Saturday, March 27, 2021

Paris Fleurs

 Sunday I went to marché Bastille at noon looking for tulips. A good and bad idea. Prices are almost wholesale. They have longer stems and appear fresher then the corner stands, but I must remember to go before crowded midi/noon. 

The tension in the line was palpable and I caught it instantly. One is a thinking, “Do not even think of jumping in line ahead of me you horrid stranger!” 😖 Where are the tulips? 

OK I’ll get ranunculus (about which I know zip). Course after I told the vender I would take them (15€ ouch) I spied a boit/bunch of 9 deep red tulips (9€). 

“I’ll take those too” feeling triumphant. Did I even want red tulips? Not really but irrelevant when you’re caught up in the mad buying process.

Nearby Lenotre has the most charming Springy, flowery windows. Why isn’t there something inside like this design...not. 

Robins here are called rouge gorge/red throat, another French charmer. The week before I had searched like mad for a toy robin but no go. 

Inside Lenotre I fell hard for the bottle of framboise/raspberry couli - perfect still life object non? Also tasty in Greek yogurt it appears... Multi-usage. 

Another obsession -this ‘Greek bust’ vase in Benoit Chocolatier’s window (from Anthropologie). Emily-in-Paris said she’d found hers on rue de Seine at La Joie de Vivre.

“Non plus”/no more, gone, finished and not coming back into stock 😭

Off to the Marais Anthro. Eureka! They have it, but only the giant size, which turns out to weigh more than my suitcase to Paris for a 3-week stay 😳

La la la la la I will probably never use this monstre as a flower vase. Nor have the deep red tulips or pink ranunculus made it to watercolor paper. Bear is quite happy none the less 🐻👍 C’est la vie. 

Maybe I should have bought the everlasting daffs in the toy store last week but that’s an upcoming post. 

At Odeon the annual daff seller with his 2€ bunches...a missed opp. The Spring letter (good for next year👍) is in la Poste 📮 enfin 👏👏👏

💋❤️ Bonne Printemps dear PBers🌷


  1. No wonder they write songs about springtime in Paris...all of the flowers are just lovely! She may have been heavy, but your Greek lady is perfect...great hair! and lovely serene expression. Bear looks delighted at his new friend. Love your springtime Paris Map, Carol. Enjoy the weather, the flowers, and all the lèche-vitrines!

  2. A proverbial flower shop chez vous.BTW Ranunculus are a very fave of mine♥Lots of cool purchases..and that coulies bottle? Class.Map is beautiful as always.

  3. April (well almost) in Paris! Are the cherry blossoms blooming? I would go nuts at the marche trying to decide. Love the decal on the Lenotre window or is it painted? Your Paris Map is awesome. So many things for you to look forward to this spring.🌷

  4. Its a decal GA and Iwould buy it if they were selling :))

  5. Great season. This is a delightful post.

  6. Sybille11:29 AM

    So soothing for the Paris-hungry soul. ❤️ Do they still have the flower market on Ile de la Cite? If so, that must be buzzing this time of year.

  7. Monique/Nana,
    I’m sending you my Ranunculus
    All yours...I’ll take peonies instead pls

  8. We SO appreciate your posts, C. Sadly, it seems like a return to Paris gets further and further away. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  9. Love it all and am dreaming of Printemps 2022 in Paris. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to carry your goddess head home, along with flowers etc. Is your lockdown not very strict this time? I too love ranuculous but then I love most of the spring flowers.

  10. Jacquelyn2:15 PM

    Rsnunculas are fab- i believe you will find & they last !

  11. Dear Jacquelyn,
    I am sending you mine.
    They are all yours
    Mille merci :))

  12. Thanks so much for the beautiful share Carol

  13. Thank you for taking us flower shopping, I love flowers and having a bunch at home. Your collection with the statue head looks fabulous! I like the letter with the daffodils, looking forward to getting mine in the post. That raspberry coulis with Greek yoghurt sounds yum! I’m busy eating hot criss buns in the lead up to Easter. 😋

  14. Hello from the U.S.
    I found the small Greek vase on Amazon. Just a thought.

  15. Thanks very much Cathye,
    I bet shipping to France costs a bomb
    And by now I am not so enthralled with this Greek head
    Anyone want a big Greek head free?
    Ahem...U pay the shipping

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  17. Maybe you can do a return on the Greek head. Of course then you'd have to lug her back to the store. I wish I could think of something else you could use it for besides a bear holder. The flowers were lovely, as was your Paris letter. I'm looking forward to paintings of tulips and ranunculous and maybe some raspberry coulis.

  18. Gorgeous ranunculus!!! Your head is great...stick a plant in it for hair! Will the markets be open during your shutdown. Hope so since they are needed as a place to purchase food!


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