Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Give Me 1 Reason to Stay Here (in Paris)

You Don't have to Give Me One Reason to Stay Here (in Paris).

Yesterday was visa day. It comes round once a year with the requisite nerves and stress,

There are lots of rules. Just entering the front door of the Prefacture de Police on Cite, there are rules. Only 10 people in the entryway. Then shed all your belongings and go through the machines.

Don't worry if you need copies. There are machines in the hall. Bring 20 centimes svp.

If your passport photos have a ding from a paper clip like mine last year, you can retake them in the hallway.

DO NOT FORGET to bring along your Convocation paper! I lost mine yesterday morning. Then I found it with a back page folded on top. Whew.

We did not have to wait long to see the receptionist who checks your papers. This is unusual.

You are given a number.
Take your seat and recheck your papers again and again.
I was missing a few copies. You need your originals and the copies to give the immigration agent for their file.

We only waited 1 1/2 hours! This is a short wait for the process.
Fortunately my clever visa lawyer complimented our agent (in French) on her mini fan and nicely broke the ice. We were holding our breath as she checked off each document 1-2-3.

We sailed through!
I return to the Prefacture in May to pick up, pay for my carte sejour.
Oh Happy Day.
Another year in Paris.

If you're serious about moving to France, I can recommend my American lawyer AC Dana who's lived here 25 years.

If you don't get your visa first go,
DO NOT take it out on the agent SVP.

I felt like the queen of Sheba walking out of there.

Time for an ice cream cone.

Ex-pat Baryshnikov was enjoying the sun on my island.

Maybe he just 'passed' his visa too?

Spring asparagus! Oh Happy Day.

The first Spring strawberry Fraisier at Gerard Mulot.

I tried to paint it. But had to run out and get a real one to study closely.
Celebration time.
Bear says I should keep painting. Not there yet.
He's pleased he's staying on another year.
And how!


  1. Congratulations! I think I would have celebrated the entire day... and into the night.

  2. Bonnie L9:17 AM

    Congratulations, Carol! Enjoy the spring strawberries & asparagus now that visa day is behind you...

  3. Another wonderful year of pastries, macarons, stinky cheeses, views of Paris, snaps of great art and your lovely watercolors summing it all up. Lucky us!

  4. Félicitations Carol ! I will be there soon in Paris... I hope the trees will still be in flowers when I arrive on April 13th !

  5. Congratulations, Carol! It's our win, too, another year of beautiful pictures and paintings full of Paris sights and flair!

  6. I love it when you have to go out and get a Fraisier just to make sure that your painting is perfectly delicious. Well done on that Visa, Carol and cheers to une très belle année à Paris!

    1. Thanks so much Jill and everyone!
      You have to taste it to paint it don't you?

    2. PS I just got your new book Jill!
      It looks Fabulous!!

  7. Chef Ann9:45 AM


  8. Congratulations. Glad that you and Bear get to stay on your island (and keep painting Paris) for another year. I'm coming to visit for the day in mid April, so hoping to meet up for a slice of that strawberry gateau.

  9. Congrats Carol! Lucky you and lucky us indeed!
    And Baryshnikov is your neighbour - wow!!

  10. Maureen10:50 AM

    OMG ! Yesterday a brochure from the American Ballet Theatre fell off my bookcase and the program from November 12, 1974 for Coppelia fell out - starring......Baryshnikov. Then I open your blog and who is sitting at a sidewalk café ? Coincidence? I think not!

      Come quick and hanf out at that cafe.
      He will come again. For sure.

  11. HOORAY!
    I can quite understand you feeling a bit nervous!
    buster and Robert and I are SO THRILLED for you!

    1. I am terrible with piles of paper with official writing on them.
      Drawings are OK fortunately.
      Thanks Buster And Elizabeth and Robert.

  12. Wonderful post! Congratulation on the renewed (almost) visa.

  13. I’m so glad you’ll be in Paris for another year. This has been a long, hard winter in Vermont and you have brought much color and cheer (especially the Bonnard exhibit), so thank you!

  14. Chickie12:15 PM

    I so love Paris and you just make it even more wonderful, Fondly, chickie

  15. Congratulations to you & to us as we get to read your blog for, at least, another year. Do so hope we might be able to meet for a pastry when I'm in Paris.

  16. I bet that was a relief. It just goes to show.... when you know how to work the system, the French bureaucracy is not so bad after all. Well done you.

  17. Fabulous news! Another year of priceless exploration!

  18. So happy for you and the rest of us stuck here and getting a taste of Paris in our In Box.

  19. WOW! What a nail-biting adventure for you...and for us, Carol. I felt like I was in the middle of a "film noir"...and what a cast of characters; Baryshnikov and the Queen of Sheba no less. And of course in the end our American heroine sails off to her island in the middle of Paris, and all is well for another water color filled year. Waaadaaa movie!
    Wait a minute. Did I see "Bogie" standing next to you on that barge...?

  20. Yay! What would we do if you left?
    Bear is adorable peering into the box..
    You are such a brave girl! Taking Baryshnikov's pic!
    I purposely brought my Ipad w/ me today as I was getting out of the countryside..and never had the nerve to take it out to take photos..
    Didn't you have your leg injury at this time last year?

  21. BTW..love the song..and aquarelles~

  22. I can just picture the rather tall, dark, carved wood door with no identifying features on it. When you fail to produce the correct number of copies or you have dented your photo or folded a corner, the agent stands and says, "S'il vice plait, mademoiselle", while gesturing toward that door. She walks you over to the door, opens it and pushes you through and you are immediately beamed up in Brooklyn. At least I hope so because the other alternative is that you find yourself in a very deep, very dark dungeon.

  23. Congrats! That is a rather big, imposing door!
    The interior reminded me of a big city library :)
    At least you got back to your island - for another year - with Bear & delicious pastries!
    The river and the island look like it was worth the hassle of the paperwork....

  24. Barbara11:28 PM

    congratulations! Looking forward to more fun and beauty.

  25. Sounds expensive - lawyer, fee for a year, and then the ice cream cone to celebrate! Seriously, how much (roundedj) does it cost to stay a year for fees and attorney??? My daughter is hoping to move there...

    Mary in Oregon

    1. 2,50€ for a single dip cornet.
      The rest depends...

  26. Dear Carol, I am delighted that you have officially been granted another year in beautiful Paris. Actually, it seems to me that Paris should be delighted to renew any required papers for you, as you certainly contribute greatly to the appeal of Paris. I wonder how many of your PB'ers have visited Paris as a result of following your posts....lots, I'd bet.

    Do continue celebrating! xo

  27. Congrats! Love the paparazzi shot. What gorgeous asparagus!

  28. Congratulations on another year's visa acquired, and on properly celebrating with ice cream!

  29. Oh yay!! Another year of Paris for you and Bear, and another year of enjoying reading about your adventures for us. Glad it went smoothly!

  30. One reason to stay in Paris? I think if you look at every photo you have shared on this site, you will find thousands of reasons to stay there -- and I'm so glad you are signed, sealed and delivered into another year!


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