Thursday, June 16, 2016

La Boulangerie, Bac Sucré, Glaces Artisanales de France, Paris-Basques,June Paris Map

This has been a major degustation (tasting) week and its not over yet.
Starting at 9am on Monday the grand opening of top French chef, Thierry Marx's first LA BOULANGERIE 51, rue de Leborde 75008 7h30 - 20h.
Marx's famous profile adorns the windows of course
Cool scooter seating inside. Design is by Mathilde de l'Ecotais
We're taken downstairs to the labo for a croissant leçon. All breads are made onsite.
The croissant on the upper right is mine...I think.
MOF chef Joel Defives explains La Boulanerie's 7 pains/ 7 saveurs.
Upstairs chef Thierry Max makes us a sandwich. Everything is superb. Do stop in!
Tuesday eveing amidst downpours and strikes the pastry chefs carried on celebrating 4 days od Bac Sucre tastings on rue du Bac.
Angelina created a special fruits rouges meringue yummy mouthful.
From top fromagier Madame Nicole Barthelemy - le vrai fontainebleu and creamy fromage blanc topped with respberries.
Coconut/pomegranade shakes with and without alcohol to keep our spirits up when the rains came.
Please don't forget if you're in Paris this weekend is the happy return of PARIS-BASQUE fab wine and Basque specialties and pelote games in the 16th arr. 8 quai Saint-Exupery. 9h till 2 in the morning. The Basque know how to party. And this time I'm getting me one of those cute red foulards.
Did I mention on Monday afternoon at 5 an ice cream gathering of GLACES ARTISANALES DE FRANCE in the Tuileries?
Dixie cups from UN GLACE À PARIS. A few flavors to taste: abricot whisky, cerise canelle griotte, sobet kiwi, vanille fumée, sarasin nougatine(Bretagne), fromage blance de brebis (sheeps milk), concombre mojito.
A much-treasured American ice cream case on display.
After an hour lecture we got to avail ourselves of those dixie cups and cones. Maim Maim
Much discussion and a great many tastings transpired.
Bruno Aim of LES SORBETS DE SAINT MANDÉ, served us cornets of pomme verte, coco, pistache, pan d'epice, cassis, rhum raison, caramel. Eating French ice cream in France is a very good way to learn IMHO.
The piece de resistance was glacier Philippe Faur's fois gras ice cream
Served on Saltines no less. Simply divine!
I spotted Faur's chariot de glace in Aix en Provence. It became the inspiration for June's Paris map! Ice cream is meant to be eaten in the street while strolling(flaneur) down a Parisian rue don't you think? And you need a map to guide you non?


  1. Barry L3:17 PM

    after all that 'eating' i almost 'exploded'. you're a terrific solider 'in the field'.

  2. Dear Carol, after another day's worth of awful news, I cannot express how good it is to see your post and remember that many good things are going on in our shared world.

    Returning from a walk in Central Park with a dear Upper East Side friend, I found a brand new gelato shop has opened on Amsterdam Ave. It's still a chilly June over here, but when the temp rises above 80 degrees F, I am going back to have some sample scoops...taking my camera for reportage.


  3. That Pom/Coconut ..mmmmmm..
    Love the chariot too..and all the wee peeps on your map:)
    And..the scooter seats.

  4. Jane C9:38 PM

    Wish I were in Paris right now to enjoy all the treats you so elegantly describe.

  5. Merci pour vos images, les croissants sont magnifiques.

    Je vais faire parvenir le dessin à Thierry Marx ainsi qu'a son équipe.

  6. Holy moly. You have had a gourmet week, Carol! Can't wait to get to Thierry Marx - adore these scooter seats. And I LOVE, LOVE your July map on ice creams. This has to be your best yet (although I always say that, no?)

  7. cyndi from SD11:12 AM

    Love it,love it,love it.
    Mixed emotions. I am smiling ,but with a tear in my eye.Visiting Paris for a couple of weeks every year is just not enough. C'est la vie.I am happy for that amount of time anyway.
    Thanks Carol

  8. Kathy H11:35 AM

    I gained at least three pounds with this one (just looking at them!)

  9. Wow what a week, wish I'd been with you all that delicious stuff to taste.

  10. Well, Carol...I think you must have a great deal of resistance (fortitude, determination, etc.) but one must give in at least once in awhile to temptation - hah!!

    1. I wrestle with the temptation devil daily!!
      Mostly its a losing battle :((

  11. Everything from this post looks amazing!!! I want to taste it all! :-)

  12. Certainly, a week to remember - your pictures are lucious and I want one of those croissants. I love the map and was thrilled when mine arrived. I don't know how you can keep coming up with such great ideas.

  13. Just when I think I've seen it all, you post that very dapper ice cream dipper in his suit and tie!
    Regarding the croissants, finally a new bakery with the french type steam injection ovens has opened and I will now be obliged to brave our 100degree-plus heat advisory to get my breakfast croissant.

    1. Pls make sure they are 'laminated'...a lacquered look. Otherwise DO NOT EAT Jeanette!!!

  14. When you paint croissants I always want to eat them.

  15. Jennings2:26 AM

    If I had all of those ice cream choices I'd weigh 500 pounds. But I just don't know about that fois gras. Really?
    Your maps always look great but this month it looks ESPECIALLY wonderful.

  16. Wally M4:27 AM

    Merci carol ! C’est très chouette

  17. Dee Dee4:36 AM

    We are so thankful you have given us great new places to try in Paris :
    Thierry Marx's La Boulangerie and the previously unknown Les Sorbets de Saint Mandé. Its painful to know that we'll miss this weekend's event, however...
    We LOVE your map!

  18. The croissants look delicious, Carol, but the ice cream is what I want :)
    Beautiful photos, and the map looks stunning.

  19. Anonymous10:47 AM

    The subscription to your wonderful maps is one of the best things I did for myself this year. I get so happy when the fun envelope arrives!The rainbow of flavors and colors are full of great ideas of what to look for in Paris next time. Sadly the friend I traveled with this time was not an ice cream person.SO next trip to Paris I will go alone and eat what ever I want!!!Starting with glaces!Thank you for all your hard work,beautiful art & great perspective. Cheers!Fan from Oregon


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