Sunday, October 14, 2018

Le Marché des pays l'Aveyron

This past weekend was the big annual vendanges/wine fete de Montmartre and the lesser known, much smaller annual Marché des Pays de l'Aveyron in Bercy, 75012.
A 3-day marché that takes up just a few streets, yet chock-a-block with delicious regional food specialties. FYI l'Aveyron is in the Massiv Central department. I have yet to go there.
Masses of hand baked goods made with regional walnuts or prunes. Those buns were covered with hungry bees.
Tempting prune pockets were very popular.
Eau de vie from local fruits; pear, quince, plums. A small sample was way to strong for me cough, cough...
So many producteurs of Roquefort.
They all offered a variety of tastes, so you tasted at least three vatieties per cheese maker.
This Roquefort cake mix looked interesting.
Beautiful knitted goods from the same sheep making the cheese.
Loads of duck products. Aubrac beef and charcuterie is also famous from this region.
Their Gateau a la broche is turned on a rotisserie
Its big in Paris Christmas markets because of its pine tree shape. The flavor is pleasent. Its more about the texture, form and regional tradition.
L'Aveyron Aligot is always served with saucisse. Made from mashed potatoes, Tome cheese and garlic.
I managed to grab a mini taste from sellers of the boxed variety. I'm sure the freshly made is far more flavorful.And much more sticky and stretchy.
There were long, long lines for these patties made with onion and blette (a kind of Kale).
I had small tastes of just about everything (who could resist) but I only bought a large pack of shelled walnuts, only to find walnuts in the shell around the corner. I am very well-supplied with nuts shelled and unshelled for the Winter and they go well with Roquefort. The l'Aveyron marché is a wonderfully rustic annual country festival you shouldn't miss if you're in Paris in October.
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Bonne semaine prochain

Monday, October 08, 2018

Chanel Spring/Summer 2019, les Impressionnistes à Londres, Petit Palais

The Chanel Spring-Summer 2019 show at Grand Palais always comes as the final coup de grace to Paris Fashion Week. The great advantage is after you're done gorping at the fashion plates rushing to get inside by 10:30/showtime, you can cross the street and visit the PETIT PALACE and see whatever is on. This is the last week for LES IMPRESSIONNISTES À LONDRES.
Leather or tweed bikers hats were out in numbers this year.
Chanel l'invitées were told to wear low heels or flats.
A sandy beach was waiting for them inside the Grand Palais
Including real waves!
Many fashionistas show up sans show invitation just to pose for all the photographers onsite.
I loved the double sweater effect of this photographer (two identical wooly pullovers - one tied around the neck).
The crowd was definitely smaller outside PETIT PALAIS across the street and less chic.
Many French artists like Monet, Sisley, Pissarro, Tissot and Daubigny sought refuge and exil in London during the wretched years of the Franco-Prussian war, 1870-1871. Monet's misty house of parliament.
The smog and smoke was thick back in the day.
Ladies by James Tissot were just as elegantly dressed as Chanelophiles across the street.
Could you wear a Chanel outfit at this picnic?
Another Monet in a London park.

Monet's houses of parliament series
And Derain's Fauve version.. The show is on through october 15 so hurry run see it.
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Bonne Semaine!

Monday, October 01, 2018

Eblouissante Venise - 18th C arts of Venice - Grand Palais

Huge THANK YOU PBers for all the Fab WALKING SHOE suggestions! And to M. who is actually sending me a pair of shoes! WOW More shoe talk. In you're planning on gondoliering in Venice or for just general around the house elegance you can pick up a pair of colorful velvet Friulians made by CAPULETTE in the GRANDE PALAIS gift shop (70€) during the new exhibit, EBLOUISSANTE VENISE (Magnificent Venice and the arts of Europe in the 18th century. (On till 21 January 2019).
This is a gréât exhibit to see if you're going to Venice, have just been or dream of going.
It will get you in the spirit of things completely.
Amazing paintings by Tiepolo, Guardi,  Canaletto.
And many by one of my favorites, Pietro Longhi.
There's even a resident lion of Venice ensconced. No roaring allowed.
To scale models of Venetian palazzos. When in Venice it can be almost too much to take in.
This exhibit is a way to prep or relive your Venice experience
What THEY wore. The lush fabrications for men and women.
18th century-style paper ballgowns provided by ISABELLE DE BORCHGRAVE hang from the ceiling as you go up to the second floor exhibits
All the decorative arts are represented
Music will be provided during evenings
Music stands are set up on the exhibit floors. Vivaldi awaits in the wings.
They played modern jazz for the press preview.
My favorite Venetian artist CANALETTO was well represented.
Thanks to Elaine S. I went next day to the annual FESTIVAL PECHE EN SEINE held on the l'Ile de la Jatte in Lavalloise-Perret. Kids are taught or anyone for that matter how to fish.
I sketched onsite thinking of Canaletto and his boat figures...
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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"