Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Paris terrasses, French apero, Louvre

Have you visited le Colbert at the Louvre? I have to admit I hadn't till researching Paris terrasses. Please visit my INSTAGRAM for more pics.
The views are gorgeous, including the Pavillon Turgot just across the courtyard.
Not that there's anything wrong with the terrasse le Colbert?
Though a Parisian bird might decide to obstruct your view.
The latest Paris map is a collection of sky-high terrasses for knock-your-socks-off views.
For some unknown reason they all sport the exact same umbrellas?
Quite a few are on the top floors of Paris' museums.
Noura's Zyriad has top-of-the-world views of Ile Saint Louis and beyond in l'Institute Monde Arabe.
The musee Branly terrasse in the 7th has limited visiting hours and a small charge.
Between 2 - 6 pm. Or you can break the bank and book restaurant Les Ombres in the evening hours for a champagne celebration. Do not expect to waft in sans reservations. Tel:
Anyone can go up to the 8th floor in Galeries Lafayette and get eye-level with the Opera Garnier and the Eiffel Tower. FYI Printemps' terrasse is closed for renovations for a few years.
The Club Cube may close early but you can still hang out and wander till the store closes.
Top of the French list of evening aperitifs is the orangey Aperol spritzer

Even le Figaro's informational apero map is orange-colored. Naturally drinks cost a tad more in Paris than in the sticks. Big surprise.
The latest Parisbreakfast letter will keep you up to date on what to order at those lovely top floor terrasses. Don't forget the big deal is the accompanying munchies; crackers, olives or round-the-world tidbits. If you can't make it to Paris for an apero, there are Louvre watercolor views in my Etsy shop. By the way order just a Perrier at the Louvre terrasse or zero. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. You can receive Parisbreakfast letters, maps and watercolors in your mailbox. Just look in my Etsy shop.
Bon Mardi!


  1. Clarity Artists10:27 AM

    Okay, the bird got us, but then so did knowing about the top views via museums!
    Thank you.

  2. I think you did a fantastic sketch in that first (and final) Louvre façade!

  3. If only I was in Paris I'd find this post and the information invaluable!

  4. Lois Bender2:20 PM

    I love the paris terraces,,,,, nice architectual ornamentation!
    A great topic that I love too….

  5. Gorgeous pics and a great theme! xx

  6. Anonymous3:10 PM

    On my first trip to Paris in 2002, I experienced spectacular views from the rooftop restaurant at Musee D'Orsay and La Samaritaine. Last year, our tours went to the rooftop of the Palais de Chaillot where we stood among the giant Art Deco figures looking out to the Eiffel Tower and beyond. The rooftop views of Paris are incomparable! Thank you for this wonderful post! Cheers, Stephan

    1. Thanks Stephan. Oooooo
      More good rooftops!
      Not sure former Samarataine is open these days...

  7. Allison11:09 PM


  8. Kathleen A3:05 AM

    i love following your adventures and seeing the lovely watercolors you make.

  9. Great photos and watercolors, Carol, but I liked the pencil drawings the most!
    Great to know about the terraces - new to me.

  10. Interesting mix of languages on that cocktail menu....I'm guessing they honor the language the drink was created (popularized?) in - "Frozen" mojito and "Country Breeze".....

    1. The French LOVE Anglais...they get 'creative' with it like crazy
      Why is it OK for the French to totally mess up English but not vice versa?

    2. My guess is they 'honor' nuttin' They do as they like.
      C'est comme ça.

  11. Mariangela3:47 AM

    Paris is always gorgeous

  12. Marilyn S3:48 AM

    The watercolor sketches you are doing of the Louvre are priceless.

  13. i love following your adventures and seeing the lovely watercolors you make.



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