Sunday, May 22, 2022

Yesterday in Paris


Yesterday was one of those stunningly gorgeous perfect Paris days.

Sunny with a light breeze. A blue skies day.

Everyone was out…looking for Mother’s day gifts for May 29.
The tourists are back. En force.
50 shades of Kelley green.
Girls dressed in ruffly pink cosplay caused a stir on rue de Rivoli. We were all caught off guard.
Angelina has a big pink heart cake for jour de maman with a child’s handprint on it.
And a pink set of drawers filled with bonbons for Mom. I’d like that. Are you listening Bear 🐻?
Angelina’s chariot à glaces was mobbed.
A French girl wearing a nothing white T-shirt (or it could be a nothing white shirt) with nothing jeans + Chanel bag + a fluffy dog in her arms=the Look.
I liked the aquamarine nail polish.
For jour de maman, Lenotre’s flower window reveals 
A very pretty ‘Flower Cake’ with marzipan ‘flowers’ -a collaboration with Miss Maggie’s Kitchen and their MOF pastry chef, Guy Krenzer.
I studied everything over and bought a mini Brioche. It had to be the prettiest brioche I explained. I planed to paint it. The guy behind the counter does not want to a ‘Champion de monde’ of pastry but is a graphic artist who also paints. 
I must get to the Louvre soon to look at Chardin’s exquisite ‘La Brioche’. 
It was hard not taking a bite of this fluffy brioche all day. It’s gone now😊
Are you coming to Paris soon?
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  1. Love your brioche aquarelle and already miss Paris after only 2 days back home.
    Guess I'll have to be satisfied eating chocolate and butter as I brought so much home.

  2. So interesting to see what people are wearing in Paris. Enjoy your lovely weather, Carol. It’s perfect for sitting at a café watching the world go by. ❤️

  3. GwenEllyn11:32 PM

    The tourists are back at Roland Garros, too! Last year, with the pandemic restrictions - 100,000 tickets sold. This year, already 600,000!

    Please enjoy Paris for me!

  4. The streets look crowded. Cleaner than our streets.

  5. Love it Carol!! Thank you

  6. Your post makes me nostalgic to revisit Paris. On the back burner. Fares are now sky high.

  7. Anonymous3:52 AM

    As always, love your posts! “Fifty shades of Kelly Green”🤣❤️😘

  8. Indeed you had a beautiful day! Your photos were wonderful…sunshine, happiness, and fashion in Paris.

  9. Enjoy!Looks like the Paris you made us love.

  10. A perfect Paris day! And isn't it fun when you can eat your painting subjects?

  11. I love Paris days like these! Seeing your photos give me joy. Meric bien.

  12. Foodwalker11:48 AM

    Yesterday I got Watmaugh strawberries, deep red and deeply delicious. I bought three boxes and ate half of them as is and marinated the rest in Meyer lemon juice overnight and will make jam with those this morning!

  13. Merci, Carol, as always such a treat. Paris is beautiful, those cosplay girls look like they stepped out of the pages of a fairytale! It's satisfying to see jeans + tee with a touch of Chanel.

  14. Love the white t-shirt/jeans + Chanel bag! ❤️

  15. I know…so classic and simple and relatively pas cher, if you got yr Chanel on Canal street. True the dog could be costly, but she’s carrying it, which they usually do, so no horrible vet bills from stepping on broken glass like I once paid..Ouch


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