Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Bonne Fete Maman

Some months the Paris letter art comes easy peasy. Some months not so fast.
May is Mother's day, May day in Paris. And all that Ritz fuss. I thought I'd do Ritz tea cups...
Then I wandered into a closet-sized book shop, LIBRAIRIE MICHAEL SEKSIK at 10, rue du Cardinal and saw these liitle figures taking tea. So fun, so Mother's day...
Here's a closer look. Jane K. said, why not make them drinking afternoon tea at the Ritz? Bonne idée.
While in New york I found my old collection of flea market finds, many of them made in Paris!
Ah ha! Why not make the May letter 'perforated', a sort of cut-out and fold letter?
First some old Ritz research

I dropped in for a casual waltz through, hoping I could buy some Ritz blue ribbon in the gift shop
Peonies are in season.
A look in their garden. I did not get arrested.
Guerlain does a new muguet/lilly of the valley bottle each year for May day. I grabbed some perfume touches at Galeries Lafayette for letter envelope souvenirs...
Google helped out with lilly of the valley borders...
I always start letter art with one detail. If I can get that right its usually smooth sailing from there.
Don't forget to do your thumbnails or timbres as the French call them.
More trial and error, bits and pieces...
Et voila. At last finished and in the post yesterday. No perforations or folding this time. À la prochaine peut-etre? Oui o non? You tell me.
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  1. Kathy H9:54 AM

    All photos/art gorgeous!!! I remembered that my mother used to really like Van Houten chocolate bars!

  2. It will be ever so delightful!

  3. YOU ARE AMAZING-your trial and errors or bits and bobs are as wonderful as the finished creations-SERIOUSLY SO TALENTED-

  4. Jane G.12:41 PM

    Tres mignon!

  5. MJ Rose12:44 PM

    My mother collected those and made collages with them and I have her big box of collage things... brings back so many memories!!

    1. So fun MJ

      I used to pick them up for a song at the 26th street flea market

  6. just gorgeous!
    thank you.

  7. Sally V12:50 PM

    Velvet suits on boys..the epitome....thanks.

  8. Elaine Sciolino12:53 PM

    LOVE your Seine/wedding photo!

  9. Fun post & I love the way yu come up with & then develop your sketches.

    1. Thanks. So much of it is chance occurrences.

  10. Lynn S2:51 PM

    A terrific lesson. You are a very good teacher, Carol.

  11. YES I enjoy very very much ;-)))) j'adore !

  12. Your work is always so wonderful!


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