Sunday, November 08, 2015

Brunch with Coco Jobard

Last Sunday food stylist and cookbook author par excellence, Coco Jobard invited me to brunch (or 'bruncher' as the French like to say).
While Coco expertly scrambled the eggs (scrambled eggs?)
I tended the toast-maker. Coco bought this stunning (but in my opinion totally useless) toaster at BHV. Its two-sided and you're assured of burning both toast and your fingers. Still it looks attractive, like it escaped from a cowboy's campfire (with electricity?). Appearances count.
The appearance of Coco's plates are another matter.
There is not one dish or spoon in Coco's tiny apartment that is not wildly attractive.
Her tabletops are always delightful but she's a wonderful food stylist. Have you visited her site?
I mentioned I didn't know coleslaw was French?
"Nothing we're eating is French", I was reminded.
Doing 'bruncher' entails lots of American breakfast goodies. Note prominent maple syrup bottle (probably Canadian) decorating the table.
Were we supposed to dribble syrup on Coco's delish scones? Oh  I forgot to show the clotted cream.
My breakfast plate with English grilled sausages and tomatoes. Heaven.
Coco has authored and food-styled every Pierre Herme cookbook so I was expecting a Fetish Ispahan extravaganza. Instead we had an Autumn extravaganza of seasonal fresh walnuts and figs and Basque cherry jam (at last something intrinsically FRENCH!).
I have a secret passion for this bird lamp from Mathieu Challière. Have you seen them at Conrans?
Coco has a new bird cage lamp. I was drooling.
*Note that dark corner by the window? 
That's where Coco and top dessert photographer, Laurent Fau style and setup all the photos for Pierre Herme's exquisite cookbooks and brochures in his patisseries. Hard to believe the magic created in that little corner. Pierre Herme often visits while Coco concocts recipes for the books.
More faux birds perched on the windowsill (permanently) get to watch the magic taking place. If only they could speak...
Herme's brand new Pierre Herme Macaron: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Patissier is just out in English. Do click again on the page for all the info. 60 stunning photographs styled by Coco and Laurent + Coco's recipes (with Pierre looking over her shoulder naturalment).
Cucumber and tangerine, wasabi cream and strawberry. Coco let me taste many samples. Miam Miam
The fabulous 'Jardins' flavors are included if you're a fan.
P.Herme's Latest endeavor - collaborating on perfumes with l'Occitane. Rhubarbe/grapefruit, honey/Mandarine, Jasmin immortal. They sound like macaron flavors.
Speaking of making magic (ahem) a PBer requested a letter gift certificate card. What do you think?
Thanks so much for buying Elaine's Only Street in Paris! Almost 50 books were sold and all maps have gone out. Enjoy!


  1. Blissful!
    I want the sausage and eggs.
    Just back from Italy.
    The Europeans take their food so much more seriously than people round here.
    Miss you!

  2. She prepared a feast for you..the toaster reminds me of one we had in the country when I was a very small child..
    we also had a woodstove and bread tasted so good baked on it.
    I can't believe..but I do..that the fantastic photos are taken in a dark corner..I have so much to learn.The dishes are really pretty.
    Coco's apt.reminds me of being at my friend Nancy's home.
    The maple leaf syrup..could definitely be from Canada..
    love her square scnes..they look so good.
    Now I will go look at all the links..Imagine if I had ..I would have even had more to say.

    1. Yes, that toaster is from days of yore. It's always a treasured experience to lunch at Coco's. Everything she has and serves is Special!

  3. Magnificent photos taken for the book, in that dark corner.It's amazing what goes on behind closed doors. 12 yrs ago Mr France & I took part in a well known UK.TV programme titled 'Holiday Homes in the Sun' it took all day to film and precisely 3 mins was our part to fame. so many retakes and moving our heads this way & that way and sitting taking between our selves, which was then rearranged in another shot. I'm glad you enjoyed your brunch, looks more English than French.

    1. Exactly Barbara. Definitely more English than French. Coco bought her sausages and bread at Marks & Spencers at Boulevard St-Michel. I tried to explain the knick name Marks & Sparks to her...not easy to explain! :))
      And yes much time is spent getting those perfect photos.

  4. IT looks like an amazing brunch. I am even more amazed that those fabulous photos come from that corner. Beautiful!

    1. The secrets of that dark corner!!
      Only the birds know what goes on there.
      And Coco and Laurent.

  5. How lovely. My mouth is drooling!

  6. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I have had an insight into your way of Life and that of your Tribe...You live all of the spectrum of "pretty to Lovely to downright Beautiful". You are an inspiration....and I wish sometimes I could replace Bear in order to live in your world for just a day....Thanks for all the Pretty.....

    1. Thank you for the kind comment!!
      It isn't all a bed of roses of course.
      Bear says, "Do come along"

  7. I don't know if I ever thanke you for introducing me to Coco/s blog - always so sumptuous! Regarding the toaster - looks like it would be easy to electrocute yourself!!!! :-)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy Coco's blog. But of course you would Jeanette.
      Burnt fingers - yes, most certainly a hazard.
      Electrocution? Only if I was soaking wet from the shower and not wearing my rubber flipflops...

  8. Sally V.1:26 PM

    wonderful post today....!

  9. I just had a nice breakfast sandwich and a bloody Mary in Key West...not up to Coco's beautiful spread, but good.

  10. Bonnie in California2:32 PM

    Thank you to you for the inspiring, creative look at your city that was such a springboard for my journey. I am grateful to have found your very, very special blog...

  11. merci….très sympa ce post dear Carol
    but pas star….juste cuisinière du dimanche ! ha ! ha !
    and dommage pas d’Ispahan ! ha ! ha !
    juste scones + clotted cream + griottes FRANCE ….

    have a nice WeekEnd!

  12. My copy of Elaine's book arrived this morning. After reading the

    first couple of pages, I knew that I was going to love it!

    Thanks so much for recommending it to us! It's a real


  13. I think the GC card is a terrific idea. Loved this post - but I love them all. Am dying to get to L'Occitane to try the new scents as they sound delicious.

  14. Foodwalker8:42 AM

    The toaster - I inherited a gorgeous one like that from my grandmother.
    Those scones look absolutely divine.

  15. Super gorgeous food. It's amazing seeing such delicious brunch come together. I know what you mean about that toaster - definitely looks dangerous, and yet there's something appealing about its vintage look!

  16. The gift certificate card is delish, and inspires that most lovely of emotions: Anticipation. Tres Fab.

  17. The breakfast looks fabulous, Carol. I'd love to have a bit of that now :) (A great job of photographing it in the narrow kitchen.)
    Her book photos are great, too, and hard to believe that they are taken in that corner :)
    A gift certificate sounds like a good idea, BTW.

    1. Thanks Nikon. I was using Coco's iPhone. I lefy mt iPad at home...

  18. OMG Coco is the genius behind the Jardins series? I've been collecting those cards obsessively! I don't always love the macaron flavors but I treasure the little cards. I'm considering using them for a decoupage frieze when I redo my kitchen. Or maybe just a series in mini frames. Thank you for this behind the scenes insight!

    Thank you for this peek behind the camera.

    1. Me too Chanterelle! Feel the same way abt the flavors :)
      The pictures are all in the new macaron book bien sur.

  19. I bought the digital version of "Only Street In Paris" last night. It's wonderful! There's hardly any chance I'll make it to Paris before I drop dead. I figure following your blog and reading books like Elaine's are the next best thing. :-)

  20. Coco gets my vote for Hostess with the Mostest! And a Renaissance woman, it appears with talents in so many areas. What a lovely time!

  21. Carol, I've sent you an email, hoping that you and your friends are safe on this night when parts of Paris are not so beautiful.


  22. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Carol, I don't know how to email you. Also checked your Facebook page but no info there. Hope you are OK.

  23. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Carol, Wishing you well on this terrible night. Hope that you and all whom you love are OK

  24. Also thinking of you, holding you and all of Paris close in my heart.

  25. Carol, May you be O.K.......terrible news from beautiful Paris. We just heard it, and are shocked and horrified. I am thinking of you tonight, and praying you are well. Take good care, Carol.

  26. Good heavens- I hope you are fine and have come no closer to the attacks than watching the news!


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