Friday, June 15, 2018

Aix = Apricots

This was going to be a post about the marchés in Aix. Instead its a study of the color apricot/abricot. You never know...
Aix is such a warm beautiful town in Provence.
There are many areas with no tourists...especially if you get lost
Just you and the warm, apricot architecture.

Une homme toute en abricot presque...
An apricot pup visiting SALON COTE SUD. Next year I will wear apricot too
An apricot wall inside Cezanne's house from a year ago. I'm in good company ;))
I fell in love with this apricotish wall on rue Mazarine a year ago. I went back and its still as beautiful.
This year I painted it.
The apricot view out my window, over the central marché at Place Richelm, after climbing 5 tortuous flights.
Rows and rows of apricot houses...
Rows of tarte d'abricot at Salon Cote Sud
These unforgettable, apricot gents line the Cours Mirabeau. A don't miss!
An exhibit of French artist, Nicholas de Stael's Provence paintings was on at musée HOTEL DE CAUMONT. Plenty of delicious apricot here.
Drop-dead gorgeous color blocks of slathered paint to blow you away. My first encounter with his sumptuous  work. On till Sept 28. Don't miss it if you visit Aix.
Back out in the street more warm, toasty colors.
I didn't expect to fall so hard for a Paul Boulangerie pot of apricot jam on the Place. After numerous visits, I succumbed and it tasted damn good. Don't ask why I left the half-eaten jar behind, thinking it would be so easy to find in Paris. Not! Only mini-sized jars so far. Clearly I'll have to go back to Aix. The new June pique-nique letter is on Etsy. Get French abricots in your mailbox. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you liked this post please share with another Francophile.
Bonne Week-end


  1. Allie in NYC1:50 AM

    Vibrant color,Great!#!

    1. Aix is vibrant. It warms your heart, these colors.

  2. Why is it that stucco walls look great even when they are, ESPECIALLY when they are crumbling?
    My grandma loved apricots and had several trees in her yard, the fruits of which went into much jam. We also have an apricot tree (Roussillon--big, orangey red ones) and it's laden this year.

    1. OMG
      Rousillon apricots in your garden...a dream...

  3. OMgee I love those mini pots you painted..!I love how you recreated the colors in the wall..your take..warm..I fell in love w/ your apricots years ago!
    Don't you love the way people dress in Provence? St-Rémy..St-Paul De light so fresh..Cannes too!
    Love M.Abricot..
    BTW I put 8 of my Paris letters in a poster frame(Need a nicer one) and put 3 outside the frame on each side on the wall in my craft room:)♥
    Your letters are beautiful to see all the time.

    1. PLEASE send pic when they are framed...a poster? I cant imagine :))
      Lovely compliment
      Mille merci M

  4. Edie K11:38 AM

    Love love love this….My late husband Chris and I spent time in the area and he did a series of paintings reflecting our stay there…so beautiful. Thank you.

  5. This post makes me drool both for the food and the location! Up Five flights?! Aïe!

    1. Very spooky steps too. And the door opened outwards instead iof inwards! You could easily knock yourself backwards. Once I got in I stayed in...did not venture out at night at all.
      A real room at the top! 😳

  6. Jeanne11:47 AM

    Today’s Paris Breakfast is superb. Love it!

  7. Some things are just to die for. This is, for certain!

  8. Delightful...beautiful...and yummy. I’ll bet Bear likes to lick the jam pot.
    I have had this idea brewing for a while. I know you are going to think: oh, no. I can’t, won’t, don’t have time or interest...BUT anyway, here goes.
    I would love to see your blog entries in a hardcover book. (Ok, now you can stop shaking your head.)
    I think it would be interesting and gorgeous.
    with devotion,

    1. Ha ha Actually I've thought about it too Lynn,
      But its complicated to do...I plot out my posts as sort of movie storyboards...I try for a pattern of sequencing from picture to picture. It works nicely when you scroll down. A book is a different process. I'm not sure how to transpose it...? I'm open to ideas 😄

  9. LarryWalker2:04 PM

    love them 'cots and you have mastered them/


  10. I love apricots, your watercolor of the jam and macaroons and dream of the day you will publish a coloring book so I can have more fun with all your fantastic sketches.

    1. Hmmm...I starting putting one together a couple of years ago Suki...
      Now I think they are passé 😳
      Funny I almost included a coloring line drawing on the June letter but I changed the artwork quite a bit. I will see if I can find it for you!

    2. If you do one, I'll be your first customer - I'm collecting them for when I have time to sit and color and relax.

  11. Suzanne P2:24 PM

    I must say I look forward to all your posts. I love your photography and of course your beautiful watercolor paintings. The apricot colors of Aix are just pure heaven. You also have me craving apricot jam. :)

    Merci for sharing your talents with us.
    Have a fabulous day.

  12. Love deStahl's art. Was happy to see a one man show in Normandy last visit. I have the stamp he created for the French Post Office. years ago If I can find another, I'll send it!. Great blog post again (and again and again)! You are amazing! Jill b
    Find me on ETSY Jill Butlerartdesign. New french inspired cut collage placemats.

    1. A very powerful artist, de Stael. You have to see his work in person. I didnt many paintings are in black in white. The color blocks was so strong.Glad to hear you're on Etsy now Jill!

  13. I agree, I look forward to all your posts too Carol. Loved the apricot tour of Aix, merci beaucoup! Helping Me escape the rain and cold here.

    1. Next winter in Paris I shall await a ticket to Australia Kirra 😄❤️

  14. Gloria8:34 AM

    This is SO cheerful!
    Merci G

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