Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Les Lebey de la Gastronomie

Last night les Lebey de la Gastronomie gave out the French 'oscars' to the creme de la creme.
I was invited to come taste by la creme de la creme, Il Gelato del Marchese
Tasting is a serious matter. Attention must be paid.
Especially to framboise et pistache. I did.
I paid a lot of attention to the mountain of fromage. I hardly touched the stuff in the US. So funny
Stacks of fat pods of vanille
Rum infused with vanilla pods.
Le Beurre Bordier offered endless
Flavored butters.
Saucissons anyone?
Vanilla madeleine-flavored honey in portable pouches by Honly.
The old fashioned stuff still in glass jars.
British jams by Tea Together supplies The Ritz and other top Paris names. I'll take the pineapple canelle
Demos..watch and wait to taste. The angst is too much for me. I'd rather grab a fromage triangle.
What they were wearing - short, black lacy skirts with bare legs.
What souvenirs I brought home. I'm addicted to tasting spoons and toothpick flags. They mount up in the silverware drawer. I didn't realize I'd also grabbed a cheese cow. Oh dear. Tasting mania!


  1. I like those things too:)
    Now I want to cut the top off a black lace like that dress I have..

    who am I kidding?

    So cute seeing all the souliers styles..the aquarelle is beautiful..I saw your color exercises on IG..lovely.
    Vanilla pods..sugar,,paste ..etc..faves.

  2. It all looks amazing but the butter & cheese are fantastic. You do live qquite the life at times.

    1. At times it can be unreal!! Not all the time thank goodness!

  3. Kathleen H12:43 AM

    A cheese cow...Hah! (love it!)

    1. It looked better than it tasted...ahem

  4. LOVE your watercolor!!! I think I would be going for those delicious looking butters and cheese!

  5. Ice Cream! Cheese tower! You just made my Wednesday, thanks :)

  6. Elaine Holmes1:41 PM

    Ahhh, cast drawing at PAFA!

  7. OMG! That heaven its time to make dinner!

  8. Great opening watercolor and photos, Carol.
    I especially like the second photo of the people waiting to be served their gelato.

  9. Gosh! I missed you, Carol. I was here too! I might have known I'd find you around the ice cream and cheeses :-) Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Great fun!

  10. Oh wow! My mouthy kept watering as I looked at your pictures, but then you got to the beurre butter... I don't know why that butter is SO GOOD, but it is... leave it to the French to have me singing praises about butter!


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