departure from the golden dahlias of Giverny.


  14. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Exquisite food!

  15. Those Bonpoint they come in sizes for big people?

  16. Fun--sounds like you're really roughing it, Carol. Having to eat all those buches and all--must be tough. Love your sketchy wc's.

  17. Hello,

    would you recommend the Kremer watercolour set for "relative" beginners?

    I´m German and have a Schmincke Akademie watercolour set I got when I was fiveteen.

    I´m fascinated by the Kremer watercolours.

    Cheers from Germany
    Cheers from Germany

    1. How old are you now Katrin?
      The student set is probably kaput by now.
      Try a few Kremer pans out why don't you?

  18. This looks like heaven! I want it all, even (especially?) the doudou. And the casually upswept hair, so, so chic! (Why do I always look like the washerwoman when I try it?)

    1. But that's exactly the look!
      After Degas' washerwomen

  19. WOW! Everything looks so beautiful that I know it must taste heavenly. You are having the kind of experience that most of us never even dare dream about. Lucky girl, you.

  20. Anonymous1:49 PM

    A best ever...but how in the world did you sample everything? What a rich delight in every sense. The saying "Eat dessert first-life is uncertain" was never truer!

    1. I'm taking a night class in saying NON.

  21. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I would bring my pillow, get a room and eat for two or more days...this is absolute heaven...

  22. At first I thought those were mail boxes.. chocolate mailboxes. LOL Love the smiling tea cup. :)


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