Saturday, August 18, 2018

St Malo 2nd time around

For once I followed the French and went out of town during fete de assumption on August 15. Last year we visited ST MALO in early July and saw only salted caramels, kouin Amann, crepes.
This year was different. My hotel was set back in the surrounding ramparts - a good 15 minutes walk away from all the treats we consumed last year. At first I was disoriented. No boulangeries nearby. But a quick look at the beachfront and I changed my mind. After the 4 hour train ride I went in for a nap.
An hour later the tide was way out.
Everyone was walking on the wet sand towards Saint-Malo's historic forts.
A march of pilgrims...
I joined in.
The views are spectacular
Whichever way you look
This couple worked on their tans while the rest of us trudged through the sand
The reward for that marching? An ice cream at Sanchez in town. This is a single dip by the way.
Ice cream cones as big as your head!
At dusk back at the beachfront at I found my painting subject.
These resort gulls are pros at posing.
In my room I discovered a new brush to add my repertoire - a Bobby Brown flat powder brush. I found more terrific brushes in the medicine cabinet at home. Sometimes you have to go away to see what's under your nose.
My last morning a quick look on the beach. These kids are getting sailing instruction while their brave parents hold their breaths. Me too.

A last walk on the ramparts with my suitcase
And a final blow-out lunch at CAFE DE SAINT-MALO. Drizzle and coolness but its a nice change from hot Paris.
Ta da. My assette de fruits de mer folowed by rai in brown butter and capers. And La dame blanc. A coupe of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and Chantilly. Yum. The perfect end to my 3-day escape. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you'd like to receive a French seagull, letters, or mapin your mailbox, please look in my Etsy shop.
I don't want Summer to end. 


  1. Fun post! Love seeing your aquarelles of beachy scenes..your colors and brushes:)

  2. I love the make up brushes! I feel so much less plebeian now knowing an artist I respect uses them too!

    1. I wish you'd said something sooner Rosie
      They are wonderful!

  3. Judi H10:14 AM

    Love your little sojourn. The rocks at low tide made me green with envy.
    We don't have them in SW Florida

  4. How much I enjoy your take on life, Carol!

  5. Bonnie11:21 AM

    Bear in Saint-Malo
    Maybe my favorite blog photo of all time. Did Bear have a wonderful vacation?

    I enjoy your travel blogs so much, Carol.

    Especially your favorite restaurants.

  6. Have you been to Guernsey?

  7. Carol I literally inhale and let out the biggest sigh when I see your watercolor 444444444test bars (layman's terms-I humbly beg your pardon) I just LOVE them...well the resulting art work isn't too shabby either-the PROCESS I LOVE THE PROCESS-as always meci for taking us along-wishing the best of end of summer holidays--

  8. Cyndy, I just watched The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Please, Carol, go to Guernsey and paint for us. Thank you. Barb

    1. Send ticket please and I will go 😄

    2. PS Netflix France has yet to let us see that...I keep checking,

  9. I forgot, Bear would love it, too.

  10. Barbara F12:32 PM

    Thank you for sharing your travels with us. Is this the same place as in the novel, “All the Light We Cannot See”?

    Seeing the photos really provides a window for the setting. I noticed the Tides seem particularly low.

    Thank you again, love your work.

  11. That lunch is a dream come true & eating it by the beach makes it more so. So glad Bear got to go along. Saw the movie Christopher Robin and thought of Bear as he would love to meet Winnie & the gang.

    1. Cafe St-Malo is in the center of town.
      In fact unlike a lot of other seaside resorts there are NO restaurants besides the beach. Just the stone ramparts which is clever of them as a way to keep the beaches clean and free of junk.
      There was a tiny cafe on the beach nearmy hotel actually. The only one I saw...

  12. I adore St. Malo. How glorious in ever way.

  13. Anne W1:31 AM

    Loved your 3 days in Saint-Malo!

  14. Saint Malo looks brilliant! I really want to visit there one day too. I vote for ice cream every time! Lovely photos and hilarious posing seagulls. Merci toujours! :)

  15. Sarah T7:42 AM

    Brilliant, gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful posts, travelogue and paintings!

  16. Bonnie L12:33 PM

    Love your post on St Malo!
    We have only been once, in September. Not surprisingly there were a lot fewer people then. Your seafood meal looked yummy - the French do seafood platters SO well.


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