Friday, July 15, 2016

Why can't we live together?



  1. I went to the fireworks in Carcassonne. Nobody pushed, nobody was rude. It was amazing that half a million people could crowd the streets (of a city of 47,000) and be so nice. Most people, the vast majority, live together quite happily. But one guy who doesn't can do an awful lot of damage.

  2. Heart aching for France once again - and our world. Peace to you. Glad you are safe.

  3. Terriblement triste..and many will find they know OF someone..who either had family there..was there..or a friend was the story unravels.
    In an instant..things change.

  4. Anonymous10:00 AM

    J'apprends les nouvelles, et je suis horrifié par ce qui se passe à Nice. Soutien au peuple français, toutes les victimes et leurs familles."
    Desiree Llaneza. Clermont, Florida US

    1. D'accord. C'est terriblement tragique.

  5. cyndi from SD10:01 AM

    Too sad for words.
    Glad that you and Bear are safe.

  6. Indeed. Things seem so out of control.

  7. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I hope this doesn't sound dense but every time this happens whether to 20 little children and their teachers or this shocking act I wonder why every one does not voice their logic to the next propagandized person that these acts do NOT please God,that they will not be welcomed into Heaven or Paradise that they do not bring any decent human being to believe in their ideology or religious Faith or feel any emotion but sickened repugnance-that their name will live in Infamy along with the other detested,abhorrent figures of History. Our Leaders and Professors and All of the Priests and Mullahs,Pastors must speak out against these acts that must be reprehensible in the eye of our Creator. If this could dissuade just one of these lost souls from this insanity it would be a beginning instead of these horrible ends for so many innocents.

  8. Tragic, Sad, Despicable, Heartwrenching!
    Hugs to all.

  9. Stay safe, Carol and Bear.

  10. Good morning Carol, I am ending love and support to you and France from my side of the world. We stand with you in support of Liberty and Faternity. As John Lennon said all we need is love. I don't understand what is so amiss in the lives of the disenfranchised that they feel compelled to such horror. Keep sharing your joy and my fridge is shining with you joyeous colours of your June and July paintings. Merci for doing what you do. M de L

  11. Leslie in Oregon11:41 PM

    We each and all need to do everything we can to support those who are on the margins of society, for whatever reason. We humans are all in this life on earth together, and these acts of violence evidence that now more than ever, what affects one of us, or one group of us, affects us all.

  12. This is such a awful situation, I am so so sad for the beautiful country of France and all the wonderful people that live there! My heart goes out to all of France. Stay safe.

  13. Kerene12:50 PM

    Thinking of you, take care, and thankyou so much for your beautiful blog.

  14. Kathleen12:52 PM

    It just never ends...there seems to be no end of crazies in the world...

    I remember being in Nice when I was young...who would have thought that anything like this could happen there...?

  15. Betsy2:04 AM

    Thank you Carol, Another sad day is right; but they can't stop the music or the human spirit.


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