Friday, May 29, 2015

Paris Fete des Meres

I've been looking around town for signs of French Mother's day (les fetes des meres). At BHV I got up so close and personal to this sign I knocked over a stack of Nina Ricci perfume boxes. Ooops.
These are called 'Les Delices de Nina'. Click and watch a fun video.
At the time I didn't notice this box had a PARIS MAP on it. Now that I'm stricken with serious Map-o-mania, I regret not scooping it up for research purposes... Mille Merci dear PBers for signing on for the new map letters!!
It's predictable to give mom chocolates and/or flowers. In Paris you give your maman edible mini flower pots filled with praline.
Naturally there are plenty of gorgeous roses waiting to greet mom.
A queen maman in black and white stripes.
Angelina has a giant chocolate vase full of chocolate flowers.
Last Monday Solli took me to a 'Dior' tea at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The tiny exquisite mignardises are based on new Dior perfume scents.
The tea will be on till June 6. Do eat lunch before going (!)
I forgot....fatal error.
The day before we went to the newest, hottest patisserie in town up in Montmartre - Gilles Marchal, formerly much revered top chef at La Maison du Chocolat, has opened his own divine shop. *This is a Must-Visit. And just a short walk from Metro Abbesses. 9 rue Ravignon 75018
His décor theme is the madeleine.
With traditional scallop-shaped madeleines as well as the oval cakes we love so well.
Miam miam
We didn't go hungry :)
Before stopping in we visited the Spring annual Perigord a Montmartre around Sacre Coeur. No shortage of home-grown strawberries and just 2 euros a pop.
We bought a couple big boxes of berries too. You can not eat too many strawberries in France when they are in season.
Love this Mother's day chocolate heart melting in a sunny window.
Today I saw a new mom and dad helping their toddler walk.
HAPPY FRENCH MOTHER'S DAY to all moms out there.


  1. Oh my, those Fraisiers look so good!! When I was there in April only a few patisseries had them in... Angelina's was one of those stores. As always, I enjoy pictures of your strolls through Paris!

    1. Thanks Angelina (I'm think I'm changing my name).
      The Fraisers and the berries really hit in May in France.
      The French won't use Spanish strawbs unless they are the tiny fraise de bois (from Spain).

  2. Annabel11:05 PM

    What a heart-tugging picture of the little kiddie.

  3. I'm just back from fetching my morning bread from the boulangerie awarded the 2012 Best Baguette prize--my fourth local boulangerie this week--and I learn of yet another caloric temptation nearby! The Abesses neighborhood is not for the carb aversive, but irresistible. Did you see the map on his Facebook page?

    1. Yes of course I did! I jumped for joy and def was influenced. They are giving it out at the patisserie!

  4. These are a few of my favorite things..pastries,flowers,perfumes,little girls in dresses.
    You have been having a wonderful time..
    Bon weekend !

  5. Cute video, beautiful pastries and my list is starting for my next trip to Paris and I've only been back home for 1 week.

  6. Beautiful photos and lots of red!

  7. Dying to get to Gilles Marchal, Carol. Looks wonderful - and love his door handles, not just the pastries! What a lovely post for Mother's Day.


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