Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jardin des Plantes, Aroma-Zone, Mamie Gateaux

Yesterday Barb said she goes walking in the Jardin des Plantes most mornings (in the 5th arrondissement).

Except for a brief visit 2 years ago I've never been and I live pretty close by. You can take the 67 bus to several entrances and line 7 or 10 Metro.

Utter quiet except for birdsong at 9:15 am


And the footsteps of Paris joggers.

All the museums and zoo are closed today - it's dreaded Tuesday

Fortunately there are plans (maps) everywhere. 'Vous Etes Ici (you are here) helps you identify your location. It's difficult to get lost at the jardin. An overhead view of the Grande Galerie de l'Evolution (closed today).

And looking at the galerie from the broad esplanade of flower beds.

Do not step on the grass please.

I leave just as lines of school children arrive for a nature lesson.

If you would like a different kind of nature lesson, one you can apply to your face and body, head over to AROMA-ZONE 25 rue de l'Ecole Medecine 75006. Bus 63, 86, 87 stop in front + Metro station Odeon. I can't tell you how many times I've passed this shop and never entered. Idiot moi.

Not till Bio Queen Solli said she was buying all kinds of elixirs and magic beauty potions did I venture inside.

It seems like every plant in existence has it's own essential oils, butter and/or powder and you can find them at Aroma-Zone. This little girl was sniffing apricot and almond oils.

I felt like the first visit to Trader's Joe. I wanted to ask everyone on the long lines "WHAT ARE YOU BUYING?" Women had baskets full of vials and powders. The prices are tres, tres pas cher.

All I bought was Solli's hair shampoo called Shikakai (3,90). Mix approximately 3 (?)spoons with hot water, massage and rinse. Solli says 1 package lasts a year (!). They have classes for making your own makeup and kits to make 'prodigious oil' and gawd knows what else. Of course it's all in French.

Only when I got home to I find the 'plan' or map of Aroma-Zone. It's much easier to get lost here than at Jardin des Plantes.
Do not go on a weekend. Jammed solid.
FYI:more pictures inside Aroma-Zone and the parc on Flickr.
Later PBers Carm and Lindsey took me for tea at Mamie Gateaux.
No map required here.


  1. What a charming place for a morning walk. And the Aroma Zone makes me wish I'd studied French in school instead of Spanish. Maybe someone will set up guided tours in English for the non-fluent.Although I'm certain I could do just fine with the dessert menu at Mamie Gateaux. Food motivates me. And dessert really motivates me.

  2. Beautiful!
    We had a beautiful ..at ..last..day here also.
    I would have bought the same shampoo.

  3. Having an early morning walk dans le jardin des plantes seems a wonderful way to begin a day. Some of the photos (excluding the Galerie) reminded me of parts of Riverside Park and Central Park. Perhaps this post will encourage me to wake up earlier on my days off?

    About the Shikakai powder. I had a look via that obligin M. Google and find that an online source for books can also provide Shikakai. The various comments on this product seem encouraging, with even more information about how various folks mix it up.

    Back on the ground in NYC, I've added a post about red tulips to be found along Park Avenue. The flowers are lovely, but...the setting is not so lovely as Paris.


  4. The Jardin looks like the kind of place I love to walk M. Teddy, the French Barbet. And Aroma Zone looks a bit like Lush here....I have always passed by. Have you been to Lush and are they similar? I doubt the prices are wonderful at Lush.

    1. Lush is here and in London but Only soap. Aroma-Zone is so much more. You can make yr own soap and a whole mess of stuff. Dirt cheap for the dirt I bought ;))

  5. Ohoh, I'm seeing you have spammers too... I love the Jardins des plantes. They close on 1st May? it's funny since that's a day we get the time to finally go to the parks. I better not show my teenage daughters that home made beauty parlour place - they'll spend even longer in the bathroom! Looks interesting ... at the moment, they're crazy about lush.

  6. Another great posting, Carol. Love the "Hockney-like" watercolor at the beginning.
    You must get out in that park and do many more for us. This weekend the arboretum at the former
    Barnes Foundation opens for the season, and I'm spending Saturday there with my watercolors, for sure.

  7. Leaving today for Paris and will soon be in the Jardi des Plantes. Can't wait to smell the flowers.

  8. Ann K1:25 PM

    You are always loaded with GOOD
    Ideas, and always on the run!!!!

  9. Lynne2:06 PM

    This would be very popular in the U.S...what fun

  10. Not a whole year darling...a month and a half I would say..if you wash your hair every third day ;-)
    lets go there together one day and I will show you what oils I buy :-)

    And saw some comments reg Lush. Unfortunately they use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in their soaps and shampoo's..just like they do in any traditional shampoo...an ingredient I avoid and that's why I'm only using shikikai ;-)


    1. Ohhhh..now you tell me! I was so excited.
      And I wash my hair a lot!

  11. Love your opening watercolor & then the slideshow of the garden. You got there at just the right time for the perfect sunlight angle!
    The garden & its flower beds looks gorgeous.

  12. The Jardin was lovely last September when I visited. So many flowers still blooming, gorgeous old trees, and everything has a label posted so you can identify plants and trees. Stayed in an apt just down the street and can imagine how nice it would be to have a jardin like this to walk or jog through, or just sit and read and smell the flowers every day.

  13. Claire10:34 PM

    I want to go to Aroma-Zone too and see how expensive their essential oils are. . .

  14. How glorious! My one and only walk in the Jardin was on a rainy April day three years ago. Not much was in bloom yet but what was in color (oh, those peonies!) was gorgeous! I love your painting at the top of the post. Just lovely!

    Yes! Spring IS here, I think. Really!

  15. Thank you for linking to this post in your latest one! I only joined you at the end of 2015 and hadn't seen this one. Next time I'm inPatis I will aim robust these two places!


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