Friday, September 18, 2015

Hotel Royal Monceau Raffles, Möet Hennessy

A plethora of Noel preview tastings. Buche from Pierre Hermé collection for
 Royal Monceau's forthcoming Christmas celebration in December- petite bouchée of mini Ispahans
Bites of foie gras mini 'burgers' on mini sesame buns to sustain us
Buche 'Sarah' - moelleux aux marrons, crème aux marrons glaces, crème onctueuse au the vert et compote de fruite de la passion'.
Buche 'Azur' - biscuit chocolat, sable diamant Infiniment vanilla, fine feuille de chocolat.
Buche 'Infiniment Vanille' - pate a sable Breton, ganache et crème de mascarpone a la vanilla, biscuit imbibe au jus de vanilla, pate sable.
Let the cutting begin
Nothing mini about these slices.
An ample portion of Infiniment Vanille accompaning by the perfect Port.
And buche Azur with its perfect companion, a glass of Muscat.
The week before a gorgeous tasting of Champagnes-Scotch from Möet Hennessy.
Giant Moet bubbles to dream of
Specially created miniature 'potatoes' filled with sweet cream by pastry chef Sebastien Gaudard to go with the Krug.
I cannot resist anything passion fruit/mango flavor including a Bellevdere vodka cocktail
Little jars of red fruits drinks and a liquidized 'millefeuille'. Now that's a first.
The most divine starter ever - fresh peach slices with a molded faux peach pit made of foie gras!
Bottles of Scotch and brandies...such lovely golden colors. Very Fall.
And brandy tastings for everyone.
Attendees take off. After all this luxe et volupte you might want to recover with some fresh veggies
At Israeli Miznon in the Marais, 22, rue des Ecouffes, 75004.
Go at noon or just after before the crowds hits. Excellent.
Look at this heavenly 📮Veuve Clicquot Champagne yellow mailbox new for this year's Xmas. Perfect for receiving your Paris mail !


  1. Everything looks so delicious! Thanks for "forcing" yourself to be our taster and photographer!

    1. Yes I felt a deep sense of obligation.

  2. So pretty and festive..and that black coat♥Googling molds again;)

    1. Paris is the place for baking molds on rue Montorgueil particularly at the bakery supply shops. may sell online.
      Or better yet come to the October Salon du Chocolat for gazillions of molds!!

    2. LaTableDeNana1:01 PM

      What a great site..
      Going to peruse it all..the French and pastry..OMG

  3. Once again you make me drool...and I am Right. Around. The. Corner from Seb. Gaudard this week. Oh my poor diet...

    1. Seriously dangerous location to be Chanterelle!
      Pick wisely not they are all wonderful.
      the Dacquoise thing and citron tarte are favs.
      Try his new tea salon on rue de Rivoli btw

  4. Carolyne I.4:12 AM

    Great post!
    I can't say that the lightening theme knocked my socks off but then I guess it is tough coming up with a new theme every year ! Big sheets of fondant cut into lightening shapes....
    Haha like I could do better, right!

  5. Foodwalker4:21 AM

    also love the witty toothpicks from the duck burgers!!
    maybe u could go into catering with all yr souvenir part takeaways..?
    The foie gras peach pits are to-die-for!!

    1. Must admit I have a drawer full of party 'souvenirs' :(
      wonder if they do a count? Just too irresistible for me.
      Can they arrest me?

  6. All that beautiful pastry! Boggles the mind. What really boggles my mind is that it's HOT here in Boston and I see ladies in Paris wearing Fall clothes. I am so envious.

  7. Lynne C.12:57 PM

    Sheer heaven

  8. Yummmmm.
    You are ALWAYS the best !

  9. Monique1:02 PM

    I love all that excites you because you share it all w/ us.

  10. I'm so glad you finally moved to Paris & I live vicariously through you as you go through all of your wonderful adventures.

  11. salivating over the fois gras peach starter and love the veuve letter box! Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. The colors are so deep and the photos so sharp - amazing in this post how everything just jumps out at you.
    I like the street scene at the end, too; the rain, the narrow streets and the shops.

    1. I loved how the heads of broccoli looked like people's heads :)

  13. Peggy B1:55 AM

    Very cool! I especially love the Veuve Clicquot mailbox! It looks rainy and chilly there...typical Parisian fall.

  14. Ah! The Yellow Mailbox.
    Everything old is NEW again!!

  15. Ruth S2:23 AM

    I hope you got that recipe for the vodka cocktail! Sounds delish!

  16. Goodness what works of art...only as the French can do.
    How beautiful everything looked.

  17. Wow, what a post. Amazing food art!!! Great! Thank you for taking me on a short journey!
    Happy days and all my best from Austria

  18. Oh my Christmas Buche AND port/muscat- how heavenly! Liquidized millefeuille- incroyable, I do hope you imbibed, I know I wouldn't have been able to resist. And Krug. Krug is my absolute favourite champagne. Too, too divine.


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